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Tue Feb 7 15:25:42 UTC 2023



#58117 time: update zoneinfo_abbrs on Windows [1.18 backport]



#58223 cmd/link: .go.buildinfo is gc'ed by --gc-sections [1.19 backport]
CL 464795 ⤷ [release-branch.go1.19] keep go.buildinfo even with --gc-sections


#57275 security: fix CVE-2022-41722 [1.19 backport]
#58355 security: fix CVE-2022-41723 [1.19 backport]
#58358 security: fix CVE-2022-41724 [1.19 backport]
#58362 security: fix CVE-2022-41725 [1.19 backport]


#58118 time: update zoneinfo_abbrs on Windows [1.19 backport]



#58319 cmd/compile: constant overflows when assigned to package level var (Go 1.20 regression) [1.20 backport]
#58335 cmd/compile: internal compiler error: panic: interface conversion: ir.Node is *ir.CompLitExpr, not *ir.Name [1.20 backport]


#58309 cmd/compile/internal/pgo: Detect sample value position instead of hard-coding [1.20 backport]


#58224 cmd/link: .go.buildinfo is gc'ed by --gc-sections [1.20 backport]


#57276 security: fix CVE-2022-41722 [1.20 backport]
#58356 security: fix CVE-2022-41723 [1.20 backport]
#58359 security: fix CVE-2022-41724 [1.20 backport]
#58363 security: fix CVE-2022-41725 [1.20 backport]



#48522 Generics: cannot use common struct fields of a type set.


#11811 all: repos need to stay green
#36905 all: update standard-library dependencies at the start and end of each development cycle
#55081 all: resource leaks due to missing .Close() calls in various conditions
CL 430997 ⤷ fix resource leaks


#47653 archive, image, debug, encoding, x/net/html: DO NOT PANIC
CL 353850 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC
CL 353851 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC
CL 353852 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC, unless it's the application's fault


#55356 archive/tar, archive/zip: add ErrInsecurePath


#55356 archive/tar, archive/zip: add ErrInsecurePath


#52188 build: announce end of support for old Windows releases
#23011 build: announce end of support for old macOS releases


#56773 cmd/api: api checker should check types for change in comparability


#57352 cmd/compile: "missing method" diagnostic can be confusing when methods aren't promoted due to ambiguity
#53389 cmd/compile: "type does not match inferred type" even though it compiles when the inferred type is explicitly provided as type argument
#56997 cmd/compile: For some sizes, zeroing memory through OpZero could be faster (AMD64)
#54625 cmd/compile: OpInlMark can get removed by SSA dead code elimination, resulting in invalid inlining trees
CL 425415 ⤷ report corrupt inline tree entries
#58153 cmd/compile: PGO compiler diagnostics
#58298 cmd/compile: PGO makes my program slower
#58101 cmd/compile: add test for PGO profiles merged from profiles with different source versions
#50815 cmd/compile: adjustment needed for conversion rules for pointer conversions (?)
#49736 cmd/compile: better error messages from types2 (Go 1.18) for unexported fields/methods
CL 378177 ⤷ report access of unexported field/method
#50421 cmd/compile: calling string(...) on generic slices fails regardless of type constraints.
#58293 cmd/compile: constant overflows when assigned to package level var (Go 1.20 regression)
CL 465096 ⤷ fix inline static init for constant expression
#52025 cmd/compile: defer of embedded method resolves pointer too early
#54534 cmd/compile: design doc explaining unified IR implementation
#57434 cmd/compile: fluent interfaces doing new allocations in go 1.19
CL 459295 ⤷ emit ODCL node for autotmp during RewriteNonNameCall
CL 459496 ⤷ record loopdepth for autotmp if declared in assignment
#54447 cmd/compile: generic method values behave differently than specific ones
#51913 cmd/compile: global variable initialization done in unexpected order
CL 395541 ⤷ disable unsafe staticinit optimization
CL 405549 ⤷ avoid staticinit dependency with sigsetAllExiting
#50729 cmd/compile: handle alias types in recursive types more consistently
#57955 cmd/compile: illegal combination 02044
CL 463138 ⤷ handle HAUTO etc. in addpool
#53692 cmd/compile: inconsistent error messages based on type constraints
#54542 cmd/compile: internal compiler error on import on mismatch between -p and package name
#58341 cmd/compile: internal compiler error: '(*Tree[]).RemoveParent.func1': value .dict (nil) incorrectly live at entry
CL 466035 ⤷ fix wrong ecsape analysis for go/defer generic calls
#58325 cmd/compile: internal compiler error: panic: interface conversion: ir.Node is *ir.CompLitExpr, not *ir.Name
CL 465098 ⤷ fix inline static init arguments substitued tree
#25838 cmd/compile: make alias decls work correctly under all circumstances
#56718 cmd/compile: objects emit generic instantiations for imported packages
#58102 cmd/compile: reduce PGO profile processing overhead
CL 464575 ⤷ trim profiles to only include transitive deps
#57410 cmd/compile: remove GOEXPERIMENT=nounified
#40724 cmd/compile: switch to a register-based calling convention for Go functions
#51244 go/types, cmd/compile: "invalid type loop" depending on declaration order
CL 386718 ⤷ refine the check for invalid cycles through tparam lists
#57505 cmd/compile: performance regression in 1.20
#45928 cmd/compile: unneccesary 0 check in division


#58292 cmd/compile/internal/pgo: Detect sample value position instead of hard-coding
CL 465135 ⤷ fix hard-coded PGO sample data position


#52924 cmd/compile/internal/ssa: "panic during regalloc" on linux/ppc64*


#46208 go/types,cmd/compile/internal/types2: shared type expressions are evaluated once per variable


#43806 cmd/go: "no required module provides package" error with file path to replacement module inside another replacement
#53955 cmd/go: Go 1.18.4 still complains "v1.x.y is not a tag" if the target (private?) module had been once downloaded before being tagged
#54608 cmd/go: TestScript/get_insecure_env failure due to 503 from appspot server
#42504 cmd/go: add a flag to ignore build constraints when listing packages
#27005 cmd/go: add mod tidy -check
#26904 cmd/go: allow replacement modules to alias other active modules
#48559 cmd/go: confusing error for non-existent go source files
CL 386496 ⤷ improve error handling for nonexistent files
#27628 cmd/go: do not cache tool output if tools print to stdout/stderr
CL 359614 ⤷ do not cache compiler or linker output
#49515 cmd/go: document how to fetch private repos with Yubikey SSH authentication
#40364 cmd/go: enable listing direct dependency updates
#51710 cmd/go: exclude vendor directories when using `go work use -r .`
CL 393814 ⤷ exclude vendor directories when using `go work use -r .`
#25982 cmd/go: get fails to provide sensible error message for private vcs repos
#57683 cmd/go: go get removes direct dependency
#52084 cmd/go: outside `/src` directory is not respected in `/src`
CL 398634 ⤷ ignore in $TMPDIR instead of $GOROOT
#34330 cmd/go: incompatible module version not detected by 'go run' or 'go build'
#50713 cmd/go: list module@version should suggest -m flag
CL 381195 ⤷ better error message for when line having '@'
#52263 cmd/go: misleading `fatal:` log message when working in a git repo with no commits
CL 399828 ⤷ prevent fatal when working in a git repo with no commit
#54419 cmd/go: misleading error message for `go mod download` in incorrect workspace
#53448 cmd/go: mod verify fails if directory entries are in zip file
#56662 cmd/go: panic: internal error: can't find reason for requirement
#47650 cmd/go: preceding tags not always fetched when downloading a pseudo-version
#51952 cmd/go: reject list -export -find more clearly
CL 396074 ⤷ reject list when -find and -export are used together
#53327 cmd/go: remove legacy conversions
#54503 cmd/go: remove test dependency on service
#46806 cmd/go: suggest 'go get' for packages in the main module instead of missing external package paths
#46710 cmd/go: suggest 'go get' instead of 'go mod tidy' when indirect dependencies are missing
#47308 cmd/go: support for Git LFS via new VCS qualifier
#58099 cmd/go: support multiple main packages with -pgo=auto


#56881 cmd/go/internal/modfetch/codehost: TestStat/gitrepo1 failures due to missing `v1.2.3` tag


#53609 cmd/internal/obj: rework stack unwind metadata on LR machines


#57722 cmd/pprof: macOS 12.6.1 profile overcounts system calls (again)


#56487 cmd/vet: `go vet` complains `unsafe.Slice` usage
#57063 cmd/vet: disable checks based on go.mod go version
#54869 cmd/vet: false positive for MOVOU


#52424 crypto/internal/nistec: remove ppc64le assembly


#57752 crypto/rsa: Go 1.21 follow-up work
#57751 crypto/rsa: port Validate to bigmod


#46308 crypto/tls: add VersionName function to return a string version of the TLS Version
CL 321733 ⤷ add crypto/tls.VersionName function
#20420 crypto/tls: customisable max TLS record size


#51991 crypto/x509: "certificate is not standards compliant" on MacOS
#52955 crypto/x509: checkSignature why the loop doesn't `break` after finding `algo`?
CL 407215 ⤷ optimize the performance of checkSignature


#33093 crypto/x509/pkix: Name.String() hex-encodes string-type ExtraNames


#53849 crypto/{ed25519,ecdsa,rsa}: PrivateKey.Equal leaks timing information
CL 417396 ⤷ make private key equals methods constant time


#54555 database/sql: TestQueryContext flakes with "failed to close rows"


#47653 archive, image, debug, encoding, x/net/html: DO NOT PANIC
CL 353850 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC
CL 353851 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC
CL 353852 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC, unless it's the application's fault


#51725 debug/elf: duplicate llvm-dwarfdump entries in go1.18rc1


#53849 crypto/{ed25519,ecdsa,rsa}: PrivateKey.Equal leaks timing information
CL 417396 ⤷ make private key equals methods constant time


#47653 archive, image, debug, encoding, x/net/html: DO NOT PANIC
CL 353850 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC
CL 353851 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC
CL 353852 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC, unless it's the application's fault


#57237 encoding/binary: add var NativeEndian; also x/sys/cpu.IsBigEndian


#8068 encoding/xml: empty namespace prefix definitions should be illegal
CL 355353 ⤷ support xmlns prefixes


#50956 go/ast,go/parser: Decl field of type parameter identifier is nil for methods (but not for functions)
#39753 go/ast: unexpected associations for comments in empty function/loop bodies
CL 281234 ⤷ improve comment associations in empty function/loop/if bodies


#50956 go/ast,go/parser: Decl field of type parameter identifier is nil for methods (but not for functions)
#57490 go/parser: parser creates Stmt that causes token.File.Offset(stmt.End) to panic


#52605 go/printer: false positive for doc comment formatting on unindented input


#58283 go/types, types2: switch to using new type inference exclusively
#51244 go/types, cmd/compile: "invalid type loop" depending on declaration order
CL 386718 ⤷ refine the check for invalid cycles through tparam lists
#51183 go/types, types2: Method sets section doesn't seem quite right for interfaces with type lists
#49123 go/types, types2: consolidate error message formats
#50937 go/types, types2: enable `real`, `imag` and `complex` with type parameter arguments
#52080 go/types, types2: error reported for valid shifts
CL 398316 ⤷ don't report an error for certain valid shifts
#51139 go/types, types2: explore "interleaved" type inference by combining function argument type inference with constraint type inference
#52104 go/types, types2: improve API for setting type parameter constraints in importers
#51343 go/types, types2: simplify type-checking of method receivers with type parameters
#51593 go/types, types2: type inference should unify interface types
#44410 go/types, types2: type-checker internal type printing doesn't print embedded fields that are alias types correctly
CL 381958 ⤷ correctly print embedded struct fields that are aliases
#46208 go/types,cmd/compile/internal/types2: shared type expressions are evaluated once per variable
#47729 go/types: add tests that exercise concurrent use
#53595 go/types: inconsistent AssignableTo, ConvertibleTo behavior w/ invalid type
CL 415334 ⤷ exported predicates to return true for invalid types
#8178 go/types: maintain "owner" information for interface methods and struct fields
#51592 go/types: mismatching 'indirect' results from NewMethodSet and LookupFieldOrMethod for interface methods
#57522 go/types: panic when checking method on generic struct called from package-level function
#51503 types2, go/types: the scope of a type parameter identifier in a method of a generic type is too large


