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Thu Jan 23 02:32:12 UTC 2020



#36688 go/types: data race in representableConst in Go 1.13 and earlier [1.12 backport]



#36689 go/types: data race in representableConst in Go 1.13 and earlier [1.13 backport]


#36583 net/http: HTTP/2 with MaxConnsPerHost hangs or crashes [1.13 backport]
CL 215177 ⤷ [release-branch.go1.13] only decrement connection count if we removed a connection


#25744 x/build/maintner: new empty milestones are not detected



#34986 all: ensure that Go toolchain meets Apple’s notarization requirements
#12042 all: refresh contributor and authors files before releases
#11811 all: subrepos need to be green
#27155 all: write release blog post


#29252 x/build/cmd/release{,bot}: include long tests in pre-release testing


#34992 cmd/go: "leading dot in path element" for previously-undiagnosed paths in go 1.13
#36072 cmd/go: cgo #line directives cause non-reproducibility
CL 210943 ⤷ trim source paths in generated cgo and C source files
CL 212101 ⤷ trim source paths when compiling C with -trimpath
#35459 cmd/go: explicitly specify macOS base SDK version when compiling go binary
CL 215957 ⤷ ensure cgo cflags do not leak into tvOS test
#34506 cmd/go: flags to control changes to go.mod, go.sum
#34094 cmd/go: get fails on gitlab subgroups due to go-import meta tags referring to nonexistent repos
#36587 cmd/go: panics listing ./... in GOROOT/src
#36580 cmd/go: unclear error when 'go mod vendor' is run with no packages to vendor


#35881 cmd/internal/obj/x86: pad jumps to avoid Intel erratum


#36621 net/http/pprof, cmd/internal/objfile: panic: runtime error: slice bounds out of range in disasm.go


#36025 cmd/link: system linker warnings on OSX 1.14 when using cgo


#33775 cmd/link/internal/ld: panic in deadcode on darwin


#35722 crypto/tls: extension (5) error with TLS 1.3 with Go server and Java client
#27071 crypto/tls: fix pseudo-constant mitigation for lucky 13
CL 170702 ⤷ avoid cache-based side channels in extracting the remote MAC
CL 170703 ⤷ implement full Lucky 13 countermeasures for SHA-1 CBC ciphers


#26676 crypto/x509: add SubjectKeyId automatically when IsCA is true


#35680 encoding/asn1: extra elements at the end of a sequence are completely ignored


#36690 encoding/json: behavior change for go1.14 for paragraph-sep and line-sep characters
CL 215817 ⤷ add the change to json.Compact in the 1.14 changelog


#36700 net/http: permanently broken connection with error "read: connection reset by peer"
#29162 net/http: support "gzip" as a Transfer Encoding


#36621 net/http/pprof, cmd/internal/objfile: panic: runtime error: slice bounds out of range in disasm.go


#35547 runtime, x/net/internal/socket: thread sanitizer failing on ppc64le
#35541 runtime: "found bad pointer in Go heap" on linux-mips64le-mengzhuo builder
#36494 runtime: Go 1.14/Windows asynchronous preemption mechanism likely incompatible with debugging
#36110 runtime: TestDebugCallUnsafePoint failure on noopt builder
#24543 runtime: non-cooperative goroutine preemption
CL 190415 ⤷ enable loop preemption for problematic loops
CL 190577 ⤷ add intrinsic sync.checkPreempt
CL 207961 ⤷ support non-cooperative preemption on windows/arm
CL 208218 ⤷ stress testing for non-cooperative preemption
#35430 runtime: program appears to spend 10% more time in GC on tip 3c47ead than on Go1.13.3
#35379 runtime: should checkptrArithmetic accept a uintptr instead of unsafe.Pointer?


#29252 x/build/cmd/release{,bot}: include long tests in pre-release testing


#34616 x/net/http2: TestTransportBody* flaky on android and ppc64
#36088 x/net/http2: test timeouts on js-wasm builder


#35547 runtime, x/net/internal/socket: thread sanitizer failing on ppc64le


#25224 x/playground: use gVisor on linux/amd64 binaries instead of NaCl for sandboxing


#35429 x/tools/cmd/godoc: support automatic vendoring in Go 1.14


#35675 x/tools/cmd/present: remove/hide/disable Native Client for Go 1.14 or newer



#34972 all: get standard library building with -d=checkptr
#36435 all: stop using direct syscalls on OpenBSD


#23011 build: announce end of support for old macOS releases
CL 213878 ⤷ update the minimum supported macOS version to 10.11
CL 214059 ⤷ bump minimum macOS version to 10.11
#36691 build: bootstrap build of go fails on windows amd64


#36253 cmd/asm: doesn't handle register offset correctly when GOARCH=arm


#35315 cmd/cgo: inject preamble before other include directives


#36399 cmd/compile: Go round-trip fails float32->float64->float32 but C works with gcc 7.4.1 and 8.3.1 (-O0, ..., -O3, -Og, -Os)
CL 213477 ⤷ don't allow NaNs in floating-point constant ops
#36259 cmd/compile: ICE in SSA when make is invoked with negative value instead of runtime panic about "len out of range"
CL 212405 ⤷ avoid memmove -> SSA move rewrite when size is negative
#35576 cmd/compile: allow println(f()) where f() is multi-valued
CL 207118 ⤷ allow print/println(f()) where f() is multi-value
#36400 cmd/compile: constant propagation in compiler converts signaling NaN to quiet NaN
CL 213477 ⤷ don't allow NaNs in floating-point constant ops
CL 213497 ⤷ when Converting between float32s, don't lose signal NaNs
#36597 cmd/compile: document or remove -wb write barrier flag
#36437 cmd/compile: error points to nonexistent file
#24721 cmd/compile: inconsistent behaviors in judging whether or not two types are identical
#33567 cmd/compile: mention shadowing of predeclared identifiers in errors they cause
#35763 cmd/compile: return LITERAL on INDEXMAP when map and key are LITERALs
CL 208323 ⤷ return LITERAL on INDEXMAP when map and key are LITERALs
#36612 cmd/compile: set prologue_end on every arch
#22921 cmd/compile: unnecessary error after "cannot refer to unexported type"
#29095 cmd/compile: better const-based optimizations handling in compiler frontend
CL 152478 ⤷ use Node.Name.Defn in optimizations
#36223 cmd/compile: merging shifts into loads/stores isn't complete
CL 213704 ⤷ merge more shifts into stores
#26252 cmd/compile: optimize slice copy via make+copy
CL 146719 ⤷ optimize make+copy pattern to avoid memclr
#30645 cmd/compile: restore walkinrange optimization (by moving to SSA)
CL 165998 ⤷ optimize integer-in-range checks
CL 201206 ⤷ optimize integer-in-range checks


#35781 cmd/cover: inconsistent NumStmt when //line clauses are used with Go 1.13.4


#30515 cmd/go: offer a consistent "global install" command
#18682 cmd/go: "go test" accepts -test.FLAG where FLAG is any flag accepted by "go build"
#32471 cmd/go: 'vet' and 'test' duplicate flags from GOFLAGS if they are also specified explicitly
CL 211358 ⤷ use a standard flag.FlagSet to parse flags
#23910 cmd/go: -coverpkg packages imported by all tests, even ones that otherwise do not use it
#34293 cmd/go: add go doc -json
#26904 cmd/go: allow replacement modules to alias other active modules
CL 174939 ⤷ use replacement, not replaced, module paths in binary
#26344 cmd/go: decide replace, exclude wildcard behavior
#35192 cmd/go: default to -buildmode=pie on Windows
CL 203606 ⤷ enable ASLR by default on Windows
CL 214397 ⤷ implement -buildmode=pie on windows
#35671 cmd/go: do not treat branches with semantic-version names as releases
#35882 cmd/go: error isn't properly reported when running go list on cgo package with missing pkg-config
#29062 cmd/go: fail tests that invoke os.Exit(0) explicitly
#36000 cmd/go: failed to remove work dir
#36664 cmd/go: flaky TestScript/test_regexps failure
CL 215578 ⤷ make Script/test_regexps less flaky under load
#36471 cmd/go: include source dir in cache key when ${SRCDIR} is present in cgo header
#33767 cmd/go: legacy dependency conversion bypasses GOPROXY
#36453 cmd/go: module operations fail to update go.mod when applying exclude directives
#36438 cmd/go: reject vN.*.*+incompatible as a version if vN/go.mod exists
#31544 cmd/go: spurious error message when external linking a pure Go program
#36129 cmd/go: swig files result in cgo-processed files with line directives referencing build temp dirs
#33370 cmd/go: treat pseudo-version 'vX.0.0-00010101000000-000000000000' as equivalent to an empty commit


#31376 cmd/go/internal/get: VCS path regexp omits characters accepted by CheckImportPath


#31428 cmd/go/internal/modfetch: module path validation inconsistent between repo and proxy fetch paths


#35862 cmd/go/internal/modload: refactor error handling


#36028 cmd/link: Extremely slow start for buildmode=PIE linkmode=internal binaries (R_X86_64_64 relocations)
CL 210181 ⤷ generate relative relocs for PIE
#35545 cmd/link: default to internal linking mode for PIE
CL 207877 ⤷ Revert -buildmode=pie to internal linking


#34372 cmd/objdump: add -gnu flag to use GNU/AT&T syntax in disassembly


#30951 cmd/vet: add math check for erroneous math expressions
CL 197937 ⤷ add math pass
#32479 cmd/vet: warn about string(int) type conversions
CL 212919 ⤷ add pass to check string(int) conversions


#20544 crypto/ecdsa: add SignASN1, VerifyASN1


#33542 crypto/rand: Currently using deprecated API for random number generation on Windows
CL 210057 ⤷ generate random numbers using RtlGenRandom on Windows


#30149 crypto/tls: client requires HelloRetryRequest to change curve
#35504 crypto/tls: improve default performance of SupportsCertificate
#36285 crypto/tls: improve server-side (lack of) renegotiation docs and error message
#35911 crypto/tls: missing alert values
#29971 crypto/tls: permanently broken tls.Conn should not return temporary net.Error
#31224 crypto/tls: set timeout so that Close does not block indefinitely


#24254 crypto/x509: multi-value RDN sequence is not properly DER-ordered
#35325 crypto/x509: SSL_CERT_DIR should support multiple directories separated by a colon like OpenSSL and BoringSSL do
CL 205237 ⤷ load roots from colon separated SSL_CERT_DIR in loadSystemRoots
#35841 crypto/x509: error for "trailing data after X.509 subject" should say "issuer" instead
CL 208978 ⤷ correct error message for trailing issuer data


#34536 doc: document/reassert that last two releases are supported equally


#15842 encoding/asn1: valid GeneralizedTime not parsed
CL 108355 ⤷ support fractions of a second when unmarshaling GeneralizedTime


#31924 encoding/json: decoding into existing map pointer values unexpectedly reallocates them
CL 179337 ⤷ reuse values when decoding map elements
#21092 encoding/json: unmarshal into slice reuses element data between len and cap
CL 191783 ⤷ don't reuse slice elements when decoding


#27240 encoding/xml: handling of anonymous pointer fields is broken
CL 196809 ⤷ don't initialize struct fields when encoding


#36562 fmt: %#g behavior not consistent
CL 215001 ⤷ do not remove trailing zeros for %g and %G with #(sharp) flag


#27999 go/importer: remove support for (now defunct) binary export format (reminder issue)
CL 143023 ⤷ remove support for defunct binary export format
CL 143024 ⤷ rename file to better reflect new meaning


#36648 go/token: articulate what "base offset" is in FileSet.AddFile docs


#36336 go/types: improve error message quality for ptr receiver errors (go/types differs from go tool compile)


#34680 html/template: document ability to modify FuncMap after template parse by calling Funcs again


#33920 io/ioutil: reject path separators in TempDir, TempFile pattern
CL 212597 ⤷ reject path separators in TempDir, TempFile pattern


#22487 lib/time: update tzdata before release


#35833 math/big: add Int.FillBytes
#35517 math/big: apply simplification suggested in CL 73231 (or abandon)


#29320 math/cmplx: hyperbolic sinh, cosh and tanh give wrong result for Inf input


#36524 mime: wrong extensions list for content type "image/jpeg" when using built-in types
CL 214680 ⤷ fix ExtensionsByType bug when there are duplicates


#36585 misc/wasm: Possible bug in _makeFuncWrapper
#36561 misc/wasm: possible bug in InstanceOf
CL 214944 ⤷ avoid implicit boolean to number conversion


#31449 net: document that Conn.Read/Write should return error that Is(context.DeadlineExceeded) for deadline exceeded
#36298 net: 1.14 performance regression on mac
#36368 net: OpError(nil).Unwrap() crashes, while .Error() doesn't
#35305 net: prefer /etc/hosts over DNS when no /etc/nsswitch.conf is present


#35559 net/http/httputil: ReverseProxy - websocket connections cannot be canceled


#36116 net/rpc: unclear documentation for Call.Done


#34855 net/url: add URL.Redacted to return password-free string
CL 207082 ⤷ add URL.Redacted() to return password-free string


#35358 os: O_SYNC not utilized in os.OpenFile() on Windows
#36375 os: RemoveAll hangs on a path longer than 260 characters on Windows
#32558 os: allow Chtimes with time.Time{} to avoid setting time
#36019 os: fix Windows (*os.File).Seek on directory handle


#35469 os/exec: "broken pipe" on testlog.txt while running test
#35314 os/exec: environForSysProcAttr is never called as sysattr.Env is never nil


#36465 proposal: cmd/go: make go.mod exclude directives deterministic


#32772 reflect: Value.Addr().Elem() loses flagEmbedRO in origin value
CL 183937 ⤷ keep RO flags unchanged in Value.Addr


#36420 runtime: signal handling changed by signal.Notify
#8687 runtime: windows system clock resolution issue
#35965 runtime: Go program built as a DLL kills the application with exit code 2 due to signal handler
CL 211139 ⤷ do not exit(2) if a Go built DLL receives a signal
#35853 runtime: always set up TLS on all G-register architectures?
CL 209197 ⤷ always set up TLS storage for darwin/arm64
#35439 runtime: async preemption breaks darwin/arm
CL 206957 ⤷ enable async preemption on darwin/arm
#36365 runtime: clean up async preemption loose ends
#35569 runtime: de-duplicate bit operations with math/bits
#35954 runtime: handle hitting the top of the address space in the allocator more gracefully
#35979 runtime: revert Linux signal stack mlock workaround
#7181 runtime: stack traces of endless recursion should print top and bottom
CL 37222 ⤷ stack traces of endless recursion now print top and bottom
#8885 runtime: consider adding 24-byte size class
#35788 runtime: scavenger not as effective as in previous releases
CL 207998 ⤷ wake scavenger and update address on sweep done
CL 208378 ⤷ remove scavAddr in favor of address ranges
CL 210877 ⤷ add scavenge waker goroutine
#36603 runtime: sysUsed often called on non-scavenged memory


#36657 strconv: inaccurate string to float64 conversion ParseFloat


#29458 syscall: ExtraFiles FD used to set controlling TTY instead of SysProcAttr.Ctty field
#36550 syscall: permit setting bInheritHandles to false when calling CreateProcess on Windows


#28135 testing: add (*T).Deadline
CL 202758 ⤷ provide (*T).Deadline to report when the test will have exceeded its timout
#28592 testing: add -shuffle and -shuffleseed to shuffle tests
#35567 testing: move Internal types to internal package
#34626 testing: print more precision in benchmark timings
CL 210979 ⤷ print extra precision in the benchmark output


#36640 time: extra slash when opening /etc/localtime
CL 215519 ⤷ remove unnecessary trailing slash from "/etc/"
#36654 time: incorrect timezone for dates after 2038
CL 215539 ⤷ use extended time format past end of zone transitions

Pending CLs

CL 12277 HACK test that heapBitsSetType ends at the right byte
CL 51231 [release-branch.go1.8] XXX dummy test
CL 93517 add function for bool in math/rand
CL 156400 emit an error in 'go mod vendor' if any replacement is in the vendor directory
CL 160451 cmd/go/internal/modload/init:add more information for exec go mod init outside GOPATH
CL 174085 Add 'EmptyValue' interface, empty if element is struct and all fields within it is also empty.
CL 175457 GetConfigForClient replaces cert and key arguments
CL 187018 Fixes #31514 - implement partial flush for decompressor
CL 189417 sync/atomic define sync/atomic memory models
CL 193558 Add c-shared mode for openbsd/amd64
CL 195217 Add a simple, optional 'keep buffer' capability to the Encoder type
CL 207440 XXX dummy test
CL 210658 `runtime:Modify runtime.Stack issu`
CL 213438 add a scope variable choose
CL 213758 solves #issues/36450
CL 214557 fix of #36535 issue

Revert "cmd/link

CL 203603 use libmsvcrt.a during internal link"

Revert "encoding/binary

CL 105259 use an offset instead of slicing"

Revert "net/url

CL 195978 improve url parsing error messages by quoting"

Revert "runtime

CL 150778 debug code to catch bad gcWork.puts"


CL 186057 Typo Fixes
CL 195397 POC for error.ErrorDetail method

XXX cmd/compile

CL 210941 disable escape analysis


CL 198061 cleanup repository root


CL 129115 example to registerDecompressor
CL 186178 fix zip64 extra headers problems
CL 187357 detect and reject Better Zip Bomb
CL 202217 support adding raw files


CL 73231 simpler code and minor formatting cleanups for lehmerGCD


CL 160557 adds a comment about io.EOF in bufio.ReadLine()
CL 199257 optimize bufio.Reader.ReadString to avoid an allocation and copy


CL 96455 add default GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP in Windows
CL 96495 force all Windows batch files to CRLF
CL 215478 set GOBIN during clean


CL 156139 speed up asciiSet.contains
CL 156998 improve IndexAny and LastIndexAny performance
CL 202077 make Title treat Unicode punctuation as separators
CL 208638 move indexRabinKarp function to internal/bytealg


CL 133944 add support for MSVC flags


CL 133055 clean cache with -n should only print remove commands.

CL 10550 Insert the description of the change.
CL 19970 I filed
CL 21110 added validations for omitempty to work in GeoPoint and time.Time
CL 22970 datastore insert/update support proposal
CL 26870 Changing struct pointer.
CL 36730 microgenerator diffs
CL 36910 Initial pass of Golang CryptoClient
CL 38350 Change the subscription to use a WorkerPool concept for goroutine reuse.
CL 42030 Add a SubscriptionConfig > "ToUpdate
CL 43350 update microgen and move KMS
CL 43510 Edit Repo Config
CL 43511 Edit Repo Config
CL 44030 Make text changes for docs bugs
CL 44175 provide option for pubsub messages to be gzipped before publishing and receiving
CL 47030 Add integration tests for Bigtable Instance-level IAM.
CL 47972 Edit Repo Config
CL 47973 Edit Repo Config
CL 47974 Edit Repo Config
CL 47993 Edit Repo Config

CL 44650 fix cbt tool formatting NOT MERGE

CL 49532 this CL is for discussion
CL 49533 evaluation of microgen Admin GAPIC

CL 50430 add struct capability for the map keys.

CL 15150 recommend WithCredentialsJSON

CL 40670 add ProjectID detection with sentinel value
CL 42150 implement Put with map[string]<value_type>
CL 43270 add support for hive partitioning options
CL 44750 allow NaN and ±Inf in NullFloat64 JSON

CL 41970 return err from job status

CL 44330 Use roud-robin client balancer.
CL 46550 adds sentinel value DetectProjectID
CL 47051 use a pool of ClientConns
CL 48230 fix issues detected by staticcheck emulator

CL 39233 Use byte matches row key and cell regexps

CL 39250 implement CreateInstance and GetInstance
CL 39290 implement longrunning.OperationsServer

CL 49170 WIP: Refactoring arg parsing to make it easier to test by adding a Command interface.