#47653 archive, image, debug, encoding, x/net/html: DO NOT PANIC
CL 353850 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC
CL 353851 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC
CL 353852 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC, unless it's the application's fault


#55953 internal/goexperiment: remove CoverageRedesign some time in 1.21


#51115 io: add an `Err` field to `LimitedReader`


#22487 lib/time: update tzdata before release


#47606 math/big: ModInverse with modulus zero is undefined
#51747 math/big: infinite loop in Int.ModSqrt for p = 1
CL 402457 ⤷ limit search for non-square in ModSqrt


#54422 misc/cgo/testsigfwd: Test fails starting with 1.19 on x86 Alpine Linux


#51538 net: EPROTOTYPE surfaced from write() on macOS due to kernel bug
#49352 net: TestCloseWrite failures with "i/o timeout" on darwin/arm64
#52579 net: TestDialCancel is not compatible with new macOS ARM64 builders
#29225 net: TestUDPZeroBytePayload is flaky on darwin-amd64-10_10
#48622 net: default TCP Keep-Alive interval causes significant power usage
#58159 net: macOS link of Go c-archive now requires -lresolv in 1.20


#58168 net/http: data race involving `net/http.(*http2Framer).WriteDataPadded`
CL 465157 ⤷ fix race in http2chunkWriter.Write
#54602 net/http: apparent deadlocks in TestHandlerAbortRacesBodyRead since 2022-08-09
#51323 net/http: frequent HTTP2 INTERNAL_ERROR errors during module zip download since 2021-10-06
#54935 net/http: timeout in TestServerHijackGetsBackgroundByte_big
#54723 net/http: undeclared HTTP/2 trailers not sent when response body is empty and unflushed


#56732 net/url: `unescape()` logic doesn't copy invalid bytes following % as expected by most recent spec


#57766 os: Readlink docs should mention behavior for relative paths
#54100 os: recent FreeBSD update to sys/fusefs to allow kevents breaks go polling model


#56239 os/signal: TestTerminalSignal failing on linux-mips as of CL 440220
#57418 os/signal: TestTerminalSignal failures


#58348 path/filepath: Clean changed in Go 1.20


#55924 reflect: Type.Name and Type.String expose "link name" mangling of type arguments
#53523 reflect: verify/ensure that reflect supports the same string/[]byte/[]rune conversions as the spec/implementation


#53849 crypto/{ed25519,ecdsa,rsa}: PrivateKey.Equal leaks timing information
CL 417396 ⤷ make private key equals methods constant time


#55072 runtime,syscall: SIGABRT failures in syscall.StartProcess on darwin-arm64-12 starting 2022-09-03
#58323 runtime: GOOS=ios fails Apple's app validation due to use of private API
#57691 runtime: TestASAN fails with SEGV on unknown address on linux/riscv64
#54352 runtime: TestGdbBacktrace failure on linux-amd64-alpine builder
#55206 runtime: TestNetpollDeadlock failures
#54591 runtime: TestNetpollDeadlock timeout on `freebsd-amd64-race`
#52043 runtime: `TestSegv/Segv` failure with `unexpected return pc` on `openbsd-386-68`
#54600 runtime: `found wrong event in p's limiter event slot` on plan9-arm and openbsd-amd64-68 since 2022-08-08
#56554 runtime: `lock ordering problem` between `trace` and `wbufSpans`
#56966 runtime: aggressive gc assist with many goroutines
#50979 runtime: continuing TestSegv/SegvInCgo failures with "unknown pc"
CL 430375 ⤷ ignore "unknown pc" error in TestSegv/Segv
#55167 runtime: corruption in tests
#50952 runtime: debug output for fatal signal during signal handling.
#57175 runtime: diagnostics improvements tracking issue
CL 459095 ⤷ add support for execution traces and measuring trace overhead
#55915 runtime: document that MemStats.Lookups is always zero
#57420 runtime: hang after concurrent panic from two threads after apparent memory corruption
#58277 runtime: lock ordering problems
#56568 runtime: nil-dereference panic refers to addr=0x8
#54466 runtime: rewrite gentraceback as an iterator API
CL 458215 ⤷ don't track stack separately in gentraceback
CL 458216 ⤷ eliminate waspanic from gentraceback
CL 458217 ⤷ resolve caller funcInfo after processing current frame
CL 458218 ⤷ implement traceback iterator
#58288 runtime: runtime_expandFinalInlineFrame doesn't skip trailing wrappers
CL 465097 ⤷ skip trailing wrappers in runtime_expandFinalInlineFrame
#57302 runtime: support SEH stack unwinding on Windows
CL 457455 ⤷ generate .xdata PE section
CL 461737 ⤷ support ADDR32NB relocations on windows
CL 461738 ⤷ generate .pdata PE section
CL 461749 ⤷ generate SEH aux symbols for windows/amd64
#44343 runtime: time.Sleep takes more time than expected
CL 363417 ⤷ use epoll_pwait2 for netpoll if available
#50947 runtime: FreeBSD nanotime performance regression with different CPU setups
CL 422978 ⤷ fast clock_gettime on FreeBSD, add support for pvclock(kvmclock) and Hyper-V reference TSC
#57069 runtime: excessive scavengeOne work slows mutator progress
CL 460375 ⤷ make the memory limit heap goal headroom proportional
#55328 runtime: the scavenger doesn't call `MADV_NOHUGEPAGE` like it used to
CL 436395 ⤷ manage huge pages more explicitly
CL 460316 ⤷ disable huge pages for GC metadata for small heaps
#53824 runtime: use epoll_pwait2 where available
CL 449815 ⤷ use epoll_pwait2 where available


#56197 runtime/coverage: TestCoverageApis failures
CL 463695 ⤷ restrict use of all counter-related APIs to atomic mode


#56857 runtime/metrics: add /gc/heap/live:bytes
#54396 runtime/metrics: update documentation w.r.t. stack_sys


#42502 runtime/pprof: NewCPUProfile + cpuProfile.Start to allow profile configuration
CL 410796 ⤷ supports configurable CPU profiling method Start
CL 410798 ⤷ support PMU events based cpu profiling for linux
CL 410799 ⤷ support more PMU events


#53539 runtime/race: update race windows syso to new LLVM version


#57572 runtime/trace: Tracing error when catching SIGINT
#56295 runtime/trace: execution trace doesn't include pprof labels
CL 446975 ⤷ record goroutine labels in execution trace
#54594 runtime/trace: timeouts on linux-arm-aws since 2022-06-08


#58001 security: fix CVE-2022-41724
#57274 security: fix CVE-2022-41722
#57855 security: fix CVE-2022-41723
#58006 security: fix CVE-2022-41725
#58003 security: fix CVE-2022-41727


#57310 spec: "type parameters are interfaces" is confusing
#51053 spec: can't range over parameter constrained by union type
#56103 spec: disallow anonymous interface cycles
#50272 spec: function type inference ignores type parameter constraints
CL 373414 ⤷ unify the structural type of type parameters
#46477 spec: generics: permit type parameters on aliases
#5083 spec: reference-like properties of channels, slices, and maps not well specified
CL 391634 ⤷ explain aliasing of map, channel
CL 391635 ⤷ memory model: explain map by analogy with pointer to var
CL 413714 ⤷ add section on reference types
#54424 spec: revisit assignment rules for type parameters
#50226 spec: should `len(a)` (and `cap(a)`) be constant for `a` of type parameter type constrained by same-size arrays?


#55072 runtime,syscall: SIGABRT failures in syscall.StartProcess on darwin-arm64-12 starting 2022-09-03


#54846 test: cleanup fixedbugs/notinheap.go


#56238 testing: fuzz reports spurious "process hung or terminated unexpectedly" errors
#49929 testing: t.Failed() returns false during panic


#58113 time: update zoneinfo_abbrs on Windows


#58283 go/types, types2: switch to using new type inference exclusively
#51183 go/types, types2: Method sets section doesn't seem quite right for interfaces with type lists
#49123 go/types, types2: consolidate error message formats
#50937 go/types, types2: enable `real`, `imag` and `complex` with type parameter arguments
#52080 go/types, types2: error reported for valid shifts
CL 398316 ⤷ don't report an error for certain valid shifts
#51139 go/types, types2: explore "interleaved" type inference by combining function argument type inference with constraint type inference
#52104 go/types, types2: improve API for setting type parameter constraints in importers
#51343 go/types, types2: simplify type-checking of method receivers with type parameters
#51593 go/types, types2: type inference should unify interface types
#44410 go/types, types2: type-checker internal type printing doesn't print embedded fields that are alias types correctly
CL 381958 ⤷ correctly print embedded struct fields that are aliases
#51503 types2, go/types: the scope of a type parameter identifier in a method of a generic type is too large
#56669 types2: Generics allow creating values of unexported or internal types
CL 451220 ⤷ do not infer external unexported types
#47410 types2: adjust types reported for shift expressions with constant RHS to match `go/types`
#47211 types2: better error messages for specific operations with type parameters
#24780 types2: type-check `syntax` nodes directly (don't use types2 maps)
CL 396917 ⤷ store type information directly in syntax tree


#40561 x/build/cmd/release: evaluate releaselets used for each upcoming major Go release
#24904 x/build/cmd/release: ensure fully reproducible builds, including tar.gz/zip archives


#58105 x/build/internal/task: update the minimum macOS version in the Go 1.21 installer


#58028 x/build/internal/task/releaselet: change the minimum Windows version in the installer


#47653 archive, image, debug, encoding, x/net/html: DO NOT PANIC
CL 353850 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC
CL 353851 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC
CL 353852 ⤷ DO NOT PANIC, unless it's the application's fault


#57578 x/net/http2: TestTransportReturnsUnusedFlowControlMultipleWrites failures
#52996 x/net/http2: TestTransportGroupsPendingDials failures due to missing Close
#56478 x/net/http2: server writes after timeout should return os.ErrDeadlineExceeded


#58350 x/playground/cmd/latestgo: use gerrit for resolving go versions


#58030 x/tools/go/analysis/passes/shift: allow full-width integer shifts


#57985 x/tools/go/packages: memory hungry in parsing the module packages



#40705 internal/goversion: increment Version at start of cycle



#41152 runtime: remove VZEROUPPER patch once Darwin <10.15.6 is not supported

Pending CLs

CL 12277 HACK test that heapBitsSetType ends at the right byte
CL 51231 [release-branch.go1.8] XXX dummy test
CL 195217 Add a simple, optional 'keep buffer' capability to the Encoder type
CL 207440 XXX dummy test
CL 217977 Prototype generating ABI0->ABIInternal and ABIInternal->ABI0 wrappers
CL 259303 quick hack expreiment
CL 275213 pass itab via DX
CL 275214 got const declarations working
CL 275215 add noder2
CL 298689 runtime:fix wrong comment
CL 306089 changes for testing slowness
CL 306090 more tracing
CL 306509 ignoreCN disables interpreting parsePrintableString as ASN.1. See issue 21339
CL 320110 remove unnecessary xor
CL 320910 empty commit
CL 323732 runtime/mfinal:reduce var argument for loafer
CL 325729 Allow domain cookie to be set on ip address to replicate browser behavior
CL 336510 Update list.go make it easy to read
CL 336530 update Tiny allocator description in line 1008 of src/runtime/malloc.go
CL 337689 list '' points to nil - Dev.boringcrypto.go1.16
CL 348230 Add padding to fix HITM issue across CPU sockets
CL 350390 Unify "unreachable" panic messages
CL 350669 Make REAMDE more normalized and more readable.
CL 361966 [DO-NOT-REVIEW] add a red zone at the start of the allocation
CL 390695 fix SIGUSR1 signal incompatible windows bug.
CL 404994 syscall:Added support for specific exclusiveaddruse parameters under Windows
CL 407886 cl at top of stack to test per-package info
CL 407894 Update env comment
CL 423534 Use generics to add MaxAll and MinAll functions
CL 435616 net/http/prc:use atomic to replace lock
CL 446415 More specific error message when searching for module
CL 448335 Modify comment syntax error
CL 448615 Update Contribution Guidelines URL in
CL 451835 Slightly more efficient heap functions in heap.go
CL 452275 live objects metric
CL 457235 use proper prototypes for C code within documentation
CL 457341 normative grammar
CL 457855 convert-normative-grammar
CL 459135 cmd api NewWalker Reducing the code makes the code more concise
CL 460770 Update aes_gcm.go
CL 461077 go src cmd api NewWalker Reducing the code makes the code more concise
CL 461086 invalid parameters were omitted mode
CL 461608 experimental quic tls support
CL 464349 runtime:add runtime_realgcount func for reducing one time stw when fe…
CL 465075 Fix a typo in the comment


CL 319189 add Shida Qiu (individual CLA)


CL 393734 Update Name.


CL 267737 openbsd timer failures


CL 241798 runtime: add worldsema debug dump to checkdead
CL 252938 runtime: add worldsema debug dump to checkdead
CL 318529 trace forEachP, P transitions
CL 365316 investigate unlock2 crashes
CL 367847 add cputicks after atomics for synchronization
CL 371298 testdata vendoring bug
CL 388479 syscall: implement rawSyscallNoError in terms of RawSyscall on linux
CL 401337 WIP: support inlining with //go:uintptrkeepalive
CL 424076 runtime: dump entire stack
CL 424077 runtime: add dlog to gentraceback
CL 424195 runtime: dump entire stack
CL 424196 runtime: add dlog to gentraceback
CL 430935 test trybot
CL 441916 dragonfly pty + wait bug
CL 457697 debug decl_line

Fixes crypto/x509#10171

CL 281112 verify PEM encoded DER upon decryption with password


CL 274858 runtime, time: use maxWhen as "no timers" sentinel

Revert "cmd/compile

CL 411120 [release-branch.go1.18] stop interface conversions for generic method calls from allocating"

Revert "runtime

CL 150778 debug code to catch bad gcWork.puts"
CL 459775 call __fork instead of fork on darwin"


CL 195397 POC for error.ErrorDetail method
CL 248578 runtime: add semaphore locked checking
CL 250263 runtime: add channel lock assertions
CL 250264 runtime: add itab lock assertions
CL 254817 merge chansend1 + chanrecv1 into unified chansendrecv1
CL 254818 extra debug bits
CL 259178 don't runqsteal if _Pidle
CL 259179 track idlep's with bitmask
CL 259180 nonidlep pointers
CL 277033 debug #42515
CL 277376 runtime: add string interning profile
CL 300172 runtime: separate partial order lists with newlines
CL 408216 runtime: dump memory stats on failure
CL 421936 work conservation test
CL 464575 trim profiles to only include transitive deps
CL 465755 misc/cgo{life,stdio}: remove dependence on run.go

XXX cmd/compile

CL 210941 disable escape analysis


CL 292369 remove unneeded 'type="text/javascript"' from HTML script tag
CL 343070 add GOEXPERIMENT=largeiface
CL 347729 update URLs in comments to
CL 367734 add space after // in comments
CL 403938 replace superflous fmt.Errorf with errors.New
CL 425187 switch singleflight to use generic
CL 428363 skip tests incompatible with GOGC=off
CL 430997 fix resource leaks
CL 436889 update h2_bundle.go
CL 457435 change Printf and friends to Print when there is no formatting required
CL 463018 implement wasmimport directive


CL 243038 document security expectations




CL 187357 detect and reject Better Zip Bomb
CL 246240 Fix zip64 reader when file size < 4GB and zip64 field is present
CL 306510 optimize reader func ReadDir


CL 73231 simpler code and minor formatting cleanups for lehmerGCD


CL 293289 update SplitFunc documentation by mentioning ErrFinalToken
CL 307991 support calling Reader.Reset on zero value
CL 360654 use to determine error
CL 451495 allow terminating Scanner early cleanly without a final token or an error


CL 266538 use SIMD for LastIndexByte on amd64
CL 308229 document Buffer.Bytes semantics more clearly
CL 334884 add Clone
CL 336431 document properties of EqualFold
CL 376055 clarify that ReadFrom writes, and WriteTo reads, the buffer
CL 392194 add Clone function
CL 413716 add fuzz test to ensure compatibility with strings
CL 425052 return early in ToUpper()/ToLower() when it's non-ASCII to reduce indents
CL 452956 tweak example_test outputs
CL 456336 avoid unnecessary zero initialization


CL 133944 add support for MSVC flags

CL 58550 POC for API to avoid losing log messages


CL 81275 use FC for gofmt -d on Windows
CL 166937 handle floats for ODIV better
CL 241088 default to old object file format
CL 435456 add -V=json flag to toolchain to self-report configuration
CL 450355 change Printf and friends to Print if there is no formatting
CL 463742 change _panic.argp from FP to SP


CL 234580 simulate constraints of escape analysis on SSA compiler scheduling


CL 460536 run check on first class ports


CL 144100 add support for -buildmode=c-shared for GOARCH=mips{,le}
CL 153358 enable SVE(Scalar Vector Extension) instructions for arm64
CL 257978 add CMGE and CMGT hardware instructions for arm64
CL 257980 add CMHI and CMHS hardware instructions for arm64
CL 347532 add some legacy LSE instructions for arm64
CL 431103 improve TLS handling on riscv64
CL 461600 avoid TOC on PPC64 in some cases WIP
CL 462295 remove the incorrect check of LDADDx-like instructions


CL 459935 added user interrupts support


CL 63277 use type aliases for primitive types
CL 63711 translate “opaque” types as struct types with opaque fields
CL 63831 do not instantiate C.void
CL 83215 support variadic functions
CL 133939 add toolchain flag to cgo command for MSVC support
CL 133943 add support for CC_FOR_CGO environment variable
CL 151017 fix linter error for error_ function
CL 226517 avoid array clone during cgo call
CL 240777 recognize //go:export like //export
CL 328712 output cgo pragmas as object instead of go
CL 329653 use buildcfg for GOOS/GOARCH
CL 345093 add and use runtime/cgo.Incomplete instead of //go:notinheap
CL 399634 check size misalignment of packed structs
CL 407436 fieldPrefix returns the major prefix.
CL 408395 fix unaligned arguments typedmemmove crash on iOS
CL 413974 enable reproducible builds when LTO is enabled