CL 48951 migrate several APIs to microgenerator

CL 3670 Add push msg definition and json deserialization tags

CL 1601 Guards against nil pointer deference when the Owner of a storage object can't be listed

CL 3291 Added WFC request.

CL 40690 add ProjectID detection with sentinel value

CL 2350 This patch creates a parition ID on the RunQueryRequest proto from the namespace of the query's ancestor key, if applicable. As it stands now, attempts to perform ancestor queries within a namespace fail with a BadRequest: The query namespace is "null"; but ancestor namespace is "foo".
CL 40291 add RunInTransactionWithContext
CL 41391 feature adds legacy key decoding
CL 43831 use grpcreplay
CL 44810 document extracting RPC errors
CL 47870 add invoke test

CL 4200 add deploymentmanager package

CL 47978 Fix Typo in CONTRIBUTING

CL 40671 add ProjectID detection by sentinel value

CL 41090 added support for encoding text

CL 46130 Add framework package

CL 32670 Working commit of rolling connection pool.

CL 40130 replace deprecated grpc.Code with status.Code

CL 40050 account for denormalized IAM emails
CL 44710 [WIP] add support for v3 policy
CL 44730 add support for v3 policy and IAM conditions

CL 11596 initial commit of auto PR closer

CL 5390 functions LogWithContext and LogSyncWithContext which read default log entry labels from a context.
CL 39091 allow specification of any.Any types for payload.

CL 42110 add instance id-token

CL 45930 add timeouts to create and update profile requests
CL 49570 add backoff test

CL 17670 Add Pub/Sub Message interface.
CL 33250 add message Forget()
CL 40710 add ProjectID detection by sentinel value
CL 41770 add ordered keys
CL 45852 unflake pstest's TestMultiStreams
CL 46571 add tests that verify that ReceiveSettings are correctly processed

CL 43832 deprecate

CL 24330 trace read/query throughout
CL 43910 Enable grpc-gcp extension for spanner client.
CL 49874 Use a connection pool
CL 50650 Allow encoding and decoding to pointers

CL 50791 support TIMESTAMP types

CL 50790 track source position when parsing

CL 4030 add storage.AdminClient
CL 13850 store and replay http for integration tests
CL 35170 add the Query field to SignedURLOptions
CL 39850 use BaseName set in client for object downloads
CL 41110 increase md5 length check to 32 characters
CL 42270 resolve SignedURLOptions fields from ADC
CL 42593 add endpoint option to reader
CL 42871 add BucketHandle.SignedURL and sunset SignedURL
CL 43110 Add storage grpc wrapper
CL 44730 add support for v3 policy and IAM conditions
CL 48990 retry on transient network errors
CL 49872 add retries to bucket metadata updates in integration tests

CL 9690 Add support for gRPC tracing across network boundaries
CL 13490 Use native http.Client
CL 15210 assert trace IDs case-insensitively
CL 40672 add ProjectID detection by sentinel value

CL 47252 testing benchmarking presubmit


CL 81275 use FC for gofmt -d on Windows
CL 166937 handle floats for ODIV better


CL 198137 simplify building files list in Walker.ImportFrom


CL 144100 add support for -buildmode=c-shared for GOARCH=mips{,le}
CL 153358 enable SVE(Scalar Vector Extension) instructions for arm64
CL 172581 remove support for old assembly style AX:CX
CL 180057 Add SHA512 hardware instructions for ARM64
CL 180757 Add SHA3 hardware instructions for ARM64
CL 212767 align an instruction or a function's address
CL 213738 add asimd instruction 'rev16' on arm64
CL 214458 fix the issue of the assembler handles the register offset incorrectly on arm64
CL 215723 add MIPS MSA LD/ST/LDI support


CL 63277 use type aliases for primitive types
CL 63711 translate “opaque” types as struct types with opaque fields
CL 63831 do not instantiate C.void
CL 83215 support variadic functions
CL 133939 add toolchain flag to cgo command for MSVC support
CL 133943 add support for CC_FOR_CGO environment variable
CL 151017 fix linter error for error_ function


CL 14790 always emit type for constants in export data
CL 19698 remove ptrdata for common types
CL 21434 hoist induction variable
CL 28250 remove unnecessary stack offset rounding
CL 28391 don't rematerialize thunk calls
CL 28832 prototype/experiment for register args and results
CL 33634 used shared epilogue
CL 34719 check pointer validity on conversion
CL 35471 add typo fix suggestions using Levenstein/Edit distance
CL 36355 add write barrier for implicit zeroing
CL 37338 hoist invariants out of loops
CL 38692 automatically handle commuting ops in rewrite rules
CL 40293 experiment to always call write barrier
CL 40492 cleanup MOVaddr code generation
CL 40996 implement simple loop unrolling
CL 41470 let -d ssa/help breathe
CL 42516 replace boolean simplification rule
CL 43050 experiment to measure costs of "fault branch"
CL 47270 heap characterization
CL 47512 perform rotation in layout
CL 47932 add "estimate" phase reporting "excess" op counts
CL 61490 add generic rotate ops
CL 62490 separate s390x SSA rules for global variables
CL 64191 add branch prediction rules for float special cases
CL 65591 free nilcheck value properly
CL 68010 disallow loop preemption in the runtime
CL 68011 record rescheduling target PC
CL 68013 indirect fault-based loop preemption
CL 68014 make bad safe-points throw
CL 85715 disambiguate clashing types by package
CL 87482 print unreachable blocks
CL 87483 detailed trace debugging for prove pass
CL 91415 remove nil checks based on offsets from known non-nil pointers
CL 93175 use unified backing store for debug info output
CL 94897 use strings.Builder
CL 97415 export/import OCLOSURE
CL 99676 ignore -race on non-supporting architectures
CL 99937 improve DWARF locationlist debugging output
CL 100837 optimize struct partial re-assign
CL 101675 disambiguate builtin types when shadowed
CL 104595 use floating point test instructions on s390x
CL 105255 add load/store pairing optimization pass for arm64
CL 105258 eliminate write barrier for b = b[n:]
CL 106376 WIP add intrinsics for multiword arithmetic
CL 111736 optimize append([]T(nil), make([]T, n)...)
CL 114006 opaque field experiment
CL 115997 replace x < 0 used as value by a right shift
CL 117295 add unconditional new amd64 instructions generation
CL 118996 add some inliner knobs for parameter search
CL 121155 detect and remove pointless conditionals
CL 121697 inline runtime.memequal if possible
CL 122484 restore LocalAddr CSE
CL 122519 use Go declaration to make GO_ARGS for assembly functions.
CL 128035 optimize away deferred/go call to empty functions
CL 129376 disable branchelim for the moment
CL 129380 strengthen IsInBounds optimizations
CL 129381 disable walk boundedness
CL 129382 start modifying test harness
CL 129383 more and better IsInBounds elim
CL 129384 add warnBCE
CL 129759 optimize integer divisions like (x%a)/b when b >= a
CL 130255 optimise some small equality comparisons
CL 133944 add support for MSVC flags
CL 133946 add support for MSVC toolchain to go build
CL 135955 add minor optimization rules for math.Is{Inf,NaN}
CL 141647 assign to a field of map element
CL 144100 add support for -buildmode=c-shared for GOARCH=mips{,le}
CL 144219 add option for user-supplied list of file/line/column specials
CL 146719 optimize make+copy pattern to avoid memclr
CL 148177 use memhash for hashing strings in arrays and structs
CL 148777 enable inline of functions containing "for" loops
CL 151497 don't generate algorithms for slice literal backing store
CL 151978 improved debug logging for prove phase
CL 152478 use Node.Name.Defn in optimizations
CL 154058 don't recurse into go:noinline during inlining walk
CL 156177 add instrumentation to catch double-walks of trees
CL 158238 intrinsify Ctz, Bswap on i386
CL 160637 avoid confusing error on pkg.keyword
CL 162240 make duplicate anonymous interface output deterministic
CL 165358 add unsafe.Unreachable
CL 165998 optimize integer-in-range checks
CL 166358 further changes for fault-preemption-experiments
CL 167089 add amd64 CMPx[const]loadidxN
CL 168117 replace OpSlicemask with branch
CL 168238 early variadic slice normalization
CL 169722 Use slice of biasedsparsemaps instead of map
CL 169738 clean up debug_test variable printing; add it for delve
CL 170125 represent slices as (ptr, len, cap-len) in SSA
CL 171218 add environment-variable-connected knobs to inliner
CL 172357 better "is not a type" error when parameter shadows type
CL 173439 sort DWARF variable info by source position
CL 173477 link source lines to blocks
CL 173659 emit s390x 'rotate then ... selected bits' instructions
CL 174530 special case escape analysis for fmt.Printf etc
CL 175417 make inlining conditional on file contents
CL 176622 benchmark for slow lea
CL 176718 debug rewrite
CL 177041 allow tightening rematerializeable values into loops
CL 177497 add -skiprule
CL 179601 combo inliner-experiments CL
CL 183239 debug rewrite, enhanced
CL 183240 rearrange creation of ssa.Func to allow defer-cleanup
CL 183957 not rewrite 64-bit AND to shifts on 32-bit machines
CL 184437 mark R16, R17 clobbered for non-standard calls on ARM64
CL 186477 optimize comparisons with zero values
CL 186981 enable field tracking for unexported fields
CL 190197 start implementing strongly typed aux and auxint fields
CL 190415 enable loop preemption for problematic loops
CL 190577 add intrinsic sync.checkPreempt
CL 190657 introduce recursive, on-demand inference in prove
CL 193838 make prove trace OpAdd64 and OpMakeSlice
CL 193839 make prove trace OpIsSliceInBounds:
CL 196597 implement bound calculations in poset
CL 196679 use poset bounds in prove
CL 196680 in prove, remove manual limit tracking
CL 198039 add SSA rules for s390x test-under-mask instructions
CL 198679 fix wrong order in multiple assignments
CL 200137 warn about indirect calls with unsafe.Pointer->uintptr conversions
CL 201206 optimize integer-in-range checks
CL 201208 report single error for invalid complex const conversions
CL 201657 improve error when setting unexported fields
CL 202080 implement unsafe.Slice and unsafe.String
CL 202558 simplify isReflectHeaderDataField
CL 203441 add mips64r2 flag in GOMIPS64
CL 203597 consistently use camelCase in poset
CL 205066 add logging for large (>= 128 byte) copies
CL 205244 [release-branch.go1.13] fix //go:uintptrescapes for basic method calls
CL 205777 avoid range over copy of array
CL 206658 add explanations to escape-analysis JSON/LSP logging
CL 206937 optimize big structs
CL 207118 allow print/println(f()) where f() is multi-value
CL 208323 return LITERAL on INDEXMAP when map and key are LITERALs
CL 209937 add //go:nodebug to reduce amount/size of debugging info for a function
CL 209959 use ADDQ instead of LEAQ when we can
CL 210344 add //go:nodebug for package granularity no-debugging
CL 210637 change uint64/int64/float64 in structs to be 8-byte aligned on 32-bit architectures
CL 210897 add intrinsics for runtime/internal/math on MIPS64x
CL 211278 output loclists in optimized mode
CL 211397 consistently use OXXX for works relate to Op
CL 212277 in prove, zero right shifts of positive int by #bits - 1
CL 212303 remove unnecessary MOV in channel receiving
CL 212360 add intrinsic HasCPUFeature for checking cpu features
CL 212405 avoid memmove -> SSA move rewrite when size is negative
CL 212760 add a script to measure ssa/gen's coverage
CL 212777 handle more cases in isNonNegative
CL 213058 optimize unsigned comparisons to 0/1 on amd64
CL 213477 don't allow NaNs in floating-point constant ops
CL 213682 normalize whitespace around square brackets
CL 213697 factor out opIsCommutative from commute1
CL 213698 don't generate commutative rules for (Op x x)
CL 213699 delete duplicate rules
CL 213700 add a flag to print the source line for generated rules
CL 213701 mark amd64 HMUL ops as not commutative
CL 213702 generate commutative rules when a condition is present
CL 213703 use loops to handle commutative ops in rules
CL 213704 merge more shifts into stores
CL 213705 extract top level args at beginning of rewrite rule functions
CL 213898 add ellipsis syntax for op-only rewrite rules
CL 214042 move amd64 addressing modes to a new pass
CL 214637 assign correct declaration line to DIE of captured vars
CL 214837 remove guard for OCOMPLEX in evconst
CL 215339 insert call to runtime.infiniteloop in simple infinite loops
CL 215541 document non-commutative rule detection
CL 215717 dump contents when rulegen generates invalid code


CL 200078 test adding an op to convert memclrNoHeapPointers into an intrinsic


CL 38250 noder.error cleanup
CL 40500 cleanup moveToHeap
CL 54412 catch more in range checks


CL 209159 use load and test instructions on s390x


CL 25386 use compact interval tree representation for live sets
CL 38448 tighten loads
CL 40491 simplify fitsARM64Offset
CL 40494 change StringData to return *obj.LSym
CL 42514 avoid generating some redundant matching rules
CL 95583 emit paired stores on arm64
CL 149537 optimize x*x*x*x to only 2 imuls
CL 201978 split lowered optimization passes
CL 204102 lower CondSelect on s390x
CL 209177 lowering float <-> uint on s390x


CL 149718 add the bx register, for consistency


CL 209160 allow floating point Ops to produce flags


CL 149638 parse/print support for type parameters and contracts


CL 67611 add Syslook logic


CL 111647 add index page of coverage reports
CL 172424 add feature to sort packages in coverage HTML file


CL 46426 check that -buildmode=pie produces runnable binaries
CL 112156 explicit option for crosscompilation
CL 144101 enable -buildmode=c-shared tests for GOARCH=mips{,le}
CL 172577 add flag to keep workdir
CL 172699 fix go_tls.h not found issue
CL 174323 add WASM multibyte argv test


CL 121919 introduce -tags flag
CL 164759 fix handling of path parameters on Windows
CL 180137 add -ex flag
CL 195201 show documentation for explicitly-requested identifiers regardless of the `-u` flag
CL 210999 fix merging comments in -src mode


CL 3032 fields in escape analysis
CL 3703 set colas
CL 3731 delay heap var promotion


CL 8630 fix -coverpkg=all
CL 8802 afl
CL 76370 make sure compiler uses importcfg always
CL 76372 be precise about paths that appear in packages and binaries
CL 84736 make -x output commands executable again
CL 90955 coverage profile use cache if the set of arguements equals
CL 105435 fix go get VCS tests that match go-import's
CL 119316 better quote the cfg.GOROOT output
CL 127818 cache results of EvalSymlinks
CL 144100 add support for -buildmode=c-shared for GOARCH=mips{,le}
CL 157682 Adds shared linking support for FreeBSD/amd64
CL 157800 improve goproxy and list documentation
CL 158477 update unexpected module import error to be more actionable
CL 159759 honor vendor.conf fork repositories in modconv
CL 164198 ignore test only packages with -coverpkg
CL 164957 make sure that the RelPaths always returns valid paths
CL 172617 set GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT on individual git commands instead of process-wide
CL 173721 [WIP] error if mismatched major versions causes use of pseudo-version
CL 174201 implement parsing of Go version in Plan 9 binaries
CL 174258 respect -mod=readonly when performing 'mod verify'
CL 174939 use replacement, not replaced, module paths in binary
CL 179117 improve error message on go.mod name mismatch
CL 179817 recognise illumos suffix when constructing build list
CL 180497 create GOTMPDIR if missing instead of failing
CL 185345 rationalize errors in internal/load and internal/modload
CL 185540 Warn when GOPATH is a subdir of GOROOT
CL 191945 validate module proxy URLs received from go get queries
CL 192558 test debug.BuildInfo.Main for a binary from a different module
CL 193557 package modules into mod format for upload
CL 194644 add .proto file support to 'go' command
CL 196519 do not modify an existing go.mod file if its 'go' version is unsupported
CL 199337 handle ldflag escapes in pkg-config output
CL 203441 add mips64r2 flag in GOMIPS64
CL 209437 make cgo pkg-config work w/ lib paths that have spaces
CL 210657 add -Wl,-E to linker flag whitelist (shortcut of --export-dynamic)
CL 210938 report scan error position in 'go list -e'
CL 210943 trim source paths in generated cgo and C source files
CL 211560 accept hash-style in LDFLAGS
CL 212101 trim source paths when compiling C with -trimpath
CL 212358 return user provided path instead of mangled ImportPath
CL 212622 convert TestCgoConsistentResults to the script framework
CL 212624 convert some coverage tests to the script framework
CL 213118 do not allow main module to replace itself
CL 213126 convert TestListTests to the script framework
CL 213219 rewrite tests using testdata/example[12]_test.go to scripts
CL 213223 convert some tests in vendor_test to the script framework
CL 213424 convert some generate tests to the script framework
CL 213678 convert all tests using testdata/standalone_* to script framework
CL 213681 convert TestCoverageNoStatements to the script framework.
CL 213818 convert tests using testdata/testimport dir to script framework
CL 213819 convert tests using testdata/testinternal* to script framework
CL 213821 delete testdata/testonly dir: it isn't being used anywhere
CL 213822 convert TestGoBuildTestOnly to the script framework
CL 213823 convert TestFailFast to the script framework
CL 213825 convert TestGoBuildDashODevNull to script framework
CL 213826 convert TestGoGetNonPkg to the script framework
CL 213828 convert TestBenchTimeout to the script framework
CL 213829 convert TestGoGetInsecure to the script framework
CL 213877 convert TestGoGetUpdateInsecure to the script framework
CL 214117 convert two go get tests to the script framework
CL 214119 convert TestGoTestJSON to the script framework
CL 214138 convert tests using testdata/src/(exclude|empty) to script framework
CL 214141 convert some go get tests to the script framework
CL 214158 convert TestLegacyModGet to the script framework
CL 214218 convert some vet tests to the script framework
CL 214284 convert tests using testdata/src/(xtestonly|cgotest) to script framework
CL 214285 convert TestGoTest(Cpu|Mutex)profile.* to script framework
CL 214288 convert TestSymlink* to the script framework
CL 214291 convert TestCoverageRuns to the script framework
CL 214292 convert TestIssue6480 to the script framework
CL 214295 convert TestGoBuildOutput to the script framework
CL 214296 convert TestBadCgoDirectives to the script framework
CL 214382 convert remaining non-parallel tooSlow to script framework
CL 214387 convert TestBuildIDContainsArchModeEnv to the script framework
CL 214388 convert TestDotDotDotOutsideGOPATH to script framework
CL 214390 convert TestIssue12096 to the script framework
CL 214391 convert TestPackageNotStaleWithTrailingSlash to script framework
CL 214397 implement -buildmode=pie on windows
CL 214423 convert TestGoTestBuildsAnXtestContainingOnly... to the script framework
CL 214424 convert TestIssue11709 to the script framework
CL 214425 convert TestGoBuildARM to the script framework
CL 214426 convert TestGoTestRaceInstallsCgo to script framework
CL 214427 convert TestBuildDryRunWithCgo to the script framework
CL 214428 convert TestRelativeGOBINFail to script framework
CL 214429 convert more tests to the script framework
CL 214431 convert TestShadowingLogic to the script framework
CL 214432 convert TestGoBuildGOPATHOrder to the script framework
CL 214578 convert testCDAndGOPATHAreDifferent to the script framework
CL 214579 convert TestLinkXImportPathEscape to the script framework
CL 214580 add a few more calls to t.Parallel
CL 215578 make Script/test_regexps less flaky under load
CL 215940 unify trimpath logic for -mod=vendor, -mod=mod