CL 14790 always emit type for constants in export data
CL 19698 remove ptrdata for common types
CL 21434 hoist induction variable
CL 28250 remove unnecessary stack offset rounding
CL 28391 don't rematerialize thunk calls
CL 28832 prototype/experiment for register args and results
CL 33634 used shared epilogue
CL 34719 check pointer validity on conversion
CL 35471 add typo fix suggestions using Levenstein/Edit distance
CL 37338 hoist invariants out of loops
CL 38692 automatically handle commuting ops in rewrite rules
CL 40293 experiment to always call write barrier
CL 40492 cleanup MOVaddr code generation
CL 40996 implement simple loop unrolling
CL 41470 let -d ssa/help breathe
CL 42516 replace boolean simplification rule
CL 43050 experiment to measure costs of "fault branch"
CL 47270 heap characterization
CL 47512 perform rotation in layout
CL 65591 free nilcheck value properly
CL 85715 disambiguate clashing types by package
CL 87482 print unreachable blocks
CL 87483 detailed trace debugging for prove pass
CL 91415 remove nil checks based on offsets from known non-nil pointers
CL 93175 use unified backing store for debug info output
CL 97415 export/import OCLOSURE
CL 99676 ignore -race on non-supporting architectures
CL 100837 optimize struct partial re-assign
CL 101675 disambiguate builtin types when shadowed
CL 105255 add load/store pairing optimization pass for arm64
CL 105258 eliminate write barrier for b = b[n:]
CL 106376 WIP add intrinsics for multiword arithmetic
CL 111736 optimize append([]T(nil), make([]T, n)...)
CL 114006 opaque field experiment
CL 115997 replace x < 0 used as value by a right shift
CL 117295 add unconditional new amd64 instructions generation
CL 118996 add some inliner knobs for parameter search
CL 121155 detect and remove pointless conditionals
CL 121697 inline runtime.memequal if possible
CL 122484 restore LocalAddr CSE
CL 122519 use Go declaration to make GO_ARGS for assembly functions.
CL 128035 optimize away deferred/go call to empty functions
CL 129376 disable branchelim for the moment
CL 129380 strengthen IsInBounds optimizations
CL 129381 disable walk boundedness
CL 129382 start modifying test harness
CL 129383 more and better IsInBounds elim
CL 129384 add warnBCE
CL 129759 optimize integer divisions like (x%a)/b when b >= a
CL 130255 optimise some small equality comparisons
CL 133944 add support for MSVC flags
CL 133946 add support for MSVC toolchain to go build
CL 141647 assign to a field of map element
CL 144100 add support for -buildmode=c-shared for GOARCH=mips{,le}
CL 144219 add option for user-supplied list of file/line/column specials
CL 148177 use memhash for hashing strings in arrays and structs
CL 151497 don't generate algorithms for slice literal backing store
CL 151978 improved debug logging for prove phase
CL 154058 don't recurse into go:noinline during inlining walk
CL 156177 add instrumentation to catch double-walks of trees
CL 158238 intrinsify Ctz, Bswap on i386
CL 165358 add unsafe.Unreachable
CL 168238 early variadic slice normalization
CL 169722 Use slice of biasedsparsemaps instead of map
CL 169738 clean up debug_test variable printing; add it for delve
CL 171218 add environment-variable-connected knobs to inliner
CL 172357 better "is not a type" error when parameter shadows type
CL 173439 sort DWARF variable info by source position
CL 173477 link source lines to blocks
CL 174530 special case escape analysis for fmt.Printf etc
CL 175417 make inlining conditional on file contents
CL 176622 benchmark for slow lea
CL 177041 allow tightening rematerializeable values into loops
CL 177497 add -skiprule
CL 179601 combo inliner-experiments CL
CL 183239 debug rewrite, enhanced
CL 183240 rearrange creation of ssa.Func to allow defer-cleanup
CL 190415 enable loop preemption for problematic loops
CL 190577 add intrinsic sync.checkPreempt
CL 190657 introduce recursive, on-demand inference in prove
CL 193838 make prove trace OpAdd64 and OpMakeSlice
CL 193839 make prove trace OpIsSliceInBounds:
CL 196597 implement bound calculations in poset
CL 196679 use poset bounds in prove
CL 196680 in prove, remove manual limit tracking
CL 200137 warn about indirect calls with unsafe.Pointer->uintptr conversions
CL 202080 implement unsafe.Slice and unsafe.String
CL 202558 simplify isReflectHeaderDataField
CL 203597 consistently use camelCase in poset
CL 206937 optimize big structs
CL 209937 add //go:nodebug to reduce amount/size of debugging info for a function
CL 210344 add //go:nodebug for package granularity no-debugging
CL 210637 change uint64/int64/float64 in structs to be 8-byte aligned on 32-bit architectures
CL 211278 output loclists in optimized mode
CL 217015 during rulegen, pre-substitute ops
CL 219127 add rewrite to avoid MOV{L,Q}{i2f,f2i}
CL 220684 support := in rewrite rule conditions
CL 220696 demo use of := in rule conditions
CL 223358 use staticuint64s to optimize interface conversion of small integer constants (WIP)
CL 226217 in poset, use signed flag rather than unsigned
CL 227655 infer gdata width arg
CL 229058 add shortcircuit to late fuse
CL 229984 fix type of ssa OpITab Values
CL 230032 recognize another BFI pattern on arm64
CL 230033 add more arm64 bitfield simplifications
CL 230034 remove more extraneous extensions on arm
CL 230035 allow ARM's MOVWconst to be type-flexible
CL 230036 merge more width extensions with UBFX/SBFX on arm64
CL 230057 merge ANDconst into UBFX on arm64
CL 230058 look through MOVDreg in arm64 UBFX rewrites
CL 230059 combine UBFZ and ANDconst
CL 232938 report property type in error on name mismatch
CL 238317 recognize unused variables even when captured
CL 238537 refactor "declared but not used" diagnostic
CL 238538 maintain legacy "declared but not used" behavior
CL 242783 add builtin "sizeof" function
CL 248701 add support for Lsh64*64 and Mul64 to IsSliceInBounds
CL 250037 relax ":=" statements
CL 253217 change call expansion to allow it to run in more places.
CL 253603 mark type descriptor symbols content-addressable
CL 254796 modify inlining heuristic for if; max arms, not sum
CL 256077 add rewrite rule to change callClosure(constant) to callStatic
CL 256477 simplify typcheck1
CL 256898 add internal package phash
CL 257972 add code to support register ABI spills around morestack calls
CL 257981 optimize the Phi values
CL 258618 added limited //go:registerparams pragma for new ABI dev
CL 259257 update build cache rules and doc for SSA environment variable changes
CL 260238 deadcode eliminate inits for unreachable variables
CL 260597 add -d=swthash flag for string switch hashing
CL 264178 interleave inlining and escape analysis in single bottom-up visit
CL 264180 remove dead closures after inlining
CL 264277 skip compiling some unexported, inlined functions
CL 265100 share epilogue if it is large
CL 267139 expose inliner knobs for tuning
CL 267419 adjust mid-stack inlining within small functions
CL 267886 corrections to escape-aware inlining
CL 267978 re-arrange hairyVisitors inline helper for efficiency
CL 268120 suppress inlining on panic-terminated list of statements
CL 268121 add escape-aware heuristics for inlining
CL 268899 strip some dead map init functions
CL 271158 include transmission of return values in late call lowering
CL 272027 change typecheckclosure() to be idempotent, not update xtop
CL 275792 hide generics support behind "types2" build tag
CL 278794 add some optimization rewriting rules on arm
CL 282315 make ppc64 rules less picky about type of 64-bit stores
CL 285372 better error msg for impossible type assertions
CL 297351 GOSSAHASHOP-triggered counter for debugging help
CL 299491 add Haswell extensions
CL 307191 hash strings in walk/switch.go
CL 308971 add internal/align package for runtime
CL 309129 provide alignment for globals to linker
CL 309630 create ArgXXXReg values at entry pos
CL 318929 fix pragma import to set func pragma flags
CL 318949 tweak to layout
CL 321711 add new flag to track whether variables need stack objects
CL 321714 do not mark stack object for map key passed to runtime function
CL 334989 rename 'imported and not used' error to 'imported but not used'
CL 337569 add compiler "-O optimization_requests_file" flag
CL 338270 mark defer wrapper nosplit for runtime and nosplit callee
CL 340152 spill register-assigned array argument to the caller's frame stack
CL 342131 use staticuint64s for small constants
CL 344510 change types2 typename format to be like types1
CL 345094 restrict //go:notinheap to runtime/internal/sys
CL 345482 add -d=objframes for tracking where objects were constructed
CL 345489 use X15 for 32 and 64 bit memory stores of zeros
CL 347111 tweak crawler logic slightly
CL 347272 fix problem in setting the type of an OFUNCINST node
CL 347732 boost inlining into FORs
CL 348389 emit classify instructions for infinity tests on riscv64
CL 348732 support -buildmode=c-shared on linux/mips64{,le}
CL 350831 use zero constants in comparisons where possible
CL 351369 optimize range checks containing x == 0 or x != 0
CL 351593 [release-branch.go1.17] fix unsafe.Add with small-size offsets operands
CL 351850 get address of itab from symbol "go.itabaddr." for "-itabaddrtab" flag
CL 358595 demo showing how to revert export version temporarily
CL 361960 make prove pass handle more cases in const comparing
CL 362937 add a flag to support load address of itab from table
CL 363095 add makebyteslice and growbyteslice
CL 366594 horrible GOGC hack and footprint logging
CL 367046 refine fuzzing instrumentation counters
CL 367234 add -delaysan={1,2} flag for delay instrumentation
CL 367496 add memcrlelim SSA optimization pass
CL 370578 treat x.y = append(x.y, ...) as a self-assignment
CL 383714 optimize more zero comparisons
CL 384000 review unified IR code
CL 384794 optimize iface-to-iface conversions
CL 385657 code to demonstrate pure stenciling in -G=3 mode again
CL 388114 prototype for dealing with constructed types with shapes
CL 393371 stop using types2.Context in unified IR reader
CL 394334 directly initialize rtype lsyms during import
CL 395541 disable unsafe staticinit optimization
CL 396917 store type information directly in syntax tree
CL 397317 filter out synthetic variables earlier in debug processing
CL 397934 do {e,i}face to iface conversion inline
CL 399064 implement dwarf.Type interface for types.Type
CL 399302 generate dwarf type info in compiler
CL 399877 add ptototype of the types need synthesized to builtin
CL 400137 synthesize types in compiler
CL 400634 support generating dwarf info when -linkshared
CL 401637 modify test, compile, runtime for set LocalPkg.Path to -p flag
CL 402814 do not call runtime for short memory blocks in struct eq
CL 402815 Rules to prove for better bound check elimination
CL 402816 recursive comparison generation for small structures
CL 403334 only emit basic dwarf type info for runtime package
CL 403980 use relative PCs in jump table on ARM64
CL 404217 add some testcases for dwarf types
CL 404734 fix interface print in debugger for dynamic link
CL 405435 demo of CL 405118 without go.mod file
CL 405455 move constants of type map to objabi
CL 405902 tweak inittask definition
CL 405903 Restore support for minimal go comnpile/link hello.go/o
CL 407505 strip counter instrumentation from some hot runtime funcs
CL 409254 use zero register instead of moving 0 into a register on riscv64
CL 409714 port hardwired zero to loong64
CL 410197 don't remove interface names when shapifying
CL 411218 add new ssa pass csedown
CL 411904 experimental loop iterator capture semantics change
CL 411914 enable jump tables for PPC64
CL 414774 intrinsify math/bits.{Sub32|Add32} for arm64
CL 416455 use better line numbers and names for wrappers
CL 417956 add reassociate pass
CL 418555 improve basic block layout
CL 419555 get more bounds info from logic operators in prove pass
CL 425475 add support for --buildmode=c-shared on loong64
CL 425482 add compare-with-zero merging pass for PPC64
CL 426254 schedule carry chain on riscv64
CL 427396 improve logical shift with MASKEQZ on loong64
CL 427454 omit redundant sign/unsign extension on arm64
CL 430175 use shorter version of movzx for LoweredHASCPUFeature
CL 433035 batch type+extra allocations
CL 434355 move checkptr arithmetic to SSA generation
CL 436237 cleanup for temp/retire allocation idiom
CL 437961 add %p=url.PathEscape(pkgpath) substitution to profile file names
CL 438538 batching of write barrier calls
CL 440136 extend basic phi simplifications
CL 440221 experiment with changing layout of Prog+Addr
CL 440255 attempt to optimize Prog cache for GC
CL 442597 rework unbounded shift lowering on PPC64
CL 444818 batch the ssa.Value and ssa.Block allocators
CL 445296 remove LoweredMuluover on riscv64
CL 447776 reorganize write barrier code a bit
CL 447777 detect write barrier completion differently
CL 447780 move raw writes out of write barrier code
CL 447781 batch write barrier calls
CL 448215 fix typo in ARM64.rules
CL 449535 remove unused tuple ops when regenerating
CL 451035 implement unrolling of trivial loops
CL 451975 teach prove about the limits of sign/zero extensions and bool to uint8 conversions
CL 452876 add concurrency-ok property to some compiler debug flags
CL 453536 Use XORL and X15 for zeroing in ggen's zerorange on AMD64
CL 454375 don't merge symbols whose base addresses are reused
CL 455075 enable buildmode=pie for linux/loong64
CL 456235 swap register assignment for real and imag part of a complex
CL 456240 swap-len-cap experiment
CL 456644 experimental compilation concurrency tracing
CL 458755 enhance tighten pass for memory values
CL 459295 emit ODCL node for autotmp during RewriteNonNameCall
CL 459496 record loopdepth for autotmp if declared in assignment
CL 461084 share compiler allocations of similar shapes
CL 461600 avoid TOC on PPC64 in some cases WIP
CL 461612 move syntax package to internal/syntax
CL 461678 experiment to use 16-byte loads/stores for strings/interfaces/slices
CL 461696 don't mark uintptr->unsafe.Pointer conversion unsafe points
CL 463595 add flag to FOR/RANGE to preserve loop semantics across inlines
CL 463846 use MakeResult in empty MakeSlice elimination
CL 464315 preserve full inlined location for ir.Name locals
CL 464340 inline constant sized memclrNoHeapPointers calls on PPC64
CL 465096 fix inline static init for constant expression
CL 465098 fix inline static init arguments substitued tree
CL 465435 call phiElimValue from removePhiArg
CL 465515 intrinsify math/bits/ReverseBytes{32|64} for 386
CL 465575 remove unused ISELB PPC64 ssa opcode
CL 466035 fix wrong ecsape analysis for go/defer generic calls


CL 435536 use strings.Cut


CL 425462 optimize b.buf = append(b.buf, ...)


CL 38250 noder.error cleanup
CL 40500 cleanup moveToHeap
CL 54412 catch more in range checks


CL 358434 add tests for generic import
CL 388616 add types2.Context param to Import


CL 446976 remove candHotNodeMap and candHotEdgeMap


CL 329029 fix a deadlock when compiling large packages of incorrect files
CL 427679 omit unneeded itab slots in runtime dicts


CL 446976 remove candHotNodeMap and candHotEdgeMap
CL 446977 unexport local types and fields
CL 465135 fix hard-coded PGO sample data position


CL 446196 rework carry bit handling on PPC64


CL 25386 use compact interval tree representation for live sets
CL 38448 tighten loads
CL 40494 change StringData to return *obj.LSym
CL 42514 avoid generating some redundant matching rules
CL 95583 emit paired stores on arm64
CL 149537 optimize x*x*x*x to only 2 imuls
CL 280453 constant fold some math/bits operations
CL 323829 remove unnecessary low index 0
CL 330469 fix lex file path
CL 414136 reserve R25 register for PIC code on mips64{,le}
CL 429335 generalize struct handling
CL 430056 enable debug_lines_test.go on all GOARCH


CL 149638 parse/print support for type parameters and contracts
CL 305731 introduce StarExpr node to represent *X
CL 305910 remove _Arrow and _Star tokens - not needed
CL 442477 move package to internal/syntax


CL 325510 fix typo in comment
CL 463753 remove Sym.PkgDef and Sym.SetPkgDef


CL 353976 identify defined types in conversion errors
CL 381776 track aliases for type literals
CL 381958 correctly print embedded struct fields that are aliases


CL 427294 branchless 8-bit counter increment


CL 301711 intrinsify bits.RotateLeft32 on MIPS


CL 450059 add support for conditional suffixes opcode generation


CL 373597 use early returns in object.assignableTo
CL 378177 report access of unexported field/method


CL 67611 add Syslook logic


CL 442155 de-instrument selected runtime funcs


CL 172424 add feature to sort packages in coverage HTML file
CL 355869 print out the coverage HTML file unconditionally


CL 112156 explicit option for crosscompilation
CL 144101 enable -buildmode=c-shared tests for GOARCH=mips{,le}
CL 236279 force keep going flag to true
CL 310730 use goTest() to construct commands for more tests
CL 321930 remove rmworkdir
CL 321932 remove unnecessary use of fmt.Sprintf
CL 321933 remove unused functions
CL 321934 don't use pathf when simply joining two paths
CL 342729 support embedding of toolchain rev by envvar
CL 345589 use ARM version 6 on NetBSD
CL 395897 add -cover flag
CL 403014 add build mode support regression test for issue #43571
CL 412116 enable more cgo tests on freebsd/arm64
CL 425479 enable c-shared test on loong64
CL 443276 only allow GOARM=7 for openbsd/arm
CL 451292 build compiler with PGO
CL 455075 enable buildmode=pie for linux/loong64
CL 463276 convert test/run.go runner to a cmd/go test


CL 164759 fix handling of path parameters on Windows
CL 195201 show documentation for explicitly-requested identifiers regardless of the `-u` flag
CL 334876 add json flag
CL 413816 handle special case for std package
CL 445116 Add -ex flag to show examples
CL 457195 match major module versions without needing a /vN suffix


CL 3032 fields in escape analysis
CL 3703 set colas
CL 3731 delay heap var promotion


CL 8630 fix -coverpkg=all
CL 8802 afl
CL 84736 make -x output commands executable again
CL 105435 fix go get VCS tests that match go-import's
CL 119316 better quote the cfg.GOROOT output
CL 127818 cache results of EvalSymlinks
CL 144100 add support for -buildmode=c-shared for GOARCH=mips{,le}
CL 157800 improve goproxy and list documentation
CL 158477 update unexpected module import error to be more actionable
CL 172617 set GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT on individual git commands instead of process-wide
CL 173721 [WIP] error if mismatched major versions causes use of pseudo-version
CL 174201 implement parsing of Go version in Plan 9 binaries
CL 185540 Warn when GOPATH is a subdir of GOROOT
CL 191945 validate module proxy URLs received from go get queries
CL 192558 test debug.BuildInfo.Main for a binary from a different module
CL 194644 add .proto file support to 'go' command
CL 196519 do not modify an existing go.mod file if its 'go' version is unsupported
CL 210943 trim source paths in generated cgo and C source files
CL 222577 add international language support to list_ambiguous_path
CL 233617 include cover percent on failures
CL 235925 assign missing import errors to importing package
CL 242365 add trace spans for the skeleton of get
CL 243949 annotate ImportPathsQuiet and modload.(*loader).doPkg
CL 255018 allow the CC path to contain spaces
CL 262339 make -p=1 respect GOMAXPROCS when choosing compile worker parallelism
CL 276412 Retain CC/CXX arg order
CL 292710 update -overlay docs to make its purpose more clear
CL 299029 add fsys.Chmod function in fsys package
CL 299150 test new invalid version error text
CL 309250 use exit code from compiled test binary on error
CL 309389 refactor runtime-internal package handling
CL 311189 in tests, reduce usage of -mod=mod and populate go.sum files
CL 311531 allow generate to skip missing files
CL 312950 add support for wildcards in 'go list -m'
CL 319312 add double-quoted strings to script_test
CL 320309 add special parameter support in script_test
CL 328049 restore .edata section checking on amd64 and 386
CL 338989 update bug.go bugHeader
CL 347157 remove cfg.ModulesEnabled
CL 347158 move modload.BinDir to internal/load.defaultBinDir
CL 350829 enable -x in go mod graph
CL 359614 do not cache compiler or linker output
CL 362937 add a flag to support load address of itab from table
CL 371795 add tracing to parts of the go command
CL 371796 some optimizations
CL 375535 improve documentation for relative import paths
CL 376134 cache coverage profile with tests
CL 376674 do not include module info when -buildinfo=false
CL 380506 evaluate root symlink in matchPackages
CL 381195 better error message for when line having '@'
CL 386496 improve error handling for nonexistent files
CL 389694 clarify docs for test -run
CL 393814 exclude vendor directories when using `go work use -r .`
CL 395915 fail if the user tries to modify the GOMOD environment variable
CL 396074 reject list when -find and -export are used together
CL 398634 ignore in $TMPDIR instead of $GOROOT
CL 399828 prevent fatal when working in a git repo with no commit
CL 403155 make interfaces to test stuff for non-cache pkgs
CL 404095 stdlib stuff
CL 404098 stop preloading imports
CL 406848 improve handling of tmpdir being noexec
CL 407474 improve err msg when vendors dir is missing but required
CL 411399 ignore cmd/internal binaries for "cmd"
CL 415237 test CL to check if LocalPrefix is used
CL 432536 add -u=patch option for go list
CL 433576 prevent duplicate missing checksum error message
CL 442395 propagate errors determinining dependency module versions
CL 447797 add a test that reproduces the root cause of issue #56494
CL 450916 draft of forward compatibility work
CL 452456 propagate Context arguments through modfetch methods
CL 453603 parse directives in file headers
CL 453605 set default GODEBUG for main packages
CL 454841 experiments + tinkering related to parallel builds
CL 455075 enable buildmode=pie for linux/loong64
CL 456595 add -gocoverdir test flag
CL 461697 default to PIE linking on darwin/amd64
CL 463849 support git worktree checkouts in -buildvcs=auto
CL 464135 enable vet directive analyzer during 'go test'
CL 465036 mod vendor: fixed checking for vendor directory
CL 465095 honor user-specified -c=N
CL 465805 extend path shortening to all paths in messages


CL 462288 update package long description base on go module


CL 411637 wrap error with %w instead of %v
CL 461683 update documentation of go test and go generate


CL 172599 add a Logf function and funnel stderr output through it
CL 309349 lock exitMu in GetExitStatus


CL 258039 use stdlib instead of fmt
CL 433295 implement generational GC for GOCACHE
CL 465555 update docs on cache accessor func


CL 223098 Replace any non-empty password in GOPROXY


CL 371794 add parallel walk


CL 60210 Proparly escaped . in vcs regexp


CL 372398 prevent calling ImportErrorf when the err is *module.InvalidPathError
CL 452715 bypass calling ImportErrorf function


CL 152718 fix EDEADLK error on aix/ppc64


CL 436596 add js/wasm implementation


CL 135735 mod download allow insecure download
CL 144106 warn when no version supplied to go mod download
CL 345189 check hashes in go.sum against GOSUMDB
CL 430136 expand help text for go mod tidy


CL 174338 add key


CL 158257 improve error message when $HOME is unset
CL 274394 add missing module version in suggestion
CL 347153 define empty Opts and State types
CL 347154 move ForceUseModules to Opts
CL 347155 move RootMode into Opts
CL 347156 move BuildMod into State
CL 347230 move workspace initialization into Init
CL 354871 load the go.mod file in Replacements
CL 354872 plumb a Context argument to Replacement


CL 344513 parameterize Cache


CL 261777 improve error message for mismatching go-import tags


CL 312391 make go build more consistent
CL 414137 add GOASM_shared macro to support c-shared buildmode on mips64{,le}


CL 290509 atomically swap the new file
CL 406075 implement function literal lightening with -s option
CL 406394 extend function literal lightening: accept () => {} notation
CL 406396 omit "return" in single-return lightweight function bodies
CL 407376 print counts of ordinary and lightweight function literals


CL 348733 support -buildmode=c-shared on linux/mips64{,le}
CL 415816 add external linking support for SDYNIMPORT calls on mips64


CL 399294 define interface for dwarf type info generation


CL 9014 make OLEN/OCAP type as int instead of uint


CL 333050 remove unused fields of Reader


CL 347351 skip some tests when GOROOT is a symlink


CL 449775 add arm64 assembly implementation


CL 16076 serialize Reloc.Variant in objfile
CL 226284 remove TODO comment about NOFRAME, now done
CL 355150 use prefix insn in MOV* opcodes for GOPPC64=power10
CL 409414 reorder riscv instructions to generater
CL 409415 riscv instructions aligned with generator
CL 425301 remove redundant cnames on loong64
CL 425415 report corrupt inline tree entries
CL 429599 add column positions to DWARF line tables
CL 429995 mark instructions as "is_stmt" when they change file/line
CL 435015 add GOT support for riscv64
CL 461749 generate SEH aux symbols for windows/amd64


CL 463138 handle HAUTO etc. in addpool


CL 347531 refactor the assembler for arm64
CL 348510 add SQDMLAL and SQDMLAL2 instructions for arm64
CL 365034 add assembly syntax for the SVE
CL 404317 change the encoding of operands of type C_AACON2
CL 424137 new path for adding new instructions
CL 424138 add CASP(AD|AW|ALD|ALW|LD|LW) instructions
CL 461135 remove spurious assignments with OR
CL 461136 remove bogus omovlit return value check
CL 461137 use obj.REG_NONE where appropriate
CL 461138 invert SP check
CL 461139 use more appropriate types for olsr12u
CL 461140 move register encoding into opxrrr
CL 461141 factor out code generation for addition of 12 bit immediates


CL 399301 implement TypeContext and AddSectionOffset for dwCtxt


CL 416154 save LR after decrementing SP
CL 420979 remove invalid branch delay slots
CL 425476 add c-shared relocations on loong64
CL 455016 add the PCALAU12I instruction for reloc use
CL 455017 switch to LoongArch ELF psABI v2 relocs
CL 455018 remove the PCADDU12I instruction


CL 144097 add support for -buildmode=c-shared for GOARCH=mips{,le}


CL 434775 cleanup and remove usage of getimpliedreg
CL 449835 do not assemble non-constant rotate RLWMI


CL 340151 compressed instruction support for riscv64
CL 431103 improve TLS handling on riscv64
CL 431104 add support for internal cgo linking on riscv64
CL 448635 optimize loading large immediate with many trailing zeros
CL 461143 implement zba extension instructions
CL 461144 implement zbb extension instructions


CL 74810 use push/pop to manage frame pointer
CL 171732 permit new CMOVL syntax with suffix
CL 206837 prevent jumps crossing 32 byte boundaries
CL 461735 consistently set AttrNoFrame


CL 144098 add support for -buildmode=c-shared for GOARCH=mips{,le}
CL 425476 add c-shared relocations on loong64
CL 461737 support ADDR32NB relocations on windows


CL 118775 fetch pclntab for PIE
CL 182758 correctly report the source file of assembly functions


CL 430055 change XPos.With{Default,Is,Not}Stmt into nops


CL 354890 enable c-shared feature and test on linux/mips64{,le}
CL 404494 allow c-shared buildmode on ios
CL 425478 enable c-shared feature on loong64