CL 172599 add a Logf function and funnel stderr output through it


CL 60210 Proparly escaped . in vcs regexp


CL 89455 follow possible $GOROOT/src symlinks
CL 107301 assign .ImportPath and .Root for a testdata package in GOPATH properly
CL 108036 ignore vendor imports from testdata


CL 152718 fix EDEADLK error on aix/ppc64


CL 135735 mod download allow insecure download
CL 144106 warn when no version supplied to go mod download


CL 126615 update proxy usage
CL 126616 add unit tests to downloadZip
CL 172598 remove noisy logging
CL 174338 add key


CL 150738 raise maximum repo size limit


CL 172618 WIP
CL 209017 get correct first element of import path


CL 158257 improve error message when $HOME is unset
CL 185343 make packageNotInModuleError reasonable for the Target module


CL 185344 record errors in the Match struct


CL 211358 use a standard flag.FlagSet to parse flags


CL 214698 skip cover_cgo.* tests in short mode


CL 170679 have the doc.go match -h output


CL 151980 remove "set only once" check


CL 9014 make OLEN/OCAP type as int instead of uint


CL 16076 serialize Reloc.Variant in objfile
CL 27932 add relocation variant to object file
CL 192700 clean up s390x morestack generator
CL 192701 debug mode to call function on stack check
CL 208126 preempt & restart some instruction sequences


CL 207117 add support of PCALIGN directive
CL 207398 fix up for PCALIGN directive


CL 144097 add support for -buildmode=c-shared for GOARCH=mips{,le}
CL 208217 mark restartable sequences


CL 211917 rework instruction generation
CL 215840 restore the ADDI instruction in jalrToSym
CL 215841 add missing instructions to the ternary expansion list


CL 199647 introduce assembly instructions to replace exrl related calls on s390x


CL 207399 eliminate some function prologues


CL 74810 use push/pop to manage frame pointer
CL 171732 permit new CMOVL syntax with suffix
CL 206837 prevent jumps crossing 32 byte boundaries


CL 144098 add support for -buildmode=c-shared for GOARCH=mips{,le}


CL 118775 fetch pclntab for PIE
CL 182758 correctly report the source file of assembly functions


CL 16076 serialize Reloc.Variant in objfile
CL 16459 load object files concurrently
CL 27567 use data structures from debug/macho
CL 27932 add relocation variant to object file
CL 37732 enable c-archive on all Unix and Windows systems
CL 45992 pass -nopie, not -Wl,-nopie, on OpenBSD
CL 47838 generate R_X86_64_RELATIVE for internal PIE R_ADDR
CL 79635 fix R_ADDROFF reloc to SDYNIMPORT syms
CL 112215 add option to omit go DWARF user attributes
CL 124377 add -stats and -showdead debugging options
CL 133937 add flag rlocbss to relocate .bss data to .data
CL 133945 add external toolchain support for MSVC
CL 144098 add support for -buildmode=c-shared for GOARCH=mips{,le}
CL 145219 do not mark .text, .data and .bss as IMAGE_SCN_ALIGN_32BYTES
CL 151601 use IsDirectJump instead of writing it again
CL 152759 support PIE build mode on Windows
CL 157682 Adds shared linking support for FreeBSD/amd64
CL 171158 replace Base Address Selection Entry w/ new relocation
CL 174317 reserve 48 bytes in stack frame for ppc64
CL 183238 rename unhelpful flag names
CL 185990 additional output for linker -stats flag
CL 192637 add -dumpsymsfile debug option
CL 198439 back more strings with read-only memory
CL 198577 reclaim mem for duplicate symbol relocations
CL 203058 fix nil dereference
CL 203602 allow ASLR on Windows executables
CL 203606 enable ASLR by default on Windows
CL 207299 default to internal linking for android/arm64
CL 207877 Revert -buildmode=pie to internal linking
CL 210181 generate relative relocs for PIE
CL 211817 log searching directory instead of full pathname
CL 214397 implement -buildmode=pie on windows
CL 214657 code cleanup
CL 215957 ensure cgo cflags do not leak into tvOS test


CL 213830 add -stats flag to report binary statistics


CL 196617 attribute output to the correct test


CL 7680 fix time scale issue
CL 34031 user events
CL 152737 specify region time range in goroutine trace


CL 34451 detect IP address comparisons via bytes methods
CL 47670 weakvar: check for weakly used variables (possible unintended shadowing)
CL 101918 only zero/non-zero exit status matters
CL 127257 add a vet build tag so compiler test files can be excluded
CL 203998 remove DisableErrorForFlag0 since complaint about 0 flag has been disabled


CL 36951 merge loads into floating point ops on s390x


CL 28223 add generator format for compression tests


CL 136475 return error on closed stream write
CL 193605 fix deflate Reset consistency
CL 198757 add a check to recognize partial flush while decompressing


CL 53637 permit parsing of GZIP files with long header fields
CL 162737 allow multi-stream io.Reader reuse


CL 123478 optimize code hash table to reduce collisions


CL 56070 optimize heap to reduce compares


CL 207037 remove temporary variable `n`


CL 175637 optimize the Move method of the Ring struct


CL 162017 allow cancelling a context with custom error
CL 187557 reduce nested conditionals in propagateCancel()
CL 210697 make Value() iterative for known Context types


CL 38366 ARM assembly versions of encrypt, decrypt and expandKey
CL 51670 add optimized implementation of AES-CTR for AMD64
CL 136896 optimize AES-CTR mode on amd64


CL 142537 use Neon for xor on arm64
CL 214941 describe the authentication tag in the godoc of AEAD.Open()


CL 202578 Use KDSA instruction on s390x when available


CL 43716 use Montgomery ladder scalar multiplication
CL 60671 reuse bigints, avoid silent allocs
CL 109135 speed-up asm version on amd64
CL 161897 optimize generic CurveParams implementation
CL 202819 implement unmarshal for compressed format
CL 203119 improve fuzz test for P256 assembly


CL 27458 speed up repeated operations with the same key
CL 72530 Added examples.
CL 207517 add some more benchmarks


CL 102196 new testing package


CL 119335 add package-level examples
CL 122775 adds examples for Int and Prime
CL 206817 detect biases in rand.Int(), clarify internals
CL 210057 generate random numbers using RtlGenRandom on Windows


CL 135378 use SHA instructions on amd64, when possible


CL 180257 optimize ARM64 sha512 implemention
CL 211617 optimize arm64 sha512


CL 62770 optimise ConstantTimeCompare


CL 93255 add DialContextWithDialer function
CL 127548 add examples for use of crypto/x509
CL 160017 add a BoringSSL test suite (BoGo) integration
CL 160019 misc BoGo-induced fixes
CL 163119 Expose maps for cipher suite IDs/names
CL 165957 Expose CipherSuite structure and add names
CL 170702 avoid cache-based side channels in extracting the remote MAC
CL 170703 implement full Lucky 13 countermeasures for SHA-1 CBC ciphers
CL 181097 add context to tls structs
CL 208225 clarify TLS 1.0/1.1 CertificateRequestInfo.SignatureSchemes
CL 208226 add {SignatureScheme,CurveID,ClientAuthType}.String()
CL 212601 update ExampleDial with a valid root
CL 214337 create certs w/o KeyEncipherment KU for non-RSA keys in generate_cert.go
CL 214977 add Dialer


CL 40866 self-signed cert key pair check
CL 64851 add cgo for system keychain loading
CL 71754 elaborated on a comment in CreateCRL
CL 85895 remove entrust CA constraint exemption
CL 125056 create typed versions of ParsePKCS8PrivateKey
CL 126136 clarify package is for the web pki
CL 127577 make SystemCertPool work on Windows
CL 131575 validate HostName with VerifyHostname function
CL 141821 add path for TinyCore ca-certificates
CL 141837 VerifyHost should only match IDNA encoded domains
CL 171297 use already parsed fields for certificate verification
CL 186438 update supported tip , add ed25519.PublicKey
CL 187778 add SignatureAlgorithm.Hash()
CL 205237 load roots from colon separated SSL_CERT_DIR in loadSystemRoots
CL 208978 correct error message for trailing issuer data
CL 214059 bump minimum macOS version to 10.11
CL 215905 mitigate CVE-2020-0601 verification bypass on Windows


CL 208484 clean up and reuse rand.Int


CL 138579 add a test where the value panics
CL 145758 add SetConnMaxIdleTime
CL 160448 add missing error check in test
CL 174122 process all Session Resets synchronously
CL 179298 run prepare & execute commands on the same conn from DB pool
CL 182599 prevent conn reuse on new conn request
CL 203580 prevent ErrBadConn from driver.Open()
CL 212411 support db filed value is NULL with variable type is string
CL 214317 add error getter on sql.Row


CL 193819 ignore non-existent symbol and string table
CL 200617 limit the maximum size of the string table buffer to 1MB


CL 45140 add GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP to the contribution guide
CL 103575 explain how to reply to a review in Gerrit
CL 116157 add AVX-512 wiki page link to asm.html
CL 120296 add note for newline after copyright header to contribute.html
CL 136760 clarify that signal receipt doesn't fire defer hooks
CL 148830 add missing import of the log package
CL 178119 note that go-contrib-init and git-codereview is installed in shell path. note that we should add a blank line after Fixes #xxx
CL 178120 clarify relative import paths don't work with modules
CL 178121 Add examples for all methods on regex.Regexp. Add example for FindAllIndex(), FindSubmatchIndex(), ReplaceAll(), NumSubexp().
CL 210799 add section on go.mod file syntax
CL 213878 update the minimum supported macOS version to 10.11
CL 214377 add section on module paths to module documentation
CL 214378 fill in 'Module-aware commands' section in module documentation
CL 214379 fill in 'go list -m' section in module documentation
CL 214380 fill in 'go mod download' section of module documentation
CL 214381 fill in 'go mod init' section of module documentation
CL 214946 add remarks about range inference and check removal
CL 215817 add the change to json.Compact in the 1.14 changelog


CL 196681 document unsynchronized send/close in race detector article


CL 136757 remove misleading code in tutorial


CL 215618 Added Missing Package


CL 105655 updates description of go install
CL 142297 update code.html to use go modules


CL 192977 rename an HTML element ID to avoid duplicate


CL 211198 remove unnecessary pre tags within same snippet


CL 66850 break debug_ranges


CL 162926 add example for encode and decode


CL 84095 add test of Unmarshal slice of RawValue
CL 108355 support fractions of a second when unmarshaling GeneralizedTime
CL 134223 add ability to marshal to general string
CL 146117 make GeneralizedTime and UTCTime follow DER restriction
CL 150601 correctly parse GeneralizedTime
CL 152117 allow the user to specify the time format used to unmarshal
CL 163577 add example for encoding and decoding
CL 170217 support marshal uint/uint8/uint16/uint32/uint64
CL 212997 optimize asn1.Unmarshal


CL 113075 fix error message for Write
CL 189758 fix error on unexpected EOF while reading a varint
CL 202517 removal of unnecessary boundary checks.


CL 197078 optimize Write by giving fieldNeedsQuotes a fast path for when Comma is ascii


CL 86456 support gob transmission of errors.New
CL 117875 fix handling of embedded structs without exported fields
CL 173781 Removal of panic from EncodeValue


CL 27453 with ,string tag, decode []float*, []int*, []uint* from string slices
CL 31091 allow overriding type marshaling
CL 102158 encoding/xml: interface to omit marshalling empty structs
CL 110119 include property name for marshal errors
CL 126255 optimize encdoer
CL 129756 updated the documentation to use embedded fields instead of anonymous fields.
CL 129815 say "embedded field" instead of "anonymous field"
CL 132735 add UseStrictNames to json.Decoder
CL 135595 add direct write mode to Encoder
CL 136035 fix usage of sync.Pool
CL 136761 added heednull option for json encoding
CL 140305 permit any string as a struct field name
CL 145277 add an example to HTMLEscape
CL 146318 json.Unmarshal fails to unmarshal a custom Unmarshaler struct field
CL 147897 add simple example
CL 148834 document the unmarshalling of missing json fields
CL 152297 created json.UnknownFieldsError
CL 155966 add ignore omitempty flag to json encoder
CL 171737 improve error messages with a "json:" prefix
CL 172499 add example tests for Marshal/Unmarshal
CL 179337 reuse values when decoding map elements
CL 188500 This CL adds Decoder.InternKeys
CL 190658 added recursion depth limit
CL 191783 don't reuse slice elements when decoding
CL 198047 fix byte counter increments when using decoder.Token()
CL 199837 limit max nesting depth
CL 205018 prevent compact twice to improve precomputed performance.
CL 205897 Add `nilasempty` option
CL 211457 allow "-" to shadow by struct field name
CL 212998 implement type override for serialization


CL 150877 fix #bytes lineBreaker.Write returns


CL 37945 add DOM-like API
CL 46433 Add xml attribute value normalization
CL 59830 add 'allowempty' tag for self-closing XML tags
CL 103875 fix absence of detection of another : in qualified names
CL 104655 fix normalization of attributes values
CL 105636 fix invalid empty namespace without prefix
CL 106575 add check of namespaces to detect field names conflicts
CL 106835 add tests
CL 107255 fix closing tag failure
CL 107755 fix duplication of namespace tags by encoder
CL 108395 fix panic of unmarshaling of anonymous structs
CL 108616 fix panic on embedded unexported XMLName
CL 108796 fix overriding by empty namespace
CL 108797 fix unexpected behavior of encoder.Indent("", "")
CL 109855 fixes to enforce XML namespace standard
CL 116056 fix printing of namespace prefix in tag names
CL 122486 support omitempty on custom marshalers
CL 127435 add RawXML token type and tests
CL 129756 updated the documentation to use embedded fields instead of anonymous fields.
CL 129815 say "embedded field" instead of "anonymous field"
CL 144518 allow cdata/chardata to be named and nested with annotations
CL 181499 use a depth counter rather than recursion in Decoder.Skip()
CL 191962 disallow unknown elements/attributes in Decoder
CL 196809 don't initialize struct fields when encoding
CL 203417 namespace prefix case insensitive check
CL 207850 clarify doc on XMLName and field tags


CL 86456 support gob transmission of errors.New


CL 200319 make possible to delete all exported variables


CL 144103 add description of default values to docs
CL 212599 add example for FlagSet


CL 38259 speed up integer formatting using separate 32bit and 64bit functions
CL 68611 add example for Printf and Println functions fixed blank line before first example.
CL 110595 make scanning newlines work the same way on Windows and Linux
CL 132375 add doc example for Fprintf
CL 145917 add additional example for Printf
CL 146024 clean up and slightly restructure Printf docs
CL 215001 do not remove trailing zeros for %g and %G with #(sharp) flag


CL 37759 add test to verify position recorded positions

CL 81935 Conditionally pluralize summary.
CL 115315 Allow users to set the log level for the root log15 handler.
CL 140719 Allow username in package name
CL 178597 Move to Go modules
CL 187097 Add extra scopes
CL 198098 Remove container max-width style inorder to see the documentation by utilizing the full device-width
CL 199498 Dark mode using prefers-color-scheme (fixes #434)
CL 201481 Removed max-width to make site more comfortable to read
CL 205417 Add Rich data for as code provider

CL 122195 Missing HSTS-header

CL 73031 fix tests

CL 173218 more accurate value for string literal size

CL 205607 make log level configurable, default to info

CL 199717 migrate to go111

CL 168066 add module files
CL 215678 update from Godeps to modules

CL 38399 remove appengine libraries from main
CL 135536 fix expanding examples containing reserved characters
CL 135537 simplify onclick listener for example list

CL 28788 use go-github to fetch from GitHub
CL 163639 Add subdirectories to local mode
CL 168065 expand vcs pattern to match go-get
CL 168838 add mecurial vcs support
CL 169337 better vcs suffix support for github
CL 172737 improved sourcehut vcs support
CL 173217 calculate Bitbucket Directory.Stars with watchers API

CL 101255 Allow special character in header value in ParseValueAndParams

CL 77290 Hide internal packages (issue #402) in package lists


CL 187317 GopherCon 2019 snapshot of go/* packages supporting contracts


CL 120675 add Filter func test on AST
CL 133795 add InterfaceType to the TypeSpec comment


CL 101281 add examples for Import and Context
CL 103239 document purego convention
CL 183848 document that it's not supported for modules


CL 215277 remove redundant octal & separator literals parsing


CL 100815 add examples for creating Package and Examples
CL 131176 show exported fields of embedded structs


CL 80415 add Gofmt and document use


CL 101280 add example of importer.For
CL 143023 remove support for defunct binary export format


CL 143024 rename file to better reflect new meaning


CL 100060 add examples for using ParseFile with go/build
CL 208637 rewrite with cmd/compile/internal/syntax


CL 33294 steps towards fixing #16371
CL 109795 allow single-line const enum declarations
CL 155837 generalize bench harness, add unbalanced benchmark
CL 162920 fix newline with a comment at the end


CL 199503 update copy/copyn documentation dst and src ordering


CL 125435 fix test Example_retrievePositionInfo fail


CL 33677 add UsesCgo config to support _cgo_gotypes.go
CL 101286 change examples to use source importer
CL 113855 use binary search when looking up a method in a sorted list
CL 179184 change cap, len to return untyped int if result is constant (experiment)


CL 77750 show interface method documentation

CL 3950 Support "string"/"byte" type/format in client gen.
CL 7994 Insert the description of the change.
CL 43370 use t.Run in get_test for easier tracking of test case failures
CL 43371 add Ken Egozi to CONTRIBUTORS
CL 43372 UserAgentPrefix
CL 49990 Refactor NewClient function to receive default endpoint as an argument.
CL 50130 Add support for TLS Client Certificate in http transport.
CL 50370 Add EndpointVerificationCertProvider

CL 21330 gen, gensupport: add OpenCensus tracing and stats support

CL 50190 allow host:port as endpoint override
CL 50572 release v0.16.0

CL 49332 make ComputeExternalVPNGateway a *uint64
CL 49350 make AutoCreateSubnetworks a *bool

CL 37590 make androidpublisher CancelReason a pointer field in v3

CL 2762 support resumable uploads of unknown size
CL 4080 Fix resumable upload infinite loop
CL 31212 Re-write the connection pool with v2 grpc balancer/resolver APIs.
CL 41570 Add cloudcommerceprocurement-api

CL 46630 Expose GRPCConnectionPoolClientOption
CL 49252 add customopt package

CL 23510 replace sync.Cond with channels and an additional counter

CL 50573 WithGRPCConnectionPool is a no-op for most APIs
CL 50574 add Num method to ConnPool
CL 50575 use "pick_first" as child policy

CL 50190 allow host:port as endpoint override


CL 155118 Runtime, an API for the hash function used by the Go runtime


CL 97875 simplify eatWhiteSpace
CL 148833 document that comments are stripped from html templates
CL 205419 define IncompleteTemplateErr type
CL 215797 remove RawGit link from docs


CL 47255 pass reader through Decode and DecodeConfig when possible
CL 85475 Add documentation for methods on different Images
CL 208559 New metadata-aware read/write API


CL 119319 fix acceptance of one non-significant byte in data


CL 125138 decomposes scan loops and pre-computes values


CL 134055 optimize generic Count function
CL 199597 improve mips64x equal on large size
CL 204664 make s390x assembly more consistent


CL 126657 expose mips[64][le] feature flags for FMA
CL 200579 add MIPS64x feature detection