CL 16076 serialize Reloc.Variant in objfile
CL 16459 load object files concurrently
CL 37732 enable c-archive on all Unix and Windows systems
CL 45992 pass -nopie, not -Wl,-nopie, on OpenBSD
CL 79635 fix R_ADDROFF reloc to SDYNIMPORT syms
CL 112215 add option to omit go DWARF user attributes
CL 133937 add flag rlocbss to relocate .bss data to .data
CL 133945 add external toolchain support for MSVC
CL 144098 add support for -buildmode=c-shared for GOARCH=mips{,le}
CL 152759 support PIE build mode on Windows
CL 185990 additional output for linker -stats flag
CL 211817 log searching directory instead of full pathname
CL 217857 add trailing padding after Go ELF note
CL 232980 test fallocate
CL 244578 fix writeBlocks handling of sub symbols
CL 252824 add new -dumpsymsat linker option
CL 253157 add a test for reproducible build
CL 262837 TestFallocate fallocate_test error #42005
CL 268898 create new reloc type R_WEAKADDR and R_REF
CL 295013 add support for "only line table" DWARF gen
CL 301631 bring back R_ARM_V4BX for Annapurna AL-212 and possibly others
CL 312509 support full relro
CL 321935 exit if cgo is required for external linking but is disabled
CL 334232 make bss section offset at end of its segment
CL 334789 fix zero offset in funcnametab
CL 348734 support -buildmode=c-shared on linux/mips64{,le}
CL 353769 fix the dwarf_test TODO
CL 362935 use .itabaddr section as itablink for plugin
CL 366279 use gold on ARM/ARM64 only if gold is available
CL 391115 stop forcing binutils-gold dependency on aarch64
CL 399275 use the dwarf type info generated by compiler
CL 400138 remove the dwarf type info generation code in linker
CL 402056 fix the missing go_kind attr for pointer types defined by defptrto
CL 404755 add testcases for dwarf of linkshared in TestDWARF
CL 415815 add internal linking support for calling SDYNIMPORT on mips64
CL 415816 add external linking support for SDYNIMPORT calls on mips64
CL 420114 add plugin support for linux/riscv64
CL 425477 add support for --buildmode=c-shared on loong64
CL 427515 support LLVM/Clang for MSVC
CL 431103 improve TLS handling on riscv64
CL 431104 add support for internal cgo linking on riscv64
CL 445835 allocate new space at the end of the file, and adjust allocation size on Linux
CL 457455 generate .xdata PE section
CL 457696 set DW_AT_decl_line for function declarations
CL 457875 allow SEH tramps handle non-Go exception
CL 459456 remove objIdx structure
CL 461600 avoid TOC on PPC64 in some cases WIP
CL 461737 support ADDR32NB relocations on windows
CL 461738 generate .pdata PE section
CL 462035 establish dependable package initialization order
CL 462757 clean up per-binary slice creation in ld
CL 464795 [release-branch.go1.19] keep go.buildinfo even with --gc-sections
CL 464796 [release-branch.go1.20] keep go.buildinfo even with --gc-sections


CL 280313 specify LC_VERSION_MIN_IPHONEOS for iOS builds


CL 349650 assign temporary addresses to per-package text
CL 435738 use strings.Cut


CL 339370 ignore symbols produced by gcc LTO


CL 455017 switch to LoongArch ELF psABI v2 relocs


CL 461599 generate PC-rel trampolines on P10


CL 463275 new throwaway test, do not submit


CL 424999 use original environment to mirror go test


CL 7680 fix time scale issue
CL 34031 user events
CL 286972 add M id to traces
CL 416860 temporarily strip system goroutines for tests
CL 456239 add goroutine labels to trace-derived profiles
CL 457716 integrate perfetto ui (experimental)
CL 460095 add goroutine label events in UI, filter by labels


CL 34451 detect IP address comparisons via bytes methods
CL 47670 weakvar: check for weakly used variables (possible unintended shadowing)
CL 127257 add a vet build tag so compiler test files can be excluded
CL 203998 remove DisableErrorForFlag0 since complaint about 0 flag has been disabled


CL 295012 add -dwarfonlyline flag

cmd/{compile, link}

CL 343150 support mapping symbols for ARM64


CL 353791 add .debug_efacetyeps section


CL 369594 support buildmode=plugin with linkshared


CL 387254 add option to debug compiler/linker on panic
CL 399434 name X1 as RA under RISC-V in comment, other than LR


CL 28223 add generator format for compression tests


CL 198757 add a check to recognize partial flush while decompressing
CL 227737 improve decompression speed
CL 243797 eliminate repeated judgments.
CL 244197 unify code style and modify wrong comments
CL 442895 reduce allocations in init


CL 53637 permit parsing of GZIP files with long header fields


CL 123478 optimize code hash table to reduce collisions
CL 245177 optimize code hash table to reduce collisions


CL 452176 use binary.BigEndian consistently


CL 56070 optimize heap to reduce compares


CL 345289 add Sort() method


CL 187557 reduce nested conditionals in propagateCancel()
CL 344691 explain cancellation semantics vagaries
CL 417354 add parentheses in context comment
CL 455455 reduce init-time allocations
CL 459016 add WithoutCancel
CL 462855 add OnDone


CL 331595 add HasSHA512 feature bit in ARM64


CL 246877 check the Key Usage extension
CL 327069 allow reloading of system cert pool
CL 339292 PKITS tests
CL 417396 make private key equals methods constant time
CL 427636 use BigEndian in consume functions
CL 436709 delete unused type
CL 464695 pkcs1v15 should support sha3 hashes and others
CL 465136 support errors.Unwrap() for more crypto errors


CL 301189 add WriteString method to hash.Hash and all the algorithms


CL 38366 ARM assembly versions of encrypt, decrypt and expandKey
CL 51670 add optimized implementation of AES-CTR for AMD64
CL 136896 optimize AES-CTR mode on amd64
CL 286852 Implement AES-GCM ciphers optimized with AVX-512 VAES and VPCLMULQDQ
CL 334610 Implement new and improved AES-GCM ciphers optimized with AVX-512 VAES and VPCLMULQDQ
CL 351753 Allow DEC/JNE to fuse.
CL 399494 use VTBL instead of WORD for arm64 assembly
CL 399495 fix key size typo
CL 399496 consistently format arm64 assembly
CL 413594 speedup CTR mode on AMD64 and ARM64
CL 461078 reduce allocations in NewCipher


CL 333049 Refactor boringcrypto codebase


CL 349603 use AEAD.NonceSize to make nonce in the example
CL 378994 optimize safeXORBytes
CL 409394 add optimized assembly xorBytes for ARM (NEON + non-NEON)


CL 262977 Performance optimization of permutation function in DES algorithm


CL 404276 implement compressed points


CL 281832 change hashToBytes to use copy instead of calling another function
CL 310709 adding an IsValid method to PublicKey
CL 352471 Adjust entropy bounds


CL 216458 clarify doc of Sign and added package example
CL 284221 This change modifies Go to clarify docs for PrivateKey.Sign()
CL 423894 Add missing error message into the output of failure message.


CL 43716 use Montgomery ladder scalar multiplication
CL 60671 reuse bigints, avoid silent allocs
CL 109135 speed-up asm version on amd64
CL 161897 optimize generic CurveParams implementation
CL 235177 optimize function p256MovCond for arm64
CL 351373 add 32-bit P-521 fiat-crypto code
CL 355349 unroll some loops for performance
CL 380778 handle very large points gracefully
CL 459977 re-apply some deprecation markers


CL 72530 Added examples.
CL 207517 add some more benchmarks


CL 455935 add arm64 assembly core
CL 460542 flag amd64 assembly as noescape


CL 402554 lock the math/big attack surface


CL 102196 new testing package


CL 283538 optimize amd64 assembly
CL 433475 performance optimization


CL 119335 add package-level examples
CL 122775 adds examples for Int and Prime
CL 272326 protect Read from attacks due to direct swapping of Reader
CL 331269 buffer the entropy obtained by calling unix.GetRandom
CL 438136 add example for Int


CL 240008 add rand initialization for rsa.SignPSS
CL 452255 revert to math/big backend (CL 326012 and onwards)
CL 459976 deprecate multiprime RSA support


CL 353402 implement SHA1 & SHA256 acceleration using Intel SHA extensions
CL 427635 remove redundant type conversion


CL 135378 use SHA instructions on amd64, when possible
CL 413754 remove boring indirection


CL 377514 Add support for shani instructions
CL 408795 add sha-ni implementation


CL 331594 implement sha512 with ARMv8.2 features


CL 62770 optimise ConstantTimeCompare


CL 127548 add examples for use of crypto/x509
CL 160017 add a BoringSSL test suite (BoGo) integration
CL 160019 misc BoGo-induced fixes
CL 170702 avoid cache-based side channels in extracting the remote MAC
CL 170703 implement full Lucky 13 countermeasures for SHA-1 CBC ciphers
CL 245160 make checkForResumption side-effect free
CL 245837 supprtedVersions:return rightly for nil pointer parameter and plainer
CL 246038 simplify the process of cipher suites checking.
CL 246337 support post-handshake client authentication
CL 299449 add error context to handshake error
CL 317931 use a cache to save x509 certificate in the tls connection
CL 318130 panic on all-zero session ticket keys
CL 321733 add crypto/tls.VersionName function
CL 325451 Should use c.sendAlert(alertInternalError) instead of c.sendAlertLocked(alertInternalError) ?
CL 347916 replace tls Conn's rawInput with a small buffer when Read timeout
CL 348769 populate peerCertificates before validation fails
CL 358794 align processCertsFromClient func comment with signature
CL 360794 advertise correct ciphers in TLS 1.3 only mode
CL 370581 shrink tls Conn's rawInput with a small buffer
CL 391495 test AES-GCM nonce construction
CL 394114 skip part of the test based on GOOS instead of GOARCH
CL 403077 centralize mgmt of TLS trace events
CL 409334 reduce the number of allocations made for Conn.Read calls
CL 410274 fix a testing deadlock that occurs on a TLS protocol error
CL 414014 annotate KeyLogWriter errors
CL 435474 customisable max TLS record size
CL 441915 customisable max TLS record size
CL 448276 use a map for cipherSuites and cipherSuitesTLS13
CL 448277 remove unused nonAESGCMAEADCiphers variable
CL 448278 rename vars that shadow declarations or collide with imports
CL 462045 add `certout`, `keyout` options


CL 40866 self-signed cert key pair check
CL 64851 add cgo for system keychain loading
CL 71754 elaborated on a comment in CreateCRL
CL 85895 remove entrust CA constraint exemption
CL 97376 add SRVName support
CL 125056 create typed versions of ParsePKCS8PrivateKey
CL 131575 validate HostName with VerifyHostname function
CL 141821 add path for TinyCore ca-certificates
CL 141837 VerifyHost should only match IDNA encoded domains
CL 231240 subject/issuer hint fallback for unknown-authority errors
CL 234257 rework how system roots are loaded on unix systems
CL 238362 add directory name constraints
CL 247117 update test case for windows
CL 272726 only extract subject in CertPool.AppendCertsFromPEM
CL 272746 add a fast subject parser (wip)
CL 274252 directly map subjects to certs in CertPool
CL 329129 always emit a critical SAN extension if the Subject is empty in a CSR
CL 337269 fix typo in error message
CL 377914 minor cleanups to CertPool
CL 397694 local platform verifier tests on trybots
CL 398554 fix signature for macOS.SecTrustEvaluate
CL 400655 removed oracle from DecryptPEMBlock. removed deprecations
CL 403095 add KeyUsage encoding and parsing to CreateCertificateRequest
CL 407215 optimize the performance of checkSignature
CL 418835 fix mac cert error handling
CL 424929 error Verification of ECDSA signed x509 cert
CL 426894 update parseCertificate() to guarantee version cannot be negative
CL 431916 fix certificate request creation with RSA-PSS
CL 437875 add String() for KeyUsage, ExtKeyUsage


CL 295391 add missing RFC 5280 RDN OIDs


CL 350830 Passing RSA public key directly to ASN.1 marshalling


CL 208484 clean up and reuse rand.Int


CL 416234 add a new test case for type t


CL 255966 add unit test confirming lifetimes
CL 294809 add empty driver name check on Register method
CL 322049 Track and publish the number of open statements
CL 333989 document that *Rows must be closed after Query
CL 333990 explicitly wrap error message in convertAssignRows
CL 352929 add nulltime to colTypeToReflectType
CL 366294 introduce generic nullalbe type
CL 374416 predictable request queue satisfaction
CL 382214 Stmt improved for more panic-stability
CL 383575 document the `asString` function
CL 402334 Add MaxIdleConnections to DBStats
CL 455035 add configuration option to ignore null values in Scan


CL 409534 fix buildinfo data section location on elf and pe


CL 452617 retrieve values for dynamic section tags


CL 241237 add SymtabCmd data to *macho.Symtab in parseSymtab
CL 353852 DO NOT PANIC, unless it's the application's fault
CL 367075 prevent overflowing on invalid dynamic symbol table command


CL 193819 ignore non-existent symbol and string table
CL 286113 fix OOM caused by huge NumberOfSymbols