CL 8683 implement FileConn, FileListener


CL 133941 add testenv.CompilerType() to denote between host compiler type


CL 82255 add benchmark of testdata parse


CL 160438 remove inefficient assignment


CL 177977 implement WriterTo for pipes


CL 175779 add WriteNopCloser
CL 212597 reject path separators in TempDir, TempFile pattern


CL 198062 move to src/time/_zoneinfo


CL 132478 export a default logger


CL 49410 improve ParseAddress error for badly quoted display name


CL 208197 set GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP to a usable go command on Windows


CL 84438 add examples
CL 118895 add examples for functions which had none
CL 146777 add architecture independent maxint and maxuint
CL 148737 Add examples for Log10, Min, Max, Mod, and Modf
CL 188437 replace exported variables with runtime.KeepAlive in benchmarks


CL 17910 faster printing of floats with huge exponents
CL 45490 support for constant-time arithmetic
CL 123497 improve threshold calibration for karatsuba
CL 168257 add comprehensive aliasing tests (and minor fixes to Exp, Rand)
CL 170257 optimize amd64 asm shlVU and shrVU for shift==0 case
CL 209679 rewrite addVW to use fast path on s390x


CL 195202 Add examples for platform independent functions


CL 172838 implement Payne-Hanek range reduction


CL 200937 add NewLockedSource


CL 191917 do not change initial configuration for mimeTypes
CL 199657 add .json to built-in list of MIME types
CL 214680 fix ExtensionsByType bug when there are duplicates


CL 87657 add Writer example
CL 153178 allow custom content types to be given for form files
CL 185637 make sure all contents are read from multipart form
CL 200079 Always show cte header


CL 133940 adjust tests to be compatible with MSVC toolchain support


CL 76373 add runtime.CallersFrames benchmark


CL 196378 force TLS accesses on a non-main thread


CL 63731 add tests for corruption of C bit-fields


CL 192705 runtime lock order checking tool
CL 192706 interactive lock graph viewer
CL 192707 check for lock cycles in all.bash


CL 174323 add WASM multibyte argv test
CL 183938 make wasm_exec.js compatible with create-react-app
CL 204619 allow Uint8ClampedArray with copyBytesToJS/copyBytesToGo
CL 214944 avoid implicit boolean to number conversion


CL 187959 wrong require when migrate from dep with source config


CL 125258 fix typo and add one more example to -fix


CL 149966 Fix incorrect error with modules containing no Go source


CL 190217 encode non-US-ASCII characters in Content-Disposition


CL 8683 implement FileConn, FileListener
CL 29310 Implement UnixConn.GetPeerCredentials
CL 73830 recognize non-LDH domain names as valid per RFC 1035
CL 84696 use NetEnabled for TestInterfaceHardwareAddrWithWmic
CL 86575 update documentation on IP transport for network parameter
CL 86576 update documentation on IPConn and UPDConn
CL 97975 empty write to pipe should not block
CL 105095 make concurrent socket system calls in test safe
CL 105715 use callpathSW in TestDialContextCancelRace
CL 120956 drop the use of syscall package in platform-independent code
CL 132437 extend documentation for net.FileConn()
CL 147378 clarify the behavior of ListenConfig.Listen{,Packet} with context
CL 150618 make TestVariousDeadlines detect client closing its connection in the server handler
CL 159617 replace `' with `` to avoid breaking doc presentation
CL 162037 add Sys field to Interface for system-dependent information
CL 162998 add IP.IsLocal
CL 173359 introduce ListenConfig#AfterBind
CL 177977 implement WriterTo for pipes
CL 196817 add text marshalling and unmarshalling for HardwareAddr
CL 202599 Add LookupSOA methods
CL 209357 support TCP half-close when HTTP is upgraded in ReverseProxy
CL 212300 fix typo in unexported variable name


CL 13240 consolidate server request body error handling
CL 55613 Try best to reuse tcp connection when early close case.
CL 71991 do not reuse connection after bodyless response with TE header
CL 103696 avoid incorrect redirection on paths containing encoded slashes
CL 111136 replace HTTP CONNECT client implementation
CL 124315 fix double-close of req.Body after request writing
CL 125635 fix double-close of of req.Body after redirect
CL 125636 fix no-close of req.Body after redirect
CL 127550 add an example for Client.Do and NewRequest
CL 132479 don't run backgroundRead if connection was hijacked
CL 139058 add Post example
CL 158840 track the state of HTTP/2 connections
CL 158977 add MethodSearch as http request method SEARCH (RFC7230/7231)
CL 162317 revendor x/net/http/httpproxy
CL 162318 support socks5h scheme in proxy URL
CL 167682 document behaviour of cancellation on writable response bodies
CL 178837 allow sensitive headers in redirects from http to https
CL 181097 add context to tls structs
CL 183557 detect and make persistConn handle time drifts
CL 189297 modify variables style
CL 191779 document additional uses of Requesty.GetBody()
CL 191971 improve FileServer error logging
CL 195557 fix reading cookie mistake if ";;" exists, most browsers like Chrome, Safari can handle such a cookie
CL 200437 don't cancel hijacked connection's request context
CL 207817 add additional doc regarding http request context cancel behaviour
CL 210123 rewind request body on ErrSkipAltProtocol
CL 212408 document non-clonability of Body and Response
CL 213277 fix Transport upgrading responses for non-keep-alive requests
CL 213442 fix Server.Shutdown race where it could miss an active connection
CL 215177 [release-branch.go1.13] only decrement connection count if we removed a connection


CL 214920 rename a test file to be less cute


CL 182917 make it possible to use a Server (TLS or not) to test cookies


CL 186217 create internal copy of ClientTrace in WithClientTrace


CL 171577 add example for reuse of Director
CL 191937 empty outgoing request's Host once it is cloned by ReverseProxy.ServeHTTP
CL 213257 handle escaped paths in SingleHostReverseProxy
CL 215637 add support for X-Forwarded-Proto, X-Forwarded-Host and an option to not trust forwarded headers in ReverseProxy


CL 147598 support the "seconds" param for mutex, block profiles


CL 105095 make concurrent socket system calls in test safe


CL 139077 add Address.NameAddr method
CL 139177 decode RFC 2047 encoded strings within quotes


CL 71692 add execution tracer user annotations


CL 104435 fix the bug which makes golang cannot handle smtp fail-auth
CL 201078 change expected command for RCPT to 250


CL 85195 Add an example for textproto.Conn
CL 170317 simplify commonHeader initialization
CL 185542 correct documentation of empty line handling


CL 155922 give a proper error message on invalid character in scheme
CL 166464 reduce allocation on building URL String func
CL 168559 make URL.String parse and escape query
CL 172157 Parse allow ASCII percent-encoded chars in host
CL 174998 rework shouldEscape func to bitmask flag for performance boost
CL 184117 make Parse return an error for IPv6 literals without brackets
CL 196622 use conversion table in shouldEscape
CL 198799 add URL.Masked()
CL 207082 add URL.Redacted() to return password-free string


CL 51414 add example for os.Readlink
CL 84896 use jobs to wait for process completion on windows
CL 87658 add example for os.PathError
CL 116075 respect setuid and setgid bit in Mkdir() on *nix
CL 125261 remove read-only directories on windows
CL 170077 clarify that IsNotExist, IsExist, IsPermission and IsTimeout work with nil errors
CL 176877 return link destination on error
CL 182397 open(2) files w/o blocking
CL 191313 fix ambiguous documentation of type FileMode
CL 201157 support Stat("CON") on Windows
CL 202088 don't share environment variables between processes on Plan 9
CL 208857 add documentation for invalid expansion syntax in ExpandEnv
CL 211801 implement FindProcess on Darwin instead of noop
CL 212437 check whence value before trying to seek


CL 213337 add examples for exec.Error and exec.ExitError


CL 186937 enforce glob pattern syntax validation on path.Match function


CL 106975 TestEvalSymlinks tests with "/" prefix fail in Windows
CL 111355 short-circuit VolumeName calls
CL 143477 implement IsPatternValid(pattern)
CL 207837 Glob fails if it has a wildcard and ends with /
CL 211802 fix readDirNames to not unconditionally read a directory


CL 142000 replace bits = bits + "..." to bits += "..." where bits is a string.
CL 142001 Replace stk[:] to stk where stk is a slice.


CL 63651 arena allocation API experiment
CL 114002 arena allocation API experiment
CL 179338 replace type assertion with a call to Type.common()
CL 183937 keep RO flags unchanged in Value.Addr
CL 191199 treat nil Value ptr as zero value of type
CL 192331 use zero buffer to back the Value returned by Zero
CL 213497 when Converting between float32s, don't lose signal NaNs


CL 162828 use step in allMatches instead of manually processing runes


CL 87795 examples for Regexp.NumSubexp method
CL 98760 implement look-behind assertion
CL 118115 Clarify MatchString documentation.
CL 142197 add examples for regexp functions
CL 171417 Scan backwards for patterns ending in $
CL 171597 improve test coverage
CL 187919 add (*Regexp).SubexpIndex
CL 188800 optimize for provably too long inputs


CL 3027 (SUPER HACKY) refactor runtime with adonovan's sockdrawer
CL 5461 system topology discovery
CL 5760 faster timers
CL 8194 more tests of deadlock detection
CL 9499 factor out object start computation
CL 9540 split greyobject into greyobject and checkmarkObject
CL 9541 push heapBitsForObject into greyobject/checkmarkObject
CL 9542 grey objects in bulk
CL 9873 add a more extensive gdb test for backtracing
CL 10110 Make forEachP more robust
CL 10553 always set iscgo=true on windows
CL 14071 (EXTRA HACKY) pull atomics out into pkg runtime/internal/atomic
CL 15560 direct bitmap allocation
CL 16296 signal forwarding for darwin-386
CL 21287 Assist ratio schemes code
CL 23432 ring buffer for binary debug logging
CL 25060 fix thread spinning in needm
CL 30013 move memstats.gc_trigger to gcController.gcTrigger
CL 30132 map a huge page at a time
CL 30133 rewrite persistentalloc to eliminate internal fragmentation
CL 33809 use frame pointers for callers
CL 34031 user events
CL 34291 bound number of sweeps per allocation
CL 34930 consolidate minPhysPageSize and minLegalPointer
CL 37222 stack traces of endless recursion now print top and bottom
CL 37335 augment inuse heap profile with collected garbage
CL 37732 enable c-archive on all Unix and Windows systems
CL 38180 add SchedStats API
CL 40294 perform card marking in the write barrier
CL 40295 inline card mark on write barrier fast path
CL 42830 do not remove the SIGPROF handler
CL 42931 benchmark page fault performance
CL 44012 elapsed time tracking utilities
CL 44339 benchmark for lots of itabs
CL 45142 start goroutines with a 16K stack
CL 46411 augment inuse heap profile with collected garbage
CL 47270 heap characterization
CL 56591 low level card marking types and functions
CL 56592 heap characterization
CL 59390 strength reduce key pointer calculations in generic map functions
CL 60430 improve makemap overflow checks
CL 61191 specialize makeslice calls
CL 62971 reduce contention in gcDrain
CL 63651 arena allocation API experiment
CL 65010 generational scratch pad
CL 65210 fix unpaired atomic operations
CL 67610 heap characteristics cleanup
CL 67611 add Syslook logic
CL 67612 Remove flaky buildModePie test
CL 67613 improve comments and print statements
CL 68012 keep rescheduling fault page together
CL 68013 indirect fault-based loop preemption
CL 68014 make bad safe-points throw
CL 68016 use page unmapping to preempt loops in STW
CL 68017 don't acquire m.locks in forEachP
CL 68018 use global preemption in forEachP and stack scanning
CL 68020 ignore loop preemption signals in GDB
CL 72650 use a spin loop to wait before stealing runnext
CL 74431 use typedslicecopy for growslice
CL 77651 internal access to Linux perf_events API
CL 80975 allowUnsafePointerMaps
CL 94335 reset block, mutex profile counters after rate change
CL 95676 mark itab go:notinheap
CL 98335 Expose MemStats for previous GC cycles.
CL 102755 background profiling support
CL 105357 Add card marking
CL 105358 Sanity checks on pointer maps
CL 105359 generational scratch changes
CL 105360 fixup commit
CL 105361 fixup for early return if card marking is not on.
CL 105362 scratch work DO NOT MAIL
CL 105363 Standardize wb buffer ordering
CL 105364 Allow unsafe pointer maps and add card counters
CL 105365 Schedule generational vs. full cycle
CL 105366 Generational WB performance cleanup.
CL 105367 Gen GC without Write Barriers
CL 105368 Generational GC optimization
CL 105369 No WB cards with span granularity
CL 105370 No WB with N cards/span
CL 105371 No WB cards with rehash at full GC
CL 105372 No WB cards that reseeds hash at full GC
CL 105373 Collect no WB card stats
CL 109417 improve performance of grow() in mheap.go
CL 111356 use CLOCK_BOOTTIME in nanotime on Linux
CL 112199 noWBCards buffering for aeshash
CL 114002 arena allocation API experiment
CL 122577 test g0 stack overflow handling on all OSes
CL 125216 add windows verion of TestPanicSystemstack
CL 136555 experimental GC-related changes to scheduling
CL 136715 adjust mark-assist boost, put info in trace
CL 137475 panic if tidExist returns unexpected error
CL 137476 constants and data structures for generational GC
CL 137477 card table initialization
CL 137478 process a shard of cards
CL 137479 is GC cycle full or generational
CL 137480 divide card scanning work
CL 137481 make mark bits sticky
CL 137482 trigger generational GC
CL 137483 debugging and trace aids
CL 138180 fix unconditional plural in goroutineheader
CL 138857 log profile record buffer overflow/underflow
CL 138961 helper to compute span's "fullness"
CL 138962 use asynchronous sweeping for small allocations
CL 138963 simplify sweepone result
CL 139101 use wrappers for op= map operations
CL 139458 debug racy/re-entrant gcWork use
CL 144099 add support for -buildmode=c-shared for GOARCH=mips{,le}
CL 148823 wire g and p
CL 148898 abstract out sweepgen
CL 148901 preempt goroutines that make repeated syscalls/cgo calls
CL 148978 hack for span allocation tracing
CL 153359 enhance memmove() function using SVE instructions
CL 153717 PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS didn't check for 0XFFFF
CL 155539 add zerobase tests
CL 157977 minor refactor
CL 159377 calculate young object mortality rates
CL 159580 allow inlining the runtime.(un)lock fast paths
CL 160497 add pairing heap implementation
CL 162159 calculate pointer hashing times
CL 169837 support for getting snapshots from perf record
CL 171720 new timers
CL 172057 tweaks to permit high inlining levels
CL 174317 reserve 48 bytes in stack frame for ppc64
CL 176218 record locks held by M
CL 180077 add back elided stack footer on traces of over 100 depth
CL 181498 Allow users of FreeBSD OS to choose between MADV_FREE and MADV_DONTNEED.
CL 183317 fix SetMaxHeap semantics
CL 184442 unscavenge span without heap lock
CL 184497 block on background scavenger only if necessary
CL 185617 avoid re-acquiring heap lock in scavengeLocked
CL 187137 keep track of netpoll usage
CL 187297 fix gdb pretty print for slices
CL 187817 bound small object sweeping to 100 spans
CL 190519 fix the Goroutine scheduler comment
CL 190617 change the page size to 64 KiB
CL 191000 avoid panicking on sigaction failure for SIGRTMAX-1
CL 191959 move forcegchelper to gcenable
CL 192702 warn instead of failing on stale runtime
CL 192703 retain build tags in GOFLAGS
CL 192704 lock operation logging support
CL 193857 make the scavenger sleep for a computed time if its ahead
CL 193858 fix huge page breaking logic in scavengeSplit
CL 194657 add GODEBUG=stwtrace=1
CL 195577 enable go programs to crash on windows
CL 200397 add allocation latency histogram
CL 201899 WIP: fix infinite loop in lockextra on linux/arm
CL 202082 make use of unsafe.Slice
CL 202088 don't share environment variables between processes on Plan 9
CL 202449 simplify mtab.init
CL 202452 improve interface conversion panic text
CL 204279 limit SIGPROF rate to 250 Hz on Linux
CL 205239 remove mcache field from m
CL 206957 enable async preemption on darwin/arm
CL 207442 experiment with less aggressive GC-ing based on triggerRatio
CL 207619 static lock ranking for the runtime
CL 207961 support non-cooperative preemption on windows/arm
CL 207967 tidy Context allocation
CL 207998 wake scavenger and update address on sweep done
CL 208126 preempt & restart some instruction sequences
CL 208218 stress testing for non-cooperative preemption
CL 208378 remove scavAddr in favor of address ranges
CL 209197 always set up TLS storage for darwin/arm64
CL 209617 use CBZ/CBNZ in linux/arm64 assembly code
CL 210297 fix threshold calculation of TestPhysicalMemoryUtilization
CL 210837 call osyield directly in lockextra
CL 210877 add scavenge waker goroutine
CL 211139 do not exit(2) if a Go built DLL receives a signal
CL 211307 use monontonic time consistently on Windows
CL 211803 state more explicitly the behavior for buffered channels in the chansend's fast path under extreme conditions.
CL 212301 use frame pointers to implement physicalCallers(), speed up trace
CL 212412 rearrange codes to avoid needless declarations and allocations
CL 212557 refine netpollunblock by removing unreachable 'if' condition
CL 212638 disable scavenge
CL 212639 disable the scavenger
CL 212697 optimize netpoll by removing the uintptr conversions
CL 212737 converge duplicate calls of netpollBreak to one
CL 213658 mark testCallersEqual as a test helper
CL 214139 add a not-empty field atomically checked to reduce timer lock overhead
CL 214585 remove page allocator fast path and spin
CL 214999 arrange to stop tickers when they are garbage collected
CL 215157 preempt dedicated background mark workers for STW
CL 215839 add missing code for linux/riscv64


CL 120858 use pthread stack bounds on Linux
CL 133938 MSVC toolchain support in cgo native code


CL 46751 add SetMaxHeap API


CL 97495 change default cpu sample rate to 99 Hz.
CL 163137 removed code duplication and changed writer for tabwriter
CL 183844 export max rss when saving memory profiles.
CL 188499 add new LabelSet construction helper to reduce allocations
CL 189318 Plumb labels for goroutine profiles
CL 196497 don't recommend ignoring Close errors


CL 160447 do not ignore error


CL 214677 pack the sudog struct


CL 132676 document missing params for WithRegion


CL 101415 implement asymptotically optimal Stable


CL 211597 reject some bad module paths


CL 173159 print version when running tests


CL 183677 partial prototype for open-coded defers.


CL 170078 implement Ryū-like algorithm for atof
CL 170079 implement Ryū-like algorithm for fixed precision ftoa
CL 170080 Implement Ryū algorithm for ftoa shortest mode
CL 172077 benchmark large string in AppendQuoteToASCII


CL 66374 simplify (*byteReplacer).WriteString
CL 77092 switch Index to the Two-Way string matching algorithm
CL 156998 improve IndexAny and LastIndexAny performance
CL 202077 make Title treat Unicode punctuation as separators
CL 208638 move indexRabinKarp function to internal/bytealg


CL 16469 make Mutex fair
CL 33272 deflake TestWaitGroupMisuse2
CL 60570 Deduplicate some code in sync/map.go
CL 127552 add an example for Mutex
CL 132935 add examples for Map and Map.Range
CL 136115 clarify proper Pool usage for dynamically sized buffers
CL 153598 added an example for sync.Cond
CL 161722 add examples for Map
CL 172277 keep looping in TestWaitGroupMisuse{2,3} until the test times out
CL 174205 add examples for Mutex and RWMutex
CL 189837 avoid a dynamic check in WaitGroup on 64-bit architectures
CL 205899 add new Map method LoadAndDelete
CL 215359 add benchmark for issue 17973.
CL 215360 refactor RWMutex slightly to prepare for future changes.
CL 215361 Implement a version of RWMutex that can avoid cache contention.
CL 215362 Implement a procLocal abstraction.
CL 215363 update procLocal to allocate all slots at once.
CL 215364 implement the RWMutex's lockTable type.
CL 215365 write a benchmark for RLocks with a full table.