CL 281332 NewTickerStartingAt doc


CL 45140 add GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP to the contribution guide
CL 103575 explain how to reply to a review in Gerrit
CL 116157 add AVX-512 wiki page link to asm.html
CL 120296 add note for newline after copyright header to contribute.html
CL 178119 note that go-contrib-init and git-codereview is installed in shell path. note that we should add a blank line after Fixes #xxx
CL 178120 clarify relative import paths don't work with modules
CL 178121 Add examples for all methods on regex.Regexp. Add example for FindAllIndex(), FindSubmatchIndex(), ReplaceAll(), NumSubexp().
CL 346051 add link for "Length and capacity"
CL 391635 memory model: explain map by analogy with pointer to var
CL 446836 improve re.ReplaceAllString documentation related to Expand part
CL 462202 add, documenting GODEBUG
CL 465615 fix spec typo


CL 105655 updates description of go install


CL 372355 document OpenBSD & NetBSD memory corruption


CL 410874 add release note for fuzzing CLs


CL 422774 delete a sentence that is ambiguous


CL 391634 explain aliasing of map, channel


CL 66850 break debug_ranges


CL 225638 add marshaling support PrivateKey and PublicKey types


CL 455115 do not cache large encodeState


CL 162926 add example for encode and decode


CL 84095 add test of Unmarshal slice of RawValue
CL 108355 support fractions of a second when unmarshaling GeneralizedTime
CL 146117 make GeneralizedTime and UTCTime follow DER restriction
CL 163577 add example for encoding and decoding
CL 233038 document that RawContent aliases the input byte slice
CL 458295 use errors.New to replace fmt.Errorf


CL 221857 add examples for Encode, Decode
CL 246377 fix base64 encoding when stream input comes
CL 429600 make NewEncoding inlineable


CL 113075 fix error message for Write
CL 364277 improve function signature with named result
CL 458578 use PEXTQ for Uvarint decoding


CL 237818 Allow quoted content to contain escaped quotes, such as stringified JSON
CL 363001 allow for interpretation of empty lines


CL 117875 allow struct without exported fields
CL 173781 Removal of panic from EncodeValue
CL 298069 differentiate error message on invalid wire type ids


CL 332689 reduce EncodeToString allocs
CL 463232 fix the parameter name in DecodeString's godoc
CL 465855 fix Decode output check regression


CL 27453 with ,string tag, decode []float*, []int*, []uint* from string slices
CL 31091 allow overriding type marshaling
CL 102158 encoding/xml: interface to omit marshalling empty structs
CL 129756 updated the documentation to use embedded fields instead of anonymous fields.
CL 132735 add UseStrictNames to json.Decoder
CL 135595 add direct write mode to Encoder
CL 136761 Add "nonil" struct tag for json encoding of nil slices/maps
CL 140305 permit any string as a struct field name
CL 152297 created json.UnknownFieldsError
CL 171737 improve error messages with a "json:" prefix
CL 172499 add example tests for Marshal/Unmarshal
CL 205897 Add `nilasempty` option
CL 211457 allow "-" to shadow by struct field name
CL 221117 clarify how we decode into structs
CL 224079 skip inexact matches after exact matches
CL 241179 Enable the json encoder to distinguish between 0, null, and empty values.
CL 242257 add Decoder.Token benchmark
CL 284078 increment byte counter when using decoder.Token
CL 284652 don't use the same name for nested loop variables
CL 324469 call UnmarshalJSON() when decoding with a unamed struct.
CL 355729 calculate correct SyntaxError.Offset in the stream
CL 395885 add benchmark for encode with indent
CL 412856 fix using omitempty in combination with MarshalJSON
CL 425877 optimize isValidNumber function
CL 430235 add Encoder.EncodeToken method
CL 437558 remove the struct field decoding index
CL 443778 reduce the number of allocations when decoding in streaming mode (Token API)
CL 455236 implement more intelligent encoder buffer pooling
CL 455277 do not use Buffer when no indent
CL 455776 Improve marshal/encode memory utilization


CL 150877 fix #bytes lineBreaker.Write returns
CL 282572 PEM multiline headers
CL 421636 clarify Decode only works on lines


CL 37945 add DOM-like API
CL 46433 Add xml attribute value normalization
CL 104655 fix normalization of attributes values
CL 107755 recognize xmlns as reserved
CL 108395 skip anonymous fields when unmarshaling
CL 108616 fix panic on embedded unexported XMLName
CL 108797 indent even when both indent and prefix are empty
CL 116056 fix printing of namespace prefix in tag names
CL 122486 support omitempty on custom marshalers
CL 127435 add RawXML token type and tests
CL 129756 updated the documentation to use embedded fields instead of anonymous fields.
CL 191962 disallow unknown elements/attributes in Decoder
CL 207850 clarify doc on XMLName and field tags
CL 272806 prevent multiple XMLNS attributes
CL 352229 fix 'unsupported type' error on interface{} attributes
CL 355353 support xmlns prefixes
CL 362243 optional Decoder field enforce
CL 426458 post process embedded fields
CL 442115 update XML name character ranges to current XML spec.
CL 442275 update HTML entities table to HTML5 and add test.
CL 452235 parser should not fail on XML version check in non-strict mode


CL 334875 add ErrUnsupported sentinel
CL 344690 provide examples for Is implementations


CL 288294 ensure Func returns valid JSON
CL 423296 use atomic types+methods instead of atomic functions to guarantee 8-byte alignments for Int and Float values


CL 417914 provide an option to access /index.html without 301 redirect


CL 264458 on Windows, make EvalSymlink work with long relative paths


CL 144103 add description of default values to docs
CL 416514 support func flags without arguments


CL 38259 speed up integer formatting using separate 32bit and 64bit functions
CL 68611 add example for Printf and Println functions fixed blank line before first example.
CL 110595 make scanning newlines work the same way on Windows and Linux
CL 132375 add doc example for Fprintf
CL 146024 clean up and slightly restructure Printf docs


CL 37759 add test to verify position recorded positions

CL 81935 Conditionally pluralize summary.
CL 115315 Allow users to set the log level for the root log15 handler.
CL 140719 Allow username in package name
CL 187097 Add extra scopes
CL 198098 Remove container max-width style inorder to see the documentation by utilizing the full device-width
CL 201481 Removed max-width to make site more comfortable to read
CL 205417 Add Rich data for as code provider

CL 122195 Missing HSTS-header

CL 73031 fix tests

CL 216098 remove search limit of 100 in searchAE

CL 205607 make log level configurable, default to info

CL 199717 migrate to go111

CL 38399 remove appengine libraries from main
CL 135536 fix expanding examples containing reserved characters
CL 135537 simplify onclick listener for example list

CL 28788 use go-github to fetch from GitHub
CL 163639 Add subdirectories to local mode
CL 169337 better vcs suffix support for github

CL 101255 Allow special character in header value in ParseValueAndParams


CL 435697 use fmt.Appendf
CL 446615 Filter build paths on staticly linked arches


CL 255657 add ast.Comment.EndSlash to fix End calculation
CL 281234 improve comment associations in empty function/loop/if bodies
CL 429639 record comments precisely in the syntax tree


CL 103239 document purego convention
CL 229098 fix duplicate in InvalidGoFiles
CL 269280 allow build tags to select syso files
CL 326249 trim filename extension starting at the final dot
CL 329655 enable GOENV for all tools
CL 404886 improve performance of Context.hasSubdir
CL 453603 parse directives in file headers


CL 273271 add test for #42838


CL 221940 update url matcher to exclude trailing chars
CL 450855 fix example generation for package prefixed with go-


CL 446775 correct indent of marker-mixed list on Doc comments


CL 436237 cleanup for temp/retire allocation idiom


CL 386003 unified IR workaround for #49906
CL 424877 further simplify unified IR importer
CL 455522 immediately call Interface.Complete


CL 339409 fix bad error message for local imports in module mode


CL 255021 an experiment in managing a dual object graph


CL 250037 relax ":=" statements
CL 255657 add ast.Comment.EndSlash to fix End calculation
CL 306389 optimize object resolution using a single map
CL 308612 improve error recovery in parseOperand
CL 343369 in ImportsOnly mode, don't collect comments after imports
CL 385757 fix parsing of unambiguous type parameter lists
CL 407536 remove unused func arg


CL 33294 steps towards fixing #16371
CL 162920 fix newline with a comment at the end
CL 292651 align renamed import paths
CL 461739 reuse go/token.FileSet.PositionFor calls in setPos
CL 461740 use offset integers in commentBefore
CL 461741 reduce even more repeated "get position" calls
CL 461743 reuse sizeCounter allocations
CL 461744 reuse trimmer allocations
CL 461745 avoid using a closure in stripParens
CL 461746 reuse between fprint calls


CL 279447 impl searchLineInfos and searchFiles helper func
CL 402115 fix pre-condition test in AddLineColumnInfo
CL 465616 delete a blank line


CL 113855 use binary search when looking up a method in a sorted list
CL 179184 change cap, len to return untyped int if result is constant (experiment)
CL 234525 type-check _cgo_gotypes.go as its own Package
CL 234526 replace Config.UsesCgo with Checker.CgoFiles
CL 239558 eagerly complete interfaces
CL 241264 formalize the concept of phase
CL 241265 check var decls last, allowing some simplification
CL 241266 remove the concept of 'final' type from updateExprType
CL 241267 refactor error handling in convertUntyped
CL 241268 (minor) use token.NoPos rather than 0 in a few places
CL 241269 special handling for shifts inside string conversions
CL 241270 experiment with rewinding type-checking to check hypothetical AST changes
CL 248722 decouple the type checker from go/ast
CL 255020 decouple the type checker from go/ast
CL 259447 introduce an interstitial typeAlias Type
CL 266798 customize error codes when checking assignability
CL 266799 add a codeKind lookup array
CL 276672 reorganize assignableTo predicate
CL 290750 use a stable ordering for methods
CL 334989 rename 'imported and not used' error to 'imported but not used'
CL 354639 only resolve underlying if it is *Named
CL 362802 fuzz our type hash
CL 363254 simplify Identical for defined types, and add sanity checks
CL 367054 speed up ExprString by using sync.Pool
CL 373414 unify the structural type of type parameters
CL 380375 unify structural types for external type parameters
CL 383074 put error causes on new line after a ':'
CL 383075 memoize scope.Names() result
CL 386003 unified IR workaround for #49906
CL 386005 enable tests skipped for unified IR
CL 386718 refine the check for invalid cycles through tparam lists
CL 390040 add a check to detect invalid substitution for inferred types
CL 397514 separate implementation of term from Term
CL 404876 change expandNamed into a mutating method
CL 404878 don't store tparams on instances
CL 404880 eliminate Named.fromRHS
CL 404882 simplify the loading interface
CL 410363 ensure that named types do not expand infinitely
CL 415334 exported predicates to return true for invalid types
CL 442676 factor out Pointer type to internal/types
CL 442677 factor out Chan type to internal/types
CL 444439 reveal guesswork in package path
CL 451220 do not infer external unexported types
CL 461601 introduce srcPos alias and simplify rewriting
CL 461613 use syntax.NewCommentMap instead of local copy


CL 378177 report access of unexported field/method


CL 446435 test the result of Mandelbrot200 benchmark


CL 77750 show interface method documentation

CL 235117 Do not rebuild gotip if the HEAD does not change
CL 429877 in china is not available, add flag -m to use china ustc mirror

CL 221978 exit with the exit code returned by cmd.Run
CL 310009 support user specified sdk directory
CL 310016 improve download progress formatting
CL 311209 add go1.2.2, go1.3.3 and go1.4.3

CL 240002 check out any ref, not just gerrit CL numbers

CL 439215 download versions to gopath

CL 7994 Insert the description of the change.