CL 105041 split examples to a different file
CL 126295 make atomic.Value more useful
CL 133656 add example for CompareAndSwapInt32


CL 8683 implement FileConn, FileListener
CL 18253 extra error source info for StartProcess
CL 84896 use jobs to wait for process completion on windows
CL 100315 add capabilities to inheritable set before adding to ambient set
CL 160828 perform environment variable sort for createEnvBlock
CL 162037 add Sys field to Interface for system-dependent information
CL 171719 add more Getdirentries buf size validation (freebsd)
CL 180398 allow returning thread handle from StartProcess
CL 208537 add WSAENOBUFS and WSAEMFILE error codes to mark them as temporary.
CL 210639 support POSIX semantics for Linux syscalls


CL 197458 improve documentation of js.FuncOf
CL 208600 don't do require("fs") if wasm_exec.js is bundled by Webpack


CL 213899 add test that gccgo fails to compile


CL 213827 make GO_GCFLAGS mean same thing it does during make.bash


CL 47411 add support for benchsplit flag
CL 49251 avoid registering flags except in test binaries
CL 92617 add option for running benchmarks a fixed number of iterations.
CL 123921 handle panics in subtests to print previous output
CL 145279 mention the "_test" package idiom
CL 146897 add SetBenchmarkLabel
CL 149720 correct benchmark output when running in parallel
CL 196997 WIP: Adding mean and CI to benchmarks with high repeat count
CL 202758 provide (*T).Deadline to report when the test will have exceeded its timout
CL 210979 print extra precision in the benchmark output


CL 199501 adds FailReader


CL 129536 skip struct fields that cannot be set by Value function


CL 133942 update various tests to prepare for MSVC compiler toolchain


CL 202257 add ANSI Graphics Rendition format


CL 144657 clarify truthiness of structs
CL 153339 make Execute copy io.Reader content
CL 210284 avoid a global map to help the linker's deadcode elimination
CL 212117 make reflect.Value indirections more robust


CL 199138 allow multiple spaces in comment actions


CL 104215 Improve example for Sleep
CL 134217 make TZ parse more tolerant
CL 144104 add an example on how to create a timestamp using a time object
CL 150137 parse dates using textual suffixes like "nd"
CL 153062 cache the result of Time.sec calls in Time.Before
CL 160479 fix parsing issue for improper month value
CL 163260 fix parse month error message
CL 167381 fail when Parse is given a stdNumTZ as stdTZ
CL 168460 Make conver constant public. Remove magic numbers from some time constants
CL 212837 optimize Time.ISOWeek
CL 213177 remove code duplication
CL 214980 document how Parse handles two-digit years
CL 214999 arrange to stop tickers when they are garbage collected
CL 215519 remove unnecessary trailing slash from "/etc/"
CL 215539 use extended time format past end of zone transitions


CL 154419 update Unicode tables using new generator


CL 33637 use range statement for RuneCountInString


CL 48965 document conversion of bytes to struct


CL 60950 add test case for build constraint(tag)


CL 184818 built-in wrapper interface


CL 214358 fix the wrong register offset go assembler syntax


CL 177918 add linux-mips64le qemu builder, cross-compiling from a fast VM
CL 188501 add riscv64 cross builder


CL 103871 include the Change-ID in the farmer URL


CL 129495 new command to trail audit logs for in-use permissions


CL 38285 add -review flag for checking Gerrit CL for invalid
CL 127930 change issue notification comment to include author name
CL 145658 freeze issues after 30 days, link to Questions wiki page
CL 170863 CC triaged issues to owners
CL 171238 assign reviewers based on commit message prefixes
CL 181977 add the author of the change to the notification on github
CL 182419 relaxed matching rule for the documentation label


CL 215418 add nigeltao as primary for go/src/image


CL 163005 add Dockerfile for generating a Fuchsia buildlet


CL 176237 add OpenBSD 6.5 release builder


CL 215341 add GetContent method


CL 151658 add ability to define custom checks on sync errors
CL 152017 corpus can now add GitHub and Gerrit repos while in SyncLoop
CL 160699 tombstone issues that are moved to a differnt repository
CL 161521 correctly tombstone "transferred" issues
CL 170338 support gcslog updates from master mutation source
CL 176638 correctly tombstone "transferred" issues
CL 205598 add function to mark an Issue as Tombstoned


CL 39536 added age-based retry refusal.


CL 185897 do not consider nested backport requests


CL 114938 add key wrap support for rfc 3394 and rfc 5649
CL 115336 adding new key wrap support as per rfc 3394 and 5649
CL 189338 Disambiguate error messages
CL 190277 Addition of KDF1 and KDF2 algorithm implementations
CL 193079 Add easy bcrypt example
CL 203337 Make default hash SHA-1 per RFC 4880 section 9.4
CL 209963 Test more OCSP ResponseStatus cases
CL 212359 Generates a public key from existing private key.


CL 154458 proposal for interface which exposes either callback or db.


CL 124355 Implemented interface to allow custom symmetric key for Encrypt


CL 86635 Implement IETF draft-12
CL 204177 update TLS-ALPN identifier to the latest IANA assignment
CL 209678 add support for external account bindings


CL 155744 Enable custom ports


CL 80300 fix more issues reported by golint


CL 102422 add AVX2 implementation
CL 189878 fix panic when calling IDKey or Key with keyLen == 0


CL 177818 document 72-byte password length limit


CL 206638 add Advance method
CL 215498 set consistent build tags


CL 215498 set consistent build tags


CL 38060 Support encryption of private keys
CL 198119 added compression in Encrypt function


CL 105896 add arm64 implementation using multiword arithmetic


CL 73032 New package


CL 173457 Document that ParseRawPrivateKey supports ED25519 keys


CL 98135 add support for UTCTIME values


CL 112315 new package


CL 39770 improve amd64 ladderstep assembly
CL 165877 add faster X25519 for amd64 arch
CL 205158 implement new X25519 API


CL 71950 improve EdDSA performance by 20-50% on amd64
CL 174941 implement Ed25519ph


CL 214584 add test for hkdf key extraction
CL 214939 add test for ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD encryption/decryption


CL 104576 implement BinaryMarshaler, BinaryUnmarshaler


CL 34664 check OCSP EKU and valdity time on embedded responder certificates.
CL 37878 replace encoding/asn1 with cryptobyte


CL 214478 ignore unsupported signatures in addUserID if there are other, valid signatures


CL 32890 use prompt function to decrypt private key
CL 60990 add policy URI and notation data for OpenPGP Signatures
CL 118995 implement Cert Revocation Signature
CL 120315 add FlagsAuthenticate, FlagsGroupKey and FlagsSplitKey support to packet.Signature
CL 120555 add PreferredKeyServer support to packet.Signature
CL 132755 Define s2k magic numbers as consts
CL 137955 Handle DSA crypto.Signer
CL 149677 fix infinite loop on unknown cipher type / key
CL 161817 add RevokeKey, RevokeSubkey and AddSubkey methods to Entity
CL 191658 support GNU dummy S2K for missing private keys


CL 181121 simplify partialLengthWriter loop


CL 133255 output reason for revocation


CL 85535 use larger int64 iteration counts and key lengths


CL 166520 update certificate parsing with attribute 'Microsoft Local Key set'
CL 201457 update certificate parsing with attribute 'Microsoft Local Key set'


CL 206977 add (*MAC).Verify API and use it in chacha20poly1305
CL 215498 set consistent build tags


CL 104576 implement BinaryMarshaler, BinaryUnmarshaler


CL 191760 explain how to generate a salt


CL 104576 implement BinaryMarshaler, BinaryUnmarshaler
CL 108715 add NewKMAC128 and NewKMAC256
CL 119255 implement assembly implementation on ARM


CL 35958 print faulty direction in the panic message.
CL 38454 add NoClientAuthCallback
CL 38531 exit auth loop on ForceDisconnectError
CL 75050 fix invalidation of the timeout when target is not a ssh server
CL 85155 remove arcfour{128,256} from default cipher list
CL 98056 add hmac-sha2-512.
CL 171682 implement compression
CL 175578 add ControlMaster socket transport
CL 175978 add ssh partial success for ssh server 2FA
CL 190777 disable wantReply in some requests to comply with OpenSSH
CL 193117 export a transport interface
CL 207600 support encrypted OpenSSH private keys
CL 215540 support for ecdsa keys using openssh format.


CL 197939 add ctrl-c for terminal line


CL 211997 fix client test goroutine


CL 40911 fix line matching, when multiple lines
CL 40984 add support for hashed entries in the known_hosts file


CL 170861 add Terminal.SetEnterClear(bool)
CL 215417 adjust ReadConsole rules on windows


CL 26773 add Encryption/Serialization of Encrypted PrivateKey


CL 22095 add Field, MPI & OID types


CL 57051 improve docs on Certificate.SignCert


CL 186497 Fix nil pointer dereference in `isPtrFromHeap`


CL 121658 workaround for picky panics


CL 190818 handle missing/bad exe file gracefully


CL 122275 contribute x/debug/dwarf/frame


CL 72379 Add write, a package to atomically create or replace a file.


CL 197299 detect problems before releasing new module versions


CL 203657 add linguini


CL 188917 cut1


CL 37621 add Plan 9 driver


CL 37110 mark operating system paint messages as external
CL 162900 hide window decoration entirely for empty title


CL 94137 eliminate steady-state memory allocations
CL 94138 use a channel in Deque instead of a sync.Cond
CL 95715 use a channel in Deque instead of a sync.Cond


CL 21660 add double-buffering.


CL 29448 a tabbed container
CL 31136 scrolling sheets


CL 161665 Go checksum database implementation


CL 167897 Google App Engine checksum database app


CL 161664 tkv.Storage on Google Cloud Spanner


CL 185337 intrinsify runtime.getg


CL 63170 use __builtin_memcmp_eq() instead of go runtime for identity comparisons larger than 16 bytes.
CL 125375 support zsh


CL 215900 explicitly skip type descriptors


CL 50010 Add __sync_add_and_fetch_4 if the compiler doesn't provide it


CL 44952 don't inline callers on AIX
CL 140917 hack to make LLVM's lli work
CL 155764 debug stack maps
CL 159099 debug stack scan
CL 169737 port SetMaxHeap


CL 175080 fix TestForeground for AIX


CL 167139 make an extra copy when passing an alloca as a byval arg


CL 191138 additional debugging routines
CL 213997 support -z linker option
CL 214599 add /usr/{lib,lib32} to toolchain paths


CL 150046 don't attempt to generate epoll.go on Darwin


CL 183224 implement NewWriter and Encode
CL 198547 relax decoding for missing eol trailer
CL 201938 optionally auto-detect height; handle missing EOL


CL 145798 parse and expose font selection flags
CL 146077 define an initial cmap interface
CL 146081 add parsing tests
CL 166477 implement Font.GlyphMetrics
CL 166478 fix CFF2 chardata handling with 16.16 fixed point
CL 166479 use kernFunc for KERN and GPOS kerning
CL 210499 fix dropped errors


CL 211237 fix for decoding grayscale tiled images


CL 96076 Rewrite lintElses check to handle multiple else ifs
CL 96077 Adding a suggested name for the ALL_CAPS warning
CL 96078 Configure build.Default to lint all files regardless of build tags
CL 96079 goi18n for golint
CL 96083 Support mix of files, directories and packages
CL 96085 Ignore `/vendor/` by default when linting
CL 97803 Add import path checking for now hosted on
CL 106976 Suggest using alternative names for reserved word variants
CL 160177 use boolean instead of 0 and 1 to indicate where golint is applied and to know whether there are args
CL 187397 Add `GID` to commonInitialisms
CL 207538 Remove ID from common initialisms


CL 152022 Add support for structured output of lints
CL 210659 introduce auto fix option (--fix)


CL 197738 avoids suggesting to use a keyword as a valid name
CL 212977 add Flush and Close to commonMethods


CL 127695 switching golint to using x/tools/packages
CL 131935 exit with status 1 on non-lint related errors


CL 96090 fix if/else if/else if/else return handling
CL 96979 analyze missing package comment globally
CL 145237 allow *testing.T as first parameter for context parameter check
CL 196140 quote keywords in indent-error-flow message


CL 178757 types with article names


CL 212810 add context-arg-orders analyzer to lint Context type args


CL 212809 add context-key-types analysis


CL 212804 add errs analyzer that checks common problems related to error


CL 212800 add exported analyzer that lints exported names


CL 212798 add imports analyzer that detects dot-imports
CL 212799 add blank import analysis logic


CL 212802 add indent-error-flows analyzer


CL 212801 add names analyzer that lints names


CL 212797 add package-comments analyzer


CL 212803 add ranges analyzer that lints range loops


CL 212805 add receiver-names analyzer


CL 212807 add the returns analysis that lints function return values


CL 212808 add analyzer for time duration variable names


CL 212806 add unaryop that detects simple inc/dec statements


CL 186978 Fix setter generation for ObjC and update golden files
CL 192957 add two args for gomobile tool


CL 45103 Support X11 mouse events


CL 198038 fix formatting in test, following changes in 'go fmt'


CL 215077 redirect stderr of gobind command to os.Stderr


CL 16466 link against libc++ on darwin/amd64
CL 23006 support brillo
CL 181158 don't bind when not in gopath
CL 214498 enable Cgo
CL 214957 enable the test for gomobile-build on iOS
CL 215421 always use abolute paths to replace in go.mod


CL 189857 apply patch provided in #32963


CL 17274 clang-format for non-Go files


CL 67052 add support for CGO libraries


CL 212839 redirect std{out,err} without using Go


CL 134895 send lifecycle.StageDead message on Android


CL 214037 provide example code for mobile/exp/audio/al pkg


CL 176541 simple Go module proxy implementation


CL 207638 add unit test for Sort function
CL 212198 allow unicode Letters in CheckImportPath


CL 176540 basic proxy server protocol


CL 147697 fix the error that the final Read of the frame payload bytes discarded
CL 163864 allows brackets in cookie name
CL 187478 Preventing panic when invalid network information is given
CL 211800 fix x/net/websocket bug when using io.Copy from remote to local


CL 197897 new package


CL 99623 fix handling of non-LDH domain names


CL 107306 new package


CL 51631 new package


CL 102875 new package


CL 132536 document Parse behaviour for invalid/unexpected nodes
CL 145337 enable copy-free usage of Tokenizer
CL 161637 fix a segmentation fault or crash when trying to render an invalid node tree


CL 79655 support CIDR notation and ports in NO_PROXY
CL 91955 fix a mistake in doc
CL 122619 update documentation for httpproxy
CL 156518 support socks5h scheme in proxy URL


CL 32326 expose CloseIfIdle method on ClientConn
CL 47870 add way to unblock responseWriter.Write
CL 77091 add MarkComplete, a complementary method to GetClientConn
CL 85855 use callback to expose SETTINGS updates from the server
CL 91735 add I/O timeouts
CL 111680 reject connection-level headers with a protocol error
CL 150197 Send WindwUpdates when remaining bytes are below a threshold
CL 154917 add hpack header options control on Transport
CL 173952 allow a means to obtain the client connection
CL 179938 Prevent pool blocking when testing a conn for a new request
CL 181457 reduce lock contention when writing
CL 181497 support consuming PUSH_PROMISE streams in the client
CL 185059 add Close and Shutdown functions to the Server.
CL 188360 discard DATA frames with higher stream IDs during graceful shutdown
CL 198040 connection pool periodically sends ping frame and closes the
CL 207851 return PROTOCOL_ERROR when http2 reads an http1.1 response


CL 134675 add package to dial via an HTTP CONNECT request


CL 76950 implement sendmsg/recvmsg on windows
CL 113058 on Windows, use SO_RCVTIMEO to avoid blocking forever


CL 76394 implement control messages on windows


CL 29291 common {get,set}sockopt to internal/netsyscall


CL 76395 implement control messages on windows


CL 113057 auto-populate IP_PKTINFO src address for interface on Windows


CL 188177 avoid allocation for trace context


CL 123056 add conformance test for net.Listener and net.PacketConn


CL 37641 Added DialContext to Dialer interface
CL 66751 make RegisterDialerType safe for concurrent use
CL 111135 add HTTP CONNECT proxy support


CL 155198 don't use testing functionality after the main tester goroutine has completed
CL 213117 fill correctly field


CL 29292 implement unix.GetPeerCredentials


CL 128115 add support for WebDAV server content-range upload


CL 154137 make Read reads the entire frame if the provided slice is large enough
CL 162378 read entire frame if provided slice is large enough
CL 190819 add example of (*Server).Handshake


CL 37995 support HTTP CONNECT in x/net/proxy


CL 171077 correct semantics of time vs now variable


CL 113255 Pass private claims into JWTAccessTokenSourceFromJSON
CL 113257 Pass private claims into JWTAccessTokenSourceFromJSON
CL 135935 Add Scope specifies optional requested permissions for tokenRefresher
CL 142137 Support for claims request parameter
CL 153878 Allow for option to bypass query escaping the auth header credentials
CL 157957 Increase expireDelta time to 60 seconds
CL 158737 handling for permissions fail on well-known file
CL 182678 More support for Google id-tokens
CL 185999 Enable JWT for
CL 200218 Keep the old refresh_token when not present


CL 181478 Add new endpoint of Apple Sign-in


CL 181477 Add new endpoint of Douyu


CL 172877 return all token fetch related errors as structured


CL 121939 make SDKConfig work with newer versions of gcloud
CL 141719 improve logic for default credentials
CL 143957 add DelegateTokenSource


CL 214477 implement TokenStream


CL 43458 improve error message in RetrieveToken if cannot decode as JSON
CL 121420 add better error message when context is canceled


CL 89116 expose private claims


CL 186517 add Naver endpoints


CL 84295 Add optional params to PasswordCredentialsToken
CL 114957 remove unneeded TokenSource implementation in transport test
CL 121296 add support for TokenContext
CL 156537 add device flow support
CL 180920 Deep copy context client in NewClient
CL 186158 validate token in reuseTokenSource
CL 186637 add an optional interface to add Context support to TokenSource
CL 213132 added shopify endpoint and request validation


CL 23834 add


CL 44613 report only significant results


CL 37159 correlate benchmark runs using common commits


CL 38235 add homepage styles


CL 109815 add tests for timeScaler
CL 191379 suppress empty rows for more than two comparisons
CL 211320 accept io.Writer in FormatHTML, not *bytes.Buffer


CL 179637 add option "-summary {mean (default),median,quart,min}"
CL 188438 add example benchmarking workflow to package comment


CL 39112 flush to disk before diffing


CL 203722 create slice with capacity, when capacity is known


CL 180117 support error line highlighting for multi-file program
CL 193798 add CORS headers to fmt/edit route


CL 188557 update design to match

x/proposal/Revert "design

CL 31125 add proposal document for profile labeling"


CL 35054 proposal for passing args and results in registers
CL 201277 add proposal doc for 33974


CL 176377 update proposal to final iteration


CL 34990 A bittwidling API.


CL 189343 remove gRPC support
CL 214817 add state to fast-path marshal and unmarshal
CL 214819 do best-effort initialization check on fast path unmarshal
CL 215337 wrap protoregisty.NotFound


CL 183337 generate extension field helpers
CL 188978 elide sizecache and unknown fields for special messages


CL 213460 add Format helper function and method


CL 187858 add MarshalOptions.Compact to make multi-line output as default
CL 204602 rewrite of internal/encoding/text


CL 215338 add Error sentinel


CL 189719 add field tracking runtime support


CL 189719 add field tracking runtime support


CL 189719 add field tracking runtime support
CL 196738 add Merge tests for aberrant inputs
CL 215338 add Error sentinel


CL 212220 add staticcheck to our integration tests
CL 212221 update go and protobuf versions


CL 207177 add Filter options


CL 127175 don't die instantly in loadAuth
CL 184417 log message when non-gerrit hooks were detected
CL 197197 document change NNNN[/PP] feature on package documentation


CL 71730 Squashed commit of the following:
CL 71850 Import of
CL 72090 PRESUBMIT for Copybara . This is an import from Github.
CL 72091 PRESUBMIT for Copybara . This is an import from Github.
CL 72110 Copybara import from . This is an import from Github.
CL 72131 Copybara import from Project import generated by Copybara.


CL 153117 Update


CL 34092 Added support for adding GOPATHs in project file You can also use ${project_path} expandable variable in GOPATHs


CL 187077 Include a godoc link in the README


CL 131815 handle runtime.Goexit from child goroutines
CL 134395 rethink concurrency patterns


CL 213797 add DoRefCount method to return callers count


CL 157680 make semaphore resizable
CL 157718 make semaphore resizable


CL 35676 add an allocator to reduce cross-CPU cache contention


CL 105795 #24775. Windows Service does not stop issue fixed
CL 191757 Fix the defination of EpollEvent for mips64 and mips64le
CL 198493 add function to create custom event log under Microsoft Event Viewer


CL 197540 fallback to using /proc/{self/auxv, cpuinfo} for ARM feature detection
CL 197541 protect ARM feature detection from broken device
CL 197542 add support for FreeBSD ARM feature detection


CL 72611 initial OS support


CL 185057 add ioctls/types for tun/tap on linux
CL 186998 consolidate duplicate information
CL 215197 fix mips64le missing InotifyInit
CL 215557 fix mips64le missing InotifyInit


CL 168059 new package


CL 44652 add APIs for Windows profiling
CL 85316 add new service constants and ability to add service recovery settings
CL 214177 Made GUID type available to other OS's


CL 85316 add new service constants and ability to add service recovery settings


CL 26650 add IoctlGetUint, IoctlSetUint, IoctlGetString, IoctlSetString and modify IoctlGetInt


CL 207157 fd should be defined as uintptr on Windows


CL 38062 added some initial functions.


CL 214823 updates VEF to VES, MRO to MRU


CL 127176 add ASCII to charmap.


CL 212077 add ASCII, document Index.Encoding


CL 157978 tables for TR31 identifiers


CL 127598 improve documentation and examples
CL 174817 fix example formatting verb


CL 207017 make decomps to a const string


CL 189346 Add Go modules support. Updates #24661


CL 205020 add lock for getting burst


CL 38571 types for civil time


CL 31376 handle very small rates correctly.
CL 71752 Add note that limiter is concurrency safe
CL 88435 ensure token bucket is initially full
CL 127717 reduce allocation and speed up ReserveN
CL 200917 fix truncated seconds in tokensFromDuration


CL 34112 add Limiter.Available() to allow querying available tokens


CL 79535 Don't write to already up-to-date file
CL 93756 change fixImports into public FixImports
CL 174717 Add support for %param
CL 185077 Ignore more errors in go list
CL 198937 added the godoc badge
CL 206317 expose PackageInfo.dir
CL 210379 Stdlib errors
CL 212361 Add cmd/goyaccfmt


CL 163006 error handling


CL 145739 fix typos
CL 183877 add a section on JS/CSS formatting to README
CL 183878 run prettier on js and css
CL 208257 fix some staticcheck errors


CL 195377 add nilarg to find functions that panic on nil arguments.


CL 192857 emit linter message related to the index of arguments only when the number of arguments is accurate.


CL 178160 include position information


CL 189818 use caller's module version via go/packages


CL 8803 afl
CL 40094 show uncovered count in HTML dropdown


CL 200940 appropriately handle multi-word nodes
CL 203579 add mst


CL 41870 sketch of a tool to build a reference graph


CL 52251 introduce -n and add unit tests for the CLI
CL 99620 remove need for new session during install


CL 129099 add -tags flag like go build


CL 137076 add a tool for moving packages


CL 128362 update for modules


CL 24975 func2meth: turn a function into a method


CL 113720 add %expect command


CL 85695 speed up referrers queries by ignoring dependencies
CL 114800 support implements queries for function types
CL 129096 support implements queries for function types
CL 132975 fix misspelling in code comment


CL 136095 add support for sub bullets


CL 129816 add the ability to optionally generate TypeFromString function
CL 190918 Optional flags toupper/tolower to convert names to upper/lower case


CL 71890 Adding an interface to parse data from an arbitrary Reader.

x/tools/fix missing function body

CL 211857 sprint


CL 134935 a new API for analysis tools
CL 176477 add -cpuprofile flag to analyzers
CL 197937 add math pass
CL 212919 add pass to check string(int) conversions
CL 214859 add analyzer for http.Error missing termination


CL 163997 handle pointers to struct
CL 207289 handle various selector types


CL 184537 inspect inner loops, if stmts, etc


CL 184939 support checking of known function args


CL 37090 ignore blank import in AddNamedImport.


CL 193181 skip Test{I,B}ExportData_stdlib in -short mode


CL 33678 proof-of-concept for using native go/types support for _cgo_gotypes.go
CL 33688 add another test case to TestVendorCwdIssue16580


CL 129037 determine containing packages by running go list -find
CL 182457 kick off go list run to get root dirs in background
CL 194837 go list -deps=false if no NeedDeps
CL 195357 optimize loading without overlays
CL 202277 support multi-file adhoc packages
CL 207617 add tests of GOPACKAGESDRIVER integration
CL 208264 make use of UsesCgo
CL 215903 fix GOPATH vendoring with overlays


CL 164644 allow clients to specify their own main function


CL 131283 add associated documentation to functions


CL 50150 delete empty buckets from Map


CL 159818 deprecate package in favor of go list -json


CL 27204 fix bad example HTML output
CL 66312 add support for sections
CL 69030 add table of contents for Overview section
CL 70935 switch to use html/template
CL 129099 add -tags flag like go build
CL 134224 specify line-height is in em
CL 135338 add 'shallow' PageInfoMode to only show top-level directories in subdirectory listings
CL 189560 better error message on error
CL 204578 fix malformed links in variable definitions


CL 72890 add render package for text formatting


CL 24714 link examples to the func, type, etc, not the example itself


CL 189657 files bound as root are treated as files
CL 205661 include dirs needed to reach mount points in Stat


CL 197859 panic on invalid New usage


CL 70550 add config option to keep packages open for addition


CL 212918 add a tool for inspecting file versions


CL 212521 generate documentation for settings


CL 37856 support cgo


CL 127927 use the sibling files preferentially even when the package name mismatch the directory name
CL 143657 recognise ImportSpec.Doc comments
CL 170917 sync sortImports with the new changes to go/ast.SortImports


CL 182417 Ignore Bazel symlinks


CL 193499 force to repair imports group regardless of how the…
CL 214757 fix up vet failures due to composites analysis


CL 194640 fix jsonrpc result no pending[id] blocking


CL 170285 get the correct symbol kind for the type alias and type definition
CL 188637 add expanderr analysis
CL 192580 save the depth of the folding range
CL 195041 add completion name hint heuristic
CL 206160 debugging for golang/go#35114
CL 209220 fix formatting for single-line files
CL 209797 use prometheus compatible metric tags
CL 212017 handle hover for grouped variables
CL 213317 add support for workspace symbol
CL 214700 add diagnostics for imports not in go.mod
CL 215018 batch file modifications for file changes on disk
CL 215097 use x/mod to get edits for go.mod quick fixes
CL 215239 partially revert CL 214586
CL 215898 add quickfixes for missing dependencies in go.mod
CL 215906 support multiple URIs in (*view).invalidateContent


CL 214538 small optimize parse_mod without regexp
CL 215904 fix GOPATH vendoring


CL 215742 lift connection initialization to the cmd package


CL 215537 improve completion involving multiple return values
CL 215538 handle completing into variadic params
CL 215677 add nilness analyzer to LSP's default suite


CL 210321 return location for imported packages


CL 212243 change the exporter to always be a list
CL 212244 use atomics to get the exporter list


CL 212581 avoid editorialization


CL 101795 add support for quote
CL 101956 add support for full screen mode
CL 107515 add footer template


CL 33673 remove vendor prefix from imported packages
CL 34640 fix nil pointer dereference.
CL 40772 don't match wildcards against type expressions
CL 77530 Fix all imports after modifying files.
CL 116222 Fix all imports after modifying files.


CL 211957 add renaming for packages ends with test


CL 44790 ensure child processes are cleaned up


CL 207579 add cmd support for prepare_rename


CL 170920 moved span, lsp/protocol and lsp/jsonrpc2 out of internal


CL 33394 Gorename also refactors the comment associated to the renamed symbol. This way the comment remains compliant with coding guideline, go lint and the documentation is updated.


CL 35254 support for vendor and ?m=all-pkgs as the default


CL 67192 List types that satisfy an interface within package


CL 30751 permission denied causes imports to stop
CL 83535 support crlf line endings

x/tools/x/tools/cmd/guru definition

CL 174021 fix look up of references in the same package if modules are enabled


CL 61910 use math/bits


CL 13422 Fix vcs.FromDir when srcRoot is "/"


CL 38191 do not consider own package as import


CL 42818 add support to mark text as inserted (+) or deleted (~)


CL 97215 reposition http.HandleFunc("/", rootHandler)
CL 137555 Give an advanced preview of Method declarations
CL 137915 Seed the random number generator (GitHub #408)
CL 149759 Updating welcome.article file
CL 160858 Improve instructions for running tour locally
CL 163002 the default slice high bound is the length of the array, not the length of the slice
CL 168917 prime numbers → alphabet
CL 178617 Use constant for alphabet length
CL 195097 Clarify concurrency sending/receiving language
CL 203737 Update webcrawler.go
CL 214183 Add another slice using the slice type in the slice-literals.go


CL 175597 Correct a typo where fmt.Printf was confused with fmt.Print.


CL 195499 A better demonstrative example for type conversions

x/tour/Update the "Exercise

CL 109315 Readers" instructions for clarity


CL 35112 Explain the significance of the main goroutine.
CL 36064 use defer Unlock() to enforce good habits
CL 36314 add/modify slides explaining types and type declarations
CL 45100 remove extraneous word from concurrency.article
CL 123380 clarify struct literal syntax
CL 160679 swap points in `range continued` section


CL 31728 clarifying method receiver preference


CL 182878 avoiding global variable


CL 38052 explain how to read a stacktrace
CL 123937 fixed UI degradation when filename was too long
CL 141197 adds additional info RE 'else' command
CL 141198 add context to the addition assignment operator
CL 141199 adds link to example solutions on welcome page
CL 141517 fixes typo in flowcontrol.article
CL 203357 fix swapped width and height in images exercise solution
CL 208677 add better explanation for `struct` literals


CL 185218 website godoc to golangorg help text fix
CL 213757 Remove underline when the user hovers on the navbar


CL 183879 add a section on JS/CSS formatting to README
CL 183880 run prettier on js and css


CL 209397 avoid sidebar overlap over code blocks


CL 203892 add transparency to gopher images


CL 208159 defer to fmt.Errorf for Go 1.13 and above


CL 93535 add extend template action

Pending Proposals

#33818 proposal: Go 2: Type parameterized interface default methods
#17048 Proposal: Basic C API for the runtime
#33205 Proposal: Go 2: Add Posit data type
#36284 Proposal: Go2: Drying up Error Handling in Go
#35093 Proposal: Go2: Functions which when called, can cause the current function to return
#32620 Proposal: Go2: add hygienic macros
#33080 Proposal: allow conversion between return types and structs
#30207 Proposal: cmd/go/internal/lockedfile: add Append function
#33229 Proposal: implementation strategy for ACME RFC8555 in x/crypto/acme
#36177 Proposal: make generic code clearer
#30439 all: remove nacl port
#16342 cmd/asm: a flag to dump Prog initialization as Go code
#20173 cmd/asm: change canonical spelling of CMOVLEQ to CMOVL.EQ etc
CL 171732 ⤷ permit new CMOVL syntax with suffix
#27881 cmd/go: "go doc . foo" not working on Windows?
CL 164759 ⤷ fix handling of path parameters on Windows
#34293 cmd/go: add go doc -json
#22964 cmd/go: add test -coverhtml
#25873 cmd/go: allow forcing tags on/off during go mod vendor, tidy
#26492 cmd/go: build: add -static flag
#26227 cmd/go: check for import path collision in go build
#14313 cmd/go: decide, document standard benchmark data format
#35192 cmd/go: default to -buildmode=pie on Windows
CL 203606 ⤷ enable ASLR by default on Windows
CL 214397 ⤷ implement -buildmode=pie on windows
#26232 cmd/go: define HTTP authentication extension mechanism
CL 172599 ⤷ add a Logf function and funnel stderr output through it
CL 172617 ⤷ set GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT on individual git commands instead of process-wide
#31866 cmd/go: do not download “modules” that contain no Go files
#4719 cmd/go: drop $GOPATH/pkg
#29288 cmd/go: extract TestScript functionality to internal/script
#29062 cmd/go: fail tests that invoke os.Exit(0) explicitly
#29814 cmd/go: use version control to discover the main module's version?
#14218 cmd/link: serialize Reloc.Variant field to Go object files
CL 27932 ⤷ add relocation variant to object file
#30951 cmd/vet: add math check for erroneous math expressions
CL 197937 ⤷ add math pass
#28308 cmd/vet: flag using %s:%d to construct network addresses
#20544 crypto/ecdsa: add SignASN1, VerifyASN1
#33564 crypto/ecdsa: make PublicKey implement encoding.TextMarshaler/TextUnmarshaler using PEM
#18482 crypto/tls: add Dialer with Dial, DialContext methods
CL 93255 ⤷ add DialContextWithDialer function
CL 214977 ⤷ add Dialer
#20420 crypto/tls: customisable max TLS record size
#22274 crypto/tls: implement OCSP Must-Staple
#25232 database/sql: add `lastUseTime` or similar to driverConn, add SetConnMaxIdleLefttime to DB
CL 145758 ⤷ add SetConnMaxIdleTime
#35804 database/sql: add error getter on sql.Row
CL 214317 ⤷ add error getter on sql.Row
#7898 database/sql: nested transaction or save point support
#15345 debug/pe: extend package so it can be used by cmd/link
#29266 doc: document that developers working in the go repo should run 'go test'
#34536 doc: document/reassert that last two releases are supported equally
#23172 doc: mention "purego" build tag convention somewhere
CL 103239 ⤷ document purego convention
#29069 encoding/asn1: timeParsing functions impose static formats
CL 152117 ⤷ allow the user to specify the time format used to unmarshal
#31626 encoding/base64: decoder output depends on chunking of underlying reader
#20169 encoding/csv: add a way to limit bytes read per field/record
#31701 encoding/json: second decode after error impossible
#13504 encoding/xml: add generic representation of XML data
CL 37945 ⤷ add DOM-like API
#28124 encoding/xml: update character ranges for names to fifth edition (2008) specification
#7124 go/ast: remove MergePackageFiles for Go2 (it's not used, and buggy)
#30979 image: add sample fuzz tests for prototype of "fuzzing as a first class citizen"
#33920 io/ioutil: reject path separators in TempDir, TempFile pattern
CL 212597 ⤷ reject path separators in TempDir, TempFile pattern
#29951 math/big: add Int.AddInt64, Int.CmpInt64
#35833 math/big: add Int.FillBytes
#28538 math: add MaxUint, MinInt, MaxInt
#30256 meta: request output of `go list -m all` in the issue template
#22537 net/http.Transport: add a ConnectionManager interface to separate the connection management from http.Transport
#23401 net/http/pprof: add seconds= to mutex/block profile handler
CL 94335 ⤷ reset block, mutex profile counters after rate change
CL 147598 ⤷ support the "seconds" param for mutex, block profiles
#20566 net/http: add context.Context to PushOptions
#29409 net/http: add digest access authentication to Transport
#24513 net/http: automatically add X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
#9424 net/http: document errors more (*Transport, Client's wrapper errors, etc), how to check canceled, ...
#34855 net/url: add URL.Redacted to return password-free string
CL 207082 ⤷ add URL.Redacted() to return password-free string
#30452 net: add (*Resolver).ResolveIPAddr
#29991 net: add FlagRunning as network interface flag
CL 162037 ⤷ add Sys field to Interface for system-dependent information
#29146 net: add IP.IsPrivate (RFC 1918 & RFC 4193)
CL 162998 ⤷ add IP.IsLocal
#23841 net: add support for Happy Eyeballs version 2 (RFC 8305)
#4842 net: add support for TCP Fast Open
#12503 net: allow custom Resolver method implementation(s)
#33097 net: make Resolver.PreferGo and GODEBUG=netdns=go use Go code on Windows
#35305 net: prefer /etc/hosts over DNS when no /etc/nsswitch.conf is present
#21083 net: resolver should call res_init when resolv.conf changes
#23019 os/exec: consider changing Wait to stop copying goroutines rather than waiting for them
#26049 os: API to detect that the read end of a pipe was closed
#32558 os: allow Chtimes with time.Time{} to avoid setting time
#16353 proposal: Add an x/media package
#36393 proposal: Add package.json like support on go.mod
#25582 proposal: Go 2 : add support for conditional statements
#29934 proposal: Go 2 error values
#33892 proposal: Go 2 review meeting minutes
#36457 proposal: Go 2: A compatible generics syntax
#21670 proposal: Go 2: Have functions auto-implement interfaces with only a single method of that same signature
#21498 proposal: Go 2: Lightweight anonymous function syntax
#27519 proposal: Go 2: The #id/catch error model, a rethink of check/handle
#33232 proposal: Go 2: add alias for interface {} as any
#21130 proposal: Go 2: add const literals for reference types like structs, maps, and arrays
#22729 proposal: Go 2: add kind-specific nil predeclared identifier constants
#30639 proposal: Go 2: add mechanism to remove API as a function of caller's go.mod "go 1.xx" version
#24204 proposal: Go 2: allow cap(make([]T, m, n)) > n
CL 111736 ⤷ optimize append([]T(nil), make([]T, n)...)
#27481 proposal: Go 2: allow interfaces to require comparable types
#30040 proposal: Go 2: ban calling append with a single argument
#26281 proposal: Go 2: bytes: remove NewBufferString
#30613 proposal: Go 2: checked integer types
#20883 proposal: Go 2: cmd/go: allow relative imports
#31111 proposal: Go 2: counter proposal to error values (v2)
#36669 proposal: Go 2: decorator support, like python decorator
#28987 proposal: Go 2: enums as an extension to types
#36338 proposal: Go 2: error handling with error receiver function
#36387 proposal: Go 2: exhaustive switching for enum type-safety
#28608 proposal: Go 2: express pointer/struct/slice/map/array types as possibly-const interface types
#33408 proposal: Go 2: extend contracts to include member variables
#34515 proposal: Go 2: extended type inference for make and new
#22188 proposal: Go 2: find a way to export uncased identifiers
#28150 proposal: Go 2: fmt: don't recover panics except for dereferencing nil fmt.Stringer receivers
#32863 proposal: Go 2: generic native types (GNTs)
#21070 proposal: Go 2: hash: make the Sum method less confusing
#27975 proposal: Go 2: immutable type qualifier
#24282 proposal: Go 2: improve for-loop ergonomics
#32590 proposal: Go 2: improvements to raw strings
#25860 proposal: Go 2: interface literals
#27531 proposal: Go 2: io: require io.Reader to return either n > 0 or an error
#28591 proposal: Go 2: language: make slices of constant strings constant if the indexes are constant
#30318 proposal: Go 2: let := support any l-value that = supports
#13182 proposal: Go 2: log: change Logger to be an interface
#29036 proposal: Go 2: make imported symbols predictable
#36626 proposal: Go 2: make no result values expected when self has no return value too
#29012 proposal: Go 2: make rune be a new type of concrete type int32, not an alias
#24205 proposal: Go 2: net: make Pipe asynchronous
#28366 proposal: Go 2: non-reference channel types
#36332 proposal: Go 2: obtain struct field name in type-safe way
#26070 proposal: Go 2: only give special properties to unsafe.Pointer if package imports unsafe
#27605 proposal: Go 2: operator functions
#26422 proposal: Go 2: os/exec: follow Context guidelines
#21953 proposal: Go 2: permit directional variants of named channel types
#26058 proposal: Go 2: permit goto over declaration if variable is not used after goto label
#29258 proposal: Go 2: prohibit in-package tests from extending a package's API
#22876 proposal: Go 2: read-only types
#21182 proposal: Go 2: reduce noise in return statements that contain mostly zero values
#27727 proposal: Go 2: reflect: remove Value.Bytes
#24654 proposal: Go 2: reflect: return opaque pointer instead of uintptr
#21291 proposal: Go 2: remove bare return
#29326 proposal: Go 2: remove dot imports from the language
#22013 proposal: Go 2: remove embedded struct
#25854 proposal: Go 2: remove io.Seeker, SeekStart, etc., change Seek method
#36508 proposal: Go 2: remove map from keywords
#33410 proposal: Go 2: replace contract kind lists with methods on built-in types
#28254 proposal: Go 2: spec: add `self` type for use within interfaces
#30209 proposal: Go 2: spec: add integer types with explicit overflow behavior, and remove unchecked operations on built-in integers
#26842 proposal: Go 2: spec: always permit comparisons against zero value of type
#27896 proposal: Go 2: spec: define identifiers to be NFKC-normalized
#23637 proposal: Go 2: spec: introduce structured tags
#28133 proposal: Go 2: spec: make fewer types nillable
#32450 proposal: Go 2: start using semantic versions for Go releases
#32245 proposal: Go 2: support read-only and practical immutable values in Go
#29501 proposal: Go 2: sync/atomic: type modifiers as an addition to types
#21165 proposal: Go 2: sync: remove the Cond type
CL 94138 ⤷ use a channel in Deque instead of a sync.Cond
#29003 proposal: Go 2: text/template: return errors from HTMLEscape and JSEscape
#35966 proposal: Go 2: universal zero value with type inference
#30582 proposal: Go 2: unsafe: add Unreachable
CL 165358 ⤷ add unsafe.Unreachable
#28342 proposal: Go 2: update context package for Go 2
#36702 proposal: Go needs a comparable collection type
#31442 proposal: Improve error handing using `guard` and `must` keywords
#36462 proposal: Revise the text/template, html/template execution
#20885 proposal: Securing Go vendor packaging
#16257 proposal: add SASL package to subrepos
#18098 proposal: add Validate functions to image/jpeg, image/png etc.
#22397 proposal: add a package to atomically create or replace a file
#16419 proposal: add a parseutils sub-package under x/net/html
#27935 proposal: add container/queue
#33791 proposal: add explicit decision doc for large changes
#14873 proposal: add new ioctls and refactor existing ioctls for solaris in x/sys/unix
CL 26650 ⤷ add IoctlGetUint, IoctlSetUint, IoctlGetString, IoctlSetString and modify IoctlGetInt
#23113 proposal: add package "internal/diff"
#30083 proposal: add x/tools/cmd/mapper
#19002 proposal: all: define deprecation policy for OS versions
#25348 proposal: allow && and || operators and parentheses in build tags
#35304 proposal: anonymous struct literals
#34974 proposal: archive/zip: add already compressed files
CL 202217 ⤷ support adding raw files
#18497 proposal: audio package
#19700 proposal: civil time package
CL 38571 ⤷ types for civil time
#26282 proposal: clone and splice, new channel primitives
#18597 proposal: cmd/compile: define register-based calling convention
CL 35054 ⤷ proposal for passing args and results in registers
#36606 proposal: cmd/compile: make 64-bit fields be 64-bit aligned on 32-bit systems, add //go:packed directive on structs
#34409 proposal: cmd/doc: add "// Unstable:" prefix convention
#35544 proposal: cmd/doc: module documentation
#32816 proposal: cmd/fix: automate migrations for simple deprecations
#29813 proposal: cmd/go: 'go mod tidy' should remove stale 'exclude' directives
#30516 proposal: cmd/go: 'go mod tidy' should remove stale 'replace' directives
#16383 proposal: cmd/go: Add a go new command to alleviate new user confusion
#36235 proposal: cmd/go: actually allow "go run" without any arguments nor flags
#20322 proposal: cmd/go: add *_unix.go recognition (and presumably unix build tag)
#35400 proposal: cmd/go: add .proxy endpoint to the module proxy spec
#29373 proposal: cmd/go: add GOARM=8 for further optimization on armv7/aarch32
#34527 proposal: cmd/go: add GOMODCACHE
#23806 proposal: cmd/go: add transitive Deps for TestImports and XTestImports
#32721 proposal: cmd/go: allow 'go get -u' to upgrade the targets of replacements
#32939 proposal: cmd/go: coverpkg should default to the package list
#30119 proposal: cmd/go: enable mutual TLS authentication with client certificates in the go tool
#19234 proposal: cmd/go: force vendor directory only
#36134 proposal: cmd/go: invalidate cache entries for test runs using different timeouts
#19109 proposal: cmd/go: make fuzzing a first class citizen, like tests or benchmarks
#36465 proposal: cmd/go: make go.mod exclude directives deterministic
#36264 proposal: cmd/go: omit non-executable "func _()" functions from coverage profiles
#33518 proposal: cmd/go: provide a portable and simple way to run SDK-like Go tools
#30241 proposal: cmd/go: standard-library vendoring in module mode
#28835 proposal: cmd/go: subcommands to add and remove modules from the module cache
#20177 proposal: cmd/go: support build customization with a build.go file
#15513 proposal: cmd/go: support compiling all tests without running
#35950 proposal: cmd/go: support embedding static assets (files) in binaries
#30369 proposal: cmd/go: use the `go` version declared in the `go.mod` file to determine module boundaries and checksums
#35667 proposal: cmd/link: Include build meta information
#26074 proposal: cmd/link: by default, do not write out DWARF
#20792 proposal: cmd/trace: add 'greedy goroutine diagnosis' option
#30895 proposal: cmd/trace: generate trace graph for custom region selection
#20148 proposal: cmd/vet: add check for common error mishandling pattern
#34544 proposal: cmd/vet: detect defer rows.Close()
#20115 proposal: cmd/vet: detect homograph attacks
#36681 proposal: cmd/vet: flag accidental integer division inside float casts
#19727 proposal: cmd/vet: missing error assignment check
#34868 proposal: compile-time boolean assertions
#30140 proposal: concrete interfaces for crypto.PublicKey and crypto.PrivateKey
#36503 proposal: context: Add Merge
#36448 proposal: context: enable first class citizenship of third party implementations (case when custom context needs to create is own done channel)
#33281 proposal: crypto engines
#34594 proposal: crypto/cipher: Specify nonce and tag sizes for GCM
#24171 proposal: crypto/cipher: allow short tags in NewGCMWithNonceAndTagSize
#24990 proposal: crypto/cipher: detached mode AEAD Seal/Open
#24160 proposal: crypto/rand: guard against mutation of Reader variable
#35499 proposal: crypto/tls expose names for CurveID and SignatureScheme
CL 208226 ⤷ add {SignatureScheme,CurveID,ClientAuthType}.String()
#31773 proposal: crypto/tls: Authority Information Access support
#36337 proposal: crypto/tls: Export list of Supported TLS Client Extensions
#19199 proposal: crypto/tls: SessionTicketWrapper and Forward Secrecy by default
#31848 proposal: crypto/tls: add DialWithConn(conn net.Conn, timeout time.Duration, addr string, config *Config) (*Conn, error)
#22836 proposal: crypto/tls: add GetConfigForServer callback to *tls.Config
#36135 proposal: crypto/tls: add function to dynamically load more than one certificate for a multi-domain server
#32406 proposal: crypto/tls: add request context to ClientHelloInfo and CertificateRequestInfo
CL 181097 ⤷ add context to tls structs
#27484 proposal: crypto/tls: add support for AES-CCM
#35311 proposal: crypto/tls: add support for delegated credentials
#35758 proposal: crypto/tls: add support for exported authenticators
#31520 proposal: crypto/tls: allow registration of additional key exchanges
#25228 proposal: crypto/tls: implement Session IDs resumption
#24673 proposal: crypto/tls: provide a way to access local certificate used to set up a connection
#31933 proposal: crypto/tls: support DHE
#21789 proposal: crypto/x509: Provide a mechanism for accessing SRVNames
#32874 proposal: crypto/x509: ability to add custom curve when parsing X509 certificate
#26950 proposal: crypto/x509: add functions to download certificates from windows update, and retrieve certificates from windows x509stores
#23282 proposal: crypto/x509: add support to get SSL context from certificate store on windows
#33317 proposal: crypto/x509: expose hash algorithm for SignatureAlgorithm
CL 187778 ⤷ add SignatureAlgorithm.Hash()
#33888 proposal: crypto/x509: implement TextMarshaler for *Certificate
#21704 proposal: crypto: add Equal(PublicKey) bool method to PublicKey implementations
#28427 proposal: crypto: add SignContext
#33430 proposal: crypto: implement Hash.String
#30158 proposal: crypto: update dev.boringcrypto branches as per security policies
#30870 proposal: database/sql: define a Decimal decompose interface for decimal packages
#22544 proposal: database/sql: value converter interface for rows.Scan
#17244 proposal: decide policy for sub-repositories
#26746 proposal: doc/install: define minimum supported VCS versions
#34600 proposal: document api compatibility
#28873 proposal: encoding/asn1: add "enum" keyword for TagEnum
#28872 proposal: encoding/asn1: expose parseTagAndLength
#18585 proposal: encoding/binary: Read (or a new call) should return number of bytes read
#36353 proposal: encoding/gob: allow override type marshaling
#11939 proposal: encoding/json, encoding/xml: support zero values of structs with omitempty
CL 102158 ⤷ encoding/xml: interface to omit marshalling empty structs
#33714 proposal: encoding/json: Opt-in for true streaming support
#27366 proposal: encoding/json: Support for nested values in JSON tags
#6213 proposal: encoding/json: add "inline" struct tag
#28143 proposal: encoding/json: add "readonly" tag
#22752 proposal: encoding/json: add access to the underlying data causing UnmarshalTypeError
#29035 proposal: encoding/json: add error var to compare the returned error when using json.Decoder.DisallowUnknownFields()
CL 152297 ⤷ created json.UnknownFieldsError
#19858 proposal: encoding/json: add mechanism to mark fields as required
#22480 proposal: encoding/json: add omitnil option
#5901 proposal: encoding/json: allow per-Encoder/per-Decoder registration of marshal/unmarshal functions
CL 31091 ⤷ allow overriding type marshaling
CL 212998 ⤷ implement type override for serialization
#32779 proposal: encoding/json: memoize strings during decode?
CL 188500 ⤷ This CL adds Decoder.InternKeys
#22533 proposal: encoding/json: preserve unknown fields
#27589 proposal: encoding/json: struct tag to marshal nil slices and maps as non-null
CL 205897 ⤷ Add `nilasempty` option
#21990 proposal: encoding/json: support struct tag for time.Format in JSON Marshaller/Unmarshaller
#26756 proposal: encoding/xml: add RawXML token
CL 127435 ⤷ add RawXML token type and tests
#26512 proposal: encoding/xml: support *string for innerxml in Unmarshal
#24630 proposal: encoding: BinaryMarshaler should be an append API
#10275 proposal: encoding: make stdlib types implement TextMarshaler/BinaryMarshaler consistently
#28438 proposal: enum type (revisited)
#33162 proposal: errors: configurable Handle(error) function
#7047 proposal: fmt: State Flag(int) should be Flag(rune)
#27804 proposal: go 2: reduce unspecified behaviors of expression evaluation orders in multi-value assignments
#33604 proposal: go 2: (Lightweight) generics in Go using type lists
#33627 proposal: go 2: a simpler approach to generics with "concrete" interfaces
#7873 proposal: go/doc: Support for bulleted lists
#33522 proposal: gopherbot: add proposal process status box to each proposal issue
#18983 proposal: how to specify mechanical code updates after API changes?
#33670 proposal: identify large changes & add more process
#33457 proposal: image: add generic metadata support for jpeg, gif, png
#27830 proposal: image: decoding options
#19725 proposal: introduce new html meta tag for issue trackers
#34624 proposal: io, net: implement WriterTo for pipes
CL 177977 ⤷ implement WriterTo for pipes
#19660 proposal: io/ioutil: rename to io/fileio or similar
#20280 proposal: io: add Context parameter to Reader, etc.
#25408 proposal: io: add OnceCloser helper
#33135 proposal: issues: distinguish "blocks beta/rc" from "blocks final release"
#21069 proposal: language: Go 2: panic on send/receive on nil channel
#36533 proposal: make generic parentheses declaration order consistent with array bracket declaration order
#33974 proposal: make the internal lockedfile package public
CL 201277 ⤷ add proposal doc for 33974
#20654 proposal: math/big: support for constant-time arithmetic
#24121 proposal: math/rand: Expose constructor for `lockedSource`
#23804 proposal: math/rand: add function for random bool
CL 93517 ⤷ add function for bool in math/rand
#20661 proposal: math/rand: disambiguate Read from crypto/rand.Read
#26263 proposal: math/rand: rework for Go 2
#28590 proposal: module repository health check tool
#34038 proposal: move mature wiki content behind Gerrit
#36402 proposal: net, os: API to interrupt Read/Write() for polled objects
#7907 proposal: net/http/httputil: remove ClientConn, ServerConn
#20758 proposal: net/http/httputil: split into focused subpackages (Go 2)
#22841 proposal: net/http: add Client.Put, Client.Patch
#29894 proposal: net/http: add MethodSearch constant for HTTP SEARCH method
#36538 proposal: net/http: add accessor for number of listeners and connections
#35562 proposal: net/http: add new Context taking/suffixed helper functions for {Get, Head, Post, PostForm}
#5465 proposal: net/http: thoughts for Go 2.0
#32456 proposal: net/url: add FromFilePath and ToFilePath
#9654 proposal: net: Addr, LocalAddr, RemoteAddr must return established endpoint addresses
#18757 proposal: net: ParseIP should return an error, like other Parse functions
#34502 proposal: net: add BufferedPipe (buffered Pipe)
#29678 proposal: net: add MarshalText/UnmarshalText to HardwareAddr
CL 196817 ⤷ add text marshalling and unmarshalling for HardwareAddr
#6892 proposal: net: add SetDeadline to Listener interface
#22826 proposal: net: add support for "let localhost be localhost"
#31671 proposal: net: export isDomainName
#7037 proposal: net: receiving IPv4 header on raw IPv4 socket
#18804 proposal: net: reconsider representation of IP
#9360 proposal: net: should provide an interface for dialing
#36303 proposal: new builtin to pick from one of two values
#6495 proposal: os: Chown expects int, but os/user uses strings
#14106 proposal: os: File should be an interface
#13473 proposal: os: Stdin, Stdout and Stderr should be interfaces
#30614 proposal: os: add PathSeparatorString and PathListSeparatorString
#1187 proposal: os: fix inconsistent casing in names
#34586 proposal: overload allocator within specified namespaces
#36189 proposal: panic based error handling
#21473 proposal: permit iota, omission of init expressions in var declarations
#25448 proposal: promote panic(nil) to non-nil panic value
CL 134395 ⤷ rethink concurrency patterns
#18871 proposal: reflect: make Value uncomparable
#33136 proposal: reflect: optimize v.Set(reflect.Zero(v.Type())) to not allocate
CL 191199 ⤷ treat nil Value ptr as zero value of type
CL 192331 ⤷ use zero buffer to back the Value returned by Zero
#18786 proposal: reflect: rename StructField.Anonymous to Embedded
#32420 proposal: regexp: add (*Regexp).SubexpIndex
CL 187919 ⤷ add (*Regexp).SubexpIndex
#33502 proposal: review meeting minutes
#36477 proposal: runtime/debug: add const Race
#33701 proposal: runtime/pprof: add new WithLabels* function that requires fewer allocations
CL 188499 ⤷ add new LabelSet construction helper to reduce allocations
#29104 proposal: runtime/trace: improve Go diagnostics / tracing
#19057 proposal: runtime: add AlignedN types that can be used to increase alignment
#15490 proposal: runtime: add SchedStats API
CL 38180 ⤷ add SchedStats API
#23044 proposal: runtime: add a mechanism for specifying a minimum target heap size
#29696 proposal: runtime: add way for applications to respond to GC backpressure
#28623 proposal: runtime: provide access to info about recent GC cycles
#14443 proposal: runtime: rationalize runtime.Errors
#33528 proposal: separate proposal review from contended decision-making
#29982 proposal: sizeof: new package with constants for Int, Uint, Uintptr, Int8, Float64, etc
#25137 proposal: sort: Stable with better asymptotic time complexity
#4096 proposal: spec: accept slices and single elements in one append?
#9097 proposal: spec: add &T(v) to allocate variable of type T, set to v, and return address
#19991 proposal: spec: add built-in result type (like Rust, OCaml)
#19787 proposal: spec: add decimal float types (IEEE 754-2008)
#20443 proposal: spec: add read-only slices and maps as function arguments
#19412 proposal: spec: add sum types / discriminated unions
#9455 proposal: spec: add support for int128 and uint128
#19814 proposal: spec: add typed enum support
#15209 proposal: spec: allow assignment-compatible values in append and copy
#20706 proposal: spec: allow combining characters in identifiers
#6386 proposal: spec: allow constants of arbitrary data structure type
#18605 proposal: spec: allow x, y..., z in list for variadic function argument
#6923 proposal: spec: asymmetry between const and var conversions
#4336 proposal: spec: boolean shortcut should allow mismatched types
#5376 proposal: spec: byte view: type that can represent a []byte or string
#3117 proposal: spec: cannot assign to a field of a map element directly: m["foo"].f = x
CL 141647 ⤷ assign to a field of map element
#19623 proposal: spec: change int to be arbitrary precision
#20802 proposal: spec: consider more strict "declared and not used" check (go/vet or even spec)
CL 47670 ⤷ weakvar: check for weakly used variables (possible unintended shadowing)
#395 proposal: spec: derive array pointer from slice
#4483 proposal: spec: detect impossible interface-interface type assertions
#9859 proposal: spec: direct reference to embedded fields in struct literals
#20209 proposal: spec: disallow LTR/RTL characters in string literals?
#20660 proposal: spec: disallow NaN keys in maps
#20171 proposal: spec: disallow T<->uintptr conversion for type T unsafe.Pointer
#20616 proposal: spec: disallow assigning >32bit untyped constant to variable of type int
#20210 proposal: spec: disallow unicode import paths to avoid punycode attacks
#7485 proposal: spec: disallow unused assignment to return variable
#449 proposal: spec: do not treat struct field assignment as use of struct
#7429 proposal: spec: file and package scope interact in odd ways
#15292 proposal: spec: generic programming facilities
#20598 proposal: spec: init-only package level variables
#21496 proposal: spec: permit eliding the type of struct fields in nested composite literals
#10006 proposal: spec: reconsider rule disallowing div-0 by constants
#20733 proposal: spec: redefine range loop variables in each iteration
#19778 proposal: spec: relax structural matching for conversions
#3939 proposal: spec: remove string(int)
CL 212919 ⤷ add pass to check string(int) conversions
#8082 proposal: spec: represent interfaces by their definition and not by package and name
#20803 proposal: spec: require call results to be explicitly used or ignored (Go 2)
#2794 proposal: spec: require tagged literals for external structs
#12854 proposal: spec: type inferred composite literals
#18617 proposal: spec: use zero receiver for value method embedded via nil pointer
#18775 proposal: spec: use zero receiver for value method invoked via nil pointer
#377 proposal: spec: various changes to :=
#34174 proposal: string interpolation
#36141 proposal: support "real time" timer semantics
#16620 proposal: sync: mechanism to select on condition variables
#9201 proposal: sync: prohibit unlocking mutex in a different goroutine
#18802 proposal: sync: support for sharded values
#5616 proposal: syscall: reconsider entire package
#33194 proposal: testing (*B).Lap(string name, b *testing.B) for sub-benchmarks of a single process
#35998 proposal: testing: add TB.TempDir() string
#25951 proposal: testing: add a flag to detect unnecessary skips
#21111 proposal: testing: allow examples to return an error
#33688 proposal: testing: define naming convention for test functions
#34306 proposal: testing: flag show skipped
#36532 proposal: testing: reconsider adding Context method to testing.T
#31107 proposal: text/template,html/template: add ExecuteContext methods
#34652 proposal: text/template/parse: add CommentNode to the parse tree
#25357 proposal: text/template: Move text/template/parse into an internal package
#33273 proposal: text/template: allow template and block outputs to be chained
#36472 proposal: time: Add RFC3339Milli and/or RFC3339Micro convenience constants to standard library
#35480 proposal: time: allow a user callback for dropped ticks
#20757 proposal: time: make Duration safer to use (Go 2)
#36145 proposal: time: support Colon for fractional seconds
#25572 proposal: time: use big-endian/ISO reference time
#25736 proposal: tools for more readable stacktraces
#30615 proposal: unicode/utf8: add String
#19367 proposal: unsafe: add Slice and String types, conversions to replace reflect.{Slice,String}Header
CL 202080 ⤷ implement unsafe.Slice and unsafe.String
CL 202082 ⤷ make use of unsafe.Slice
#34684 proposal: unsafe: clarify unsafe.Pointer rules for package syscall
CL 200137 ⤷ warn about indirect calls with unsafe.Pointer->uintptr conversions
CL 205244 ⤷ [release-branch.go1.13] fix //go:uintptrescapes for basic method calls
#33524 proposal: update proposal/ to stand alone
#21835 proposal: use PCG Source in math/rand for Go 2
#29289 proposal: wiki: CodeReviewComments change: Discourage duplicate imports with different names
#21324 proposal: x/all: start tagging versions
#36634 proposal: x/crypto/argon2: add API variants to support a buffer pool
#32447 proposal: x/crypto/blake2[b|s]: Implement personalisation and salting
#32417 proposal: x/crypto/blake2s: add New(size, key)
#29301 proposal: x/crypto/openpgp: add support for more features
CL 161817 ⤷ add RevokeKey, RevokeSubkey and AddSubkey methods to Entity
#36646 proposal: x/crypto/poly1305: deprecate public package
#16971 proposal: x/crypto/scrypt: make API match x/crypto/bcrypt
#24988 proposal: x/crypto/sha3: add KMAC
CL 108715 ⤷ add NewKMAC128 and NewKMAC256
#28148 proposal: x/crypto/sha3: add SHA3 assembly implementation for ARMv7
CL 119255 ⤷ implement assembly implementation on ARM
#32958 proposal: x/crypto/ssh: export a transport interface
CL 193117 ⤷ export a transport interface
#26840 proposal: x/crypto/ssh: new callbacks to Config and error type
#14274 proposal: x/crypto: add crypt(3) password hash algorithms
#27599 proposal: x/crypto: add support for AES Key Wrap
#25988 proposal: x/exp/rand: add NewLockedSource
#16904 proposal: x/image packages to render TrueType fonts
#31761 proposal: x/mod: new repo for module mechanics
CL 176540 ⤷ basic proxy server protocol
CL 176541 ⤷ simple Go module proxy implementation
#36350 proposal: x/net/html: add RawNode
#30984 proposal: x/net/nettest: add MakeLocalPipe to construct local listener and connections
#22191 proposal: x/net/sctp: new package
#34510 proposal: x/sync: pass errgroup.WithContext's derived context directly
#34989 proposal: x/text: provide an option for compact number formatting
#27700 proposal: x/tools/cmd/getgo: document and possibly ship in distributions
#35947 proposal: x/tools/cmd/godoc: GORDO enriched Go documentation format.
#17056 proposal: x/tools/cmd/godoc: hide deprecated things by default
#18441 proposal: x/tools/cmd/goimports: support searching for Go packages within a Bazel WORKSPACE
#30343 proposal: x/tools/cmd/present: add support for quote
#34508 proposal: x/tools/go/analysis: add tags or codes to diagnostics
#35921 proposal: x/tools/go/packages: add modinfo.ModulePublic to packages.Package
#33595 proposal: x/tools/gopls: support for per-.go file builds
#33466 proposal: x/tools: tool to audit diffs in dependencies
#34601 proposal: x/website: add dark (night) theme
#30609 runtime/pprof: add ReadMaps preloading API
#16364 runtime: Add loosely ordered channels?
#24543 runtime: non-cooperative goroutine preemption
CL 190415 ⤷ enable loop preemption for problematic loops
CL 190577 ⤷ add intrinsic sync.checkPreempt
CL 207961 ⤷ support non-cooperative preemption on windows/arm
CL 208218 ⤷ stress testing for non-cooperative preemption
#19744 runtime: redirect println(runtime.writeErr) to NSLog(asl_log) on iOS
#33762 sync: add new Map method LoadAndDelete
CL 205899 ⤷ add new Map method LoadAndDelete
#34129 testing: TestMain should not require os.Exit
#28135 testing: add (*T).Deadline
CL 202758 ⤷ provide (*T).Deadline to report when the test will have exceeded its timout
#19128 testing: add -benchsplit to get more data points
CL 47411 ⤷ add support for benchsplit flag
#28592 testing: add -shuffle and -shuffleseed to shuffle tests
#21295 testing: collect performance counters for benchmarks
#35567 testing: move Internal types to internal package
#34626 testing: print more precision in benchmark timings
CL 210979 ⤷ print extra precision in the benchmark output
#31103 text/template: make and/or operators short-circuit evaluation
#33184 time: add Ticker.Reset
#11695 website: add bug filing wizard
#30246 wiki: CodeReviewComments should more thoroughly describe test helper functions
#25450 x/build/cmd/gitmirror: lock commit conversations
#22154 x/build/devapp: flag new contributors in CL list
#15268 x/build: set GOTRACEBACK=2 on all builders?
#14305 x/build: use `go tool dist test -k` on fast builders?
#29540 x/crypto/acme/autocert: Enable custom port / IP binding
#25309 x/crypto/cryptotest: new package
CL 112315 ⤷ new package
#26397 x/dl: add versioned gofmts
#29720 x/mobile/gl: ctx.BufferData and ctx.BufferSubData with unsafe.Pointer
#30454 x/net/dns/dnsserver: new package
CL 51631 ⤷ new package
CL 107306 ⤷ new package
CL 197897 ⤷ new package
#29039 x/net/dns: add LookupCNAME
#22585 x/net/html: add Escape/Unescape transformers
#34302 x/net/html: add offset & line tracking, case preservation
#25194 x/net/http/httpguts: add ParseCookie and ParseSetCookie
#19307 x/net/http: support content negotiation
#25342 x/net/ipv4: add IPv4 header checksum computation for ipv4.Header type
#20637 x/net/netlink, vendor/ new package
#31036 x/net/nettest: add TestListener API
#31033 x/net/nettest: extend TestConn with optional interface checks
#33629 x/playground: allow selecting supported versions of Go
#29721 x/sync/semaphore: make semaphore resizable
#24918 x/sys/linux/perf: add package for Linux perf tracing
CL 168059 ⤷ new package
#16420 x/term: Please remove the empty x/term repo
#27714 x/tools/cmd/godoc: add "jump to identifier" dialog via F keyboard shortcut, like on
#27721 x/tools/cmd/godoc: add "jump to identifier" dialog via search box within sticky top-bar
#25444 x/tools/cmd/godoc: add support for hotlinks
#25449 x/tools/cmd/godoc: create table of contents from headings in package overview
CL 69030 ⤷ add table of contents for Overview section
#20131 x/tools/cmd/godoc: list types that satisfy an interface within its package
CL 67192 ⤷ List types that satisfy an interface within package
#20818 x/tools/cmd/goimports: support repairing import grouping/ordering
#27308 x/tools/cmd/guru: add type position to 'describe' output
#28089 x/tools/go/generated: parser for format
#20946 x/tools/present: add footer template
CL 107515 ⤷ add footer template
#21719 x/tools: agree to use a specific JS formatter
CL 183877 ⤷ add a section on JS/CSS formatting to README
CL 183878 ⤷ run prettier on js and css
CL 183879 ⤷ add a section on JS/CSS formatting to README
CL 183880 ⤷ run prettier on js and css
#21463 Proposal: regexp: Optimize fixed-length patterns
#16474 proposal: io: CopyBuffer should avoid ReadFrom/WriteTo
#11646 regexp: port RE2's DFA matcher to the regexp package
#20005 runtime: add per-G shadows of writeBarrier.enabled

Closed Last Week

#29781 cmd/cgo: cgo struct parsing regression
#36566 cmd/go: -trimpath with -mod=vendor doesn't trim path
#35164 410 gone during go.mod import
#29864 Allow type conversion of slices of same underlying types
#29710 Appending slices unreliable behaviour.
#36627 Boolean literal are allowed to be used as variable names
#36645 Custom type braces in if statement
#36565 EOF error ocurring randomly
#36594 Environment configuration error
#36618 Fix mips64le missing syscall InotifyInit
#36670 Internal error in syntax error in example with floating point value
#36631 PATENTS: there may be a typo
#36676 Proposal: 3-space code indentation
#22267 Proposal: crypto/tls: Support RFC 6961 Multiple Certificate Status Request Extension
#36582 Recommended way to insert nilables in hashmaps?
#29833 Should not appear slice bounds out of range
#29767 Slice unpacking to variadic function not honored
#36616 Type switch doesn't support multiple-cases?
#36578 ^0 is interpreted as -1
#29756 changes made with can't be found in the src of Go 1.11.4 nor 1.12beta2
#29653 cmd/cgo: crash when function received string with chinese characters
#29748 cmd/cgo: syntax error: unexpected semicolon, expecting expression
#29805 cmd/compile: access slice is slow
#36551 cmd/compile: arm64 build constraint not supported in bootstrapping ?
#36516 cmd/compile: extra allocations in race mode
#6623 cmd/cover: (html output) UI accessibility issues
#36701 cmd/dist: error when GOROOT is inside a module
#29757 cmd/go clean -testcache does not clean test cache
#35097 cmd/go: "go test -notrealflag ./..." fails silently if the current directory has no tests
#27612 cmd/go: 'go build' on a module absolute path while cwd is in GOPATH builds in GOPATH mode
#28122 cmd/go: 'go install' reports GOBIN not set when installing .go source file
#28809 cmd/go: Allow go list command to accept file contents from STDIN
#28047 cmd/go: Cannot find module providing package of custom libraries
#26870 cmd/go: Converting projects to semver?
#22147 cmd/go: Make it easier to embed compiled git SHA into binary
#29263 cmd/go: TestNewReleaseRebuildsStalePackagesInGOPATH modifies code in GOROOT
#29033 cmd/go: TestScript timing out on Plan 9
#36074 cmd/go: TestTestRegexps is flaky
#31624 cmd/go: add 'go version <binary>'
#32433 cmd/go: add GOPROXY support for blob storage
#29096 cmd/go: add a way to support GOFLAGS=-ldflags='-w -s'
#22526 cmd/go: add option to output timestamps along with command tracing
#26664 cmd/go: allow <meta> tags to override version tag prefixes for submodules
#29850 cmd/go: bazel wrapper disables build cache but not module mode
#26208 cmd/go: case-insensitive import collision with vgo build ./...
#5041 cmd/go: compile .c files with swig too
#27917 cmd/go: confusing error message 'post-v1 module path ".../v1"'
#27506 cmd/go: cross-compiling for macOS causes net.a to be compiled from sources
#36510 cmd/go: difficult to diagnose when build constraints are not followed by a blank line
#27748 cmd/go: document the relationship between modules, repositories, and branches
#35338 cmd/go: env -w with bad GOPATH makes go env unusable
#26404 cmd/go: export module information for binaries programmatically
#28396 cmd/go: for v0 dependencies, consider changing 'go get -u[=patch]' behavior, or otherwise improve related behavior
#22990 cmd/go: gather cache age and reuse distribution statistics
#25175 cmd/go: go build -msan passes invalid option to GCC
#26983 cmd/go: go build ignores installed packages in GOPATH
#19766 cmd/go: go get doesn't work with private gitbucket repo
#18423 cmd/go: go get takes very long time on projects with a lot of history
#26755 cmd/go: go list -compiled -e fails completely if any package does not compile
#27479 cmd/go: go list without flags calculates deps/imports
#36205 cmd/go: go mod: replace doesn't effect in require packages
#16701 cmd/go: go test -i -compiler=gccgo does not work if gc standard packages are not installed
#36527 cmd/go: go test quietly skips test if custom flag is defined
#36541 cmd/go: go test using -coverpkg can change the test result
#27468 cmd/go: go1.11 failed to derive $GOPATH in container environment
#28825 cmd/go: improved failing messages needed for git version 1.7.1 on CentOS6
#36599 cmd/go: in mod 'go get' some module's version taged not from master branch failed
#36624 cmd/go: invalid version: unknown revision when GOPROXY/GOSUMDB disabled
#36667 cmd/go: line added to go.sum with no change in requirements
#34842 cmd/go: list command modifies the go.mod file
#25998 cmd/go: make 'cmd/internal/load' public
#8768 cmd/go: make path pattern matching functions available to go programmers
#29628 cmd/go: missing result of ReadBuildInfo in init function
#33543 cmd/go: mod init hangs while importing Gopkg.lock
#29099 cmd/go: module cache can cache inappropriate commits
#29836 cmd/go: new go tool "api" not documented in 1.12 release notes
#17707 cmd/go: output from failed "go get -u -v" is difficult to understand
#6174 cmd/go: provide support for VCS branches in go get / import
#28083 cmd/go: reference to v2 module incorrectly using subdirectory of module
#29345 cmd/go: retry some fetch failures
#27056 cmd/go: setting up a multi-module single repo is difficult
#29725 cmd/go: skip finding external test dependencies for go build
#20508 cmd/go: static linking fails on OpenBSD 6.2
#24774 cmd/go: test timeout on netbsd/arm
#29065 cmd/go: tests timing out on aix builder
#29822 cmd/go: timing out on plan9/386 builder
#36620 cmd/go: why is the BurntSushi module stored as !burnt!sushi?
#36643 cmd/link: duplicate symbol runtime.exit
#36570 cmd/objdump: panic: runtime error: index out of range [1048574] when disassembling empty infinite loop
#36600 container: should we add more common data structures?
#29787 crypto/aes: documentation missing
#29783 defer rowss.Close() bug while cross compiling from windows to linux
#29803 detect integer overflows
#25433 docs: document standard way to recognize machine generated files
#29806 encoding/gob.(*Decoder).Decode: heap grows , out of memory
#29766 encoding/gob: Decoder cannot be reused if a composite types are involved
#29760 encoding/json: No way to unmarshal empty string field into struct
#36617 fix mips64le missing inotifyinit
#36614 fix mips64le missing inotifyinit
#36615 fix mips64le missing inotifyinit
#15024 flag: PrintDefaults claims configurability, but doesn't say how
#21095 fmt: maps should format in sorted order
#29849 fmt: skip checking the number of args in format for go build and different from go test
#29828 get poll.ErrFileClosing on syscall.RawConn
#29670 go 1.11.4 does not seem to look into the vendor directory
#29300 go module
#32260 go/build: sourcehut requires characters considered unsafe for cgo names
#34700 go/src/time: allow day and month names to be configurable by the user (i18n purposes)
#29848 go: prints module lookup information into error stream
#35321 go: unknown environment setting GO111MODULE=ON in windows 10
#29863 gofmt and goimports conflict to each other on the code style formatting
#32103 import "path/filepath" is a program, not an importable package
#36686 json.Unmarshal fails to process UTF-16 encoded JSON
#36694 libgo: build failure on ppc64le since Go 1.14beta1 update: implicit declaration of function ‘runtime_nanotime
#29830 main.FATAL Unable to mount file system, see syslog for details
#33792 math/big: Rat.Denom has side effects
#34919 math/big: Rat.Float64 not safe for concurrent use
#29792 net/http/httputil: DumpRequest not showing the body
#21096 net/http/httputil: ReverseProxy doesn't proxy grpc without help due to 'te' header handling
#36672 net/http/httputil: add docs about X-Forwarded-For in ReverseProxy
#34941 net/http: HTTP/2 with MaxConnsPerHost hangs or crashes
#29768 net/http: panic: runtime error: comparing uncomparable type when the underlying type has a map
#29876 net: Read or Write on expired AND closed connection do not return a timeout error
#33007 net: document that OpError.Err field must be non-nil
#26245 os/signal: SIGINT cannot be catched with cgo system("ls") call
#29825 playground: vet and compile disagree on size of int
#29472 proposal: Go 2: Add checked/unchecked arithmetic keywords
#29467 proposal: Go 2: Add new type designed to aggregate small interfaces
#29650 proposal: Go 2: bit and byte allocation in structures
#36390 proposal: Go 2: improve error handling syntax
#29438 proposal: Go 2: improve the initialization of embedded anonymous struct
#29459 proposal: Go 2: remove redundant struct specifier on methods declarations
#36407 proposal: Go 2: run `for` loop in a goroutine with `go` keyword
#36497 proposal: Go 2: type and expression super parameters
#29871 proposal: Go2: provide while as alias for for
#29192 proposal: Go2: read-only and immutability
#34375 proposal: bytes: Introduce a FindFirstMultiByteChar API
#35008 proposal: cmd/go: add GOMIPS64=r2 for mips64r2 code generation
#36266 proposal: cmd/go: bundle GOROOT in cmd/go tool
#34798 proposal: cmd/vet: magic comment to check that variable is stack allocated
#26378 proposal: compress/gzip, archive/tar: randomize output some of the time
#23514 proposal: crypto/cipher: ability to use AEAD mode as block mode
#29847 proposal: database/sql: allow driver-specific transaction options
#35697 proposal: database/sql: expose convertAssign functionality in an Any type
#29010 proposal: encoding/binary: add WriteVarint WriteUVarint methods
#29694 proposal: go/token: API That Checks Token for Predeclared Identifiers