CL 57350 Read default mTLS endpoint from Discovery Doc

CL 57350 Read default mTLS endpoint from Discovery Doc


CL 155118 Runtime, an API for the hash function used by the Go runtime
CL 301189 add WriteString method to hash.Hash and all the algorithms
CL 430895 use encoding/binary for conversions


CL 410348 interleave PMULL with CRC to accelerate CRC32 for ARM64


CL 412834 improve EscapeString and UnescapeString performance using avx instructions on _amd64


CL 205419 define IncompleteTemplateErr type
CL 345030 Tree is only updated after Execute() is called
CL 419694 update document about the missing map key


CL 47255 pass reader through Decode and DecodeConfig when possible
CL 85475 Add documentation for methods on different Images
CL 243038 document security expectations
CL 323669 add ListFormats


CL 119319 fix acceptance of one non-significant byte in data


CL 125138 decomposes scan loops and pre-computes values
CL 260837 skip consecutive 0xff bytes
CL 382754 improve handling of JPEG restart markers in non-ideal cases
CL 430315 bypass support checking in processSOF for config only calling
CL 452335 return io.ErrUnexpectedEOF on truncated data


CL 417477 build large images incrementally


CL 411995 fix panic out of range when reading malformed indexes
CL 453015 improve Lookup performance


CL 455075 enable buildmode=pie for linux/loong64
CL 456240 swap-len-cap experiment
CL 456241 alleged changes for GOEXPERIMENT=swaplencap


CL 462995 refactor (basic) type struct into one definition
CL 463118 common up Method and Imethod types


CL 329649 rename non-string vars [generated]
CL 329650 uniform GO* variable handling
CL 329651 adopt go/build's GOROOT and GOPATH logic
CL 329652 adopt cmd/go's GOENV and GOROOT logic
CL 329655 enable GOENV for all tools
CL 402175 turn off GOEXPERIMENT=coverageredesign
CL 402176 turn on GOEXPERIMENT=coverageredesign by default
CL 422054 disable GOEXPERIMENT pacerredesign by default
CL 443275 remove unnecessary default handling for android/arm
CL 443276 only allow GOARM=7 for openbsd/arm


CL 379394 add SIMD prefix match for Index/amd64
CL 423376 move implementation of strings.Clone
CL 431100 simplify and improve compare on riscv64


CL 266457 align s390x support with x/sys/cpu
CL 271521 Add detection for OS support of AVX-512 and detection of CPU support for
CL 334230 Prefer XOR CX, CX over MOV 0, CX in xgetbv
CL 379394 add SIMD prefix match for Index/amd64


CL 399059 add base util functions for dwarf type info generating
CL 399063 copy and refactor newtype to dwarf package
CL 399879 add some util function for synthesize types
CL 399880 add synthesize type function
CL 402258 create dupok sym when create internal type


CL 446197 skip zero coef in VarTimeDoubleScalarBaseMult


CL 293794 consolidate float property-checking functions


CL 353429 prevent the fuzz fn from corrupting data
CL 356229 pass fuzz inputs over pipe instead of shared memory
CL 393660 cleanup entry handling
CL 430676 make T.Skip ignore inputs when fuzzing


CL 458577 add package, with PDEPQ and PEXTQ functions


CL 441835 improve comments


CL 405904 modify a test for changes in package naming


CL 454055 implemented CFG decomposition into SCCs to improve live range analysis.


CL 8683 implement FileConn, FileListener
CL 318729 use less allocations in UTF16PtrToString


CL 133941 add testenv.CompilerType() to denote between host compiler type
CL 407503 add BuildToolExec


CL 442675 add type.go, defining Type


CL 464336 use unsigned integers in file structs to avoid negative values


CL 385534 add ReadLinkFS interface


CL 284777 flag package and functions with the Deprecated marker


CL 260238 deadcode eliminate inits for unreachable variables
CL 334231 add .eh_frame section for amd64/arm64 ELF binaries
CL 387254 add option to debug compiler/linker on panic
CL 400634 support generating dwarf info when -linkshared


CL 451855 remove ReadDeadline for test Server


CL 49410 improve ParseAddress error for badly quoted display name


CL 367194 add keyboard navigation to coverage reports


CL 118895 add examples for functions which had none
CL 148737 Add examples for Log10, Min, Max, Mod, and Modf
CL 339849 add ARM64 implementation of hypot
CL 340629 add ARM64 implementation of frexp
CL 340669 add ARM64 Abs assembly implementation
CL 369534 add some benchmark
CL 436296 implement Abs function using generics
CL 448216 improve math.Log to handle subnormal floating number on amd64
CL 459435 add Compare and Compare32
CL 463988 support Clamp and Clamp01 methods


CL 17910 faster printing of floats with huge exponents
CL 123497 improve threshold calibration for karatsuba
CL 266201 implement Schönhage–Strassen fft algorithm
CL 301710 add fuzzer
CL 334885 add Int.AddInt64, Int.SubInt64 Int.CmpInt64
CL 390174 encoding *big.Rat nil pointer return text <nil>
CL 402457 limit search for non-square in ModSqrt
CL 426674 add Log10 (decimal logarithm) function for type *Int, *Float and *Rat
CL 446416 make (*Int).MarshalText use bits.Len(X)-1 instead of math.Log2(X)


CL 195202 Add examples for platform independent functions
CL 234957 modify the sample generation rules
CL 320112 use Wilkes-Wheeler-Gill algorithm for OnesCount64


CL 463016 the power of zero to y > 0 is always zero


CL 352689 update NewSource document
CL 465037 use fastrand64 if possible


CL 300249 fix FormatMediaType's RFC 2616 compliance
CL 380734 add .ico to builtin types
CL 418556 range glob expansions in type_unix.go


CL 87657 add Writer example
CL 423736 change %v to %w for EOF error


CL 133940 adjust tests to be compatible with MSVC toolchain support
CL 328049 restore .edata section checking on amd64 and 386


CL 76373 add runtime.CallersFrames benchmark


CL 408074 [release-branch.go1.17] disable unhelpful GCC warning


CL 425479 enable c-shared test on loong64


CL 320911 testing
CL 321313 investigate


CL 404754 add testcases for dwarf info of buildmode shared


CL 196378 force TLS accesses on a non-main thread


CL 299089 clean up the gophertool HTML


CL 300829 change to explicitly use python3 in Xcode


CL 204619 allow Uint8ClampedArray with copyBytesToJS/copyBytesToGo


CL 125258 fix typo and add one more example to -fix


CL 320113 alldocs: assist the digest of module documentation
CL 339290 fix inspect go env when there is $GOPATH/go.mod exists
CL 453895 Replace import error message from goroot to std


CL 190217 encode non-US-ASCII characters in Content-Disposition


CL 8683 implement FileConn, FileListener
CL 29310 Implement UnixConn.GetPeerCredentials
CL 73830 recognize non-LDH domain names as valid per RFC 1035
CL 84696 use NetEnabled for TestInterfaceHardwareAddrWithWmic
CL 86575 update documentation on IP transport for network parameter
CL 86576 update documentation on IPConn and UPDConn
CL 97975 empty write to pipe should not block
CL 105095 make concurrent socket system calls in test safe
CL 105715 use callpathSW in TestDialContextCancelRace
CL 120956 drop the use of syscall package in platform-independent code
CL 132437 extend documentation for net.FileConn()
CL 147378 clarify the behavior of ListenConfig.Listen{,Packet} with context
CL 162037 add Sys field to Interface for system-dependent information
CL 202599 Add LookupSOA methods
CL 221798 IPv6 network does not contain IPv4 to IPv6 translated addresses
CL 233577 add Backlog knob to ListenConfig
CL 247397 fix shadowing for vairable name
CL 263557 document where OpError.Op values can be found
CL 268259 expand IP when octets are missing
CL 273673 set and restore console codepage in runCmd
CL 287452 propagate context expiry
CL 290149 report local address on unsuccessful TCP dial attempts
CL 314989 clarify return values from Lookup* calls
CL 317110 adding IsNotFound to DNSError returned from cgo reverse resolution
CL 319593 add tcp WriteTo func to enable splice socket data to file
CL 322889 deprecate Temporary error status
CL 338069 fix file mode in unix domain socket on Windows
CL 343149 listen on specified multicast address
CL 358935 add GODEBUG knob to panic unspecified listens
CL 363374 add missing AddrPort Listen and Dial functions for UDP and TCP
CL 365396 Add avif image type detection to content type sniffing
CL 369554 add description to Resolver.LookupSRV
CL 372401 start interrupter only if context may be cancelled
CL 428355 ServeContent sends 200 when content is empty and range include 0
CL 442375 The Go DNS resolver on Windows should filter disabled interfaces
CL 450856 call getSystemDNSConfig inside lookupWithFake to avoid nil dereference panic when running tests alone
CL 454397 use getaddrinfo while searching for cname on unix systems
CL 455275 rework the unified CNAME handling on unix
CL 457439 don't return errno from _C_res_nsearch
CL 459955 treat EAI_NODATA as errNoSuchHost
CL 462040 update comment attempts query
CL 462051 retry if GetAddrInfoW returns WSTRY_AGAIN when resolving an IP


CL 55613 Try best to reuse tcp connection when early close case.
CL 103696 avoid incorrect redirection on paths containing encoded slashes
CL 111136 replace HTTP CONNECT client implementation
CL 127550 add an example for Client.Do and NewRequest
CL 132479 don't run backgroundRead if connection was hijacked
CL 191779 document additional uses of Requesty.GetBody()
CL 200437 don't cancel hijacked connection's request context
CL 210123 rewind request body on ErrSkipAltProtocol
CL 212408 document shallow cloning of some Request fields
CL 221677 document that SetCookie can quote the value
CL 227438 prototype ServerTraceState to capture state of a request being handled
CL 234961 fix readCookies unable to parse out cookies that are not well written If cookie like "; xmuuid=XMGUEST-FCF117BF-4D1B-272F-829D-25E19826D4F8;type=protobuf", we can't get the cookie value Fixes #39087
CL 235523 add examples for disabling HTTP/2 in Transport
CL 250837 add a package to parse and serialize Structured Field Values
CL 251518 add CONNECT example for http.Transport
CL 271498 get rid of dot(.) from url in code document
CL 289929 add new error type to be returned on unsuccessful CONNECT request
CL 291636 continue using referer header if it's present
CL 295829 support mulit same transfer-encoding header
CL 310529 add MaxBodyBytes to Server
CL 311789 clarify that certFile doesn't require the root CA's certificate
CL 318690 add test for proxyAuth
CL 321369 fix hijack hang at abortPendingRead
CL 327474 add MaxConnLifespan to Transport
CL 328711 fix blocking finishAsyncByteRead.Read method
CL 340570 add a RoundTripperFunc helper
CL 345795 clarify TimeoutHandler buffer writes to memory
CL 352116 allow users to enable the default http round tripper debug logging
CL 364754 specify origin of non-200 proxy status errors
CL 374415 add client option to retain the auth/cookie headers
CL 376934 improve documentation of a Client request
CL 380674 fix memory leak in http.Transport
CL 381694 Client wraps context errors
CL 381956 set/override Content-Length for encoded range requests
CL 382117 expose "http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client" error
CL 385874 support http2requestBody.Close() being called multiple times concurrently
CL 386994 add doc details regarding Transport retries
CL 400174 DetectContentType: add audio/amr signature
CL 403077 centralize mgmt of TLS trace events
CL 406554 return an error if Write is called after WriteTimeout
CL 413975 change variable initialization order
CL 417014 copy Authorization header when redirect from http to https Fixes #35104
CL 420174 work in progress per-request timeouts
CL 420414 check dir from query parameter or form values if contains DotDot for ServeFile
CL 420574 export `errCannotRewind`
CL 425786 reduce calls to append() in hexEscapeNonASCII() to gain a slight performance boost
CL 431155 http2 conn serve's net.Conn type assertion supports non *tls.Conn types
CL 431577 add support for proxy basic authentication
CL 434195 fix typo in socks_bundle.go
CL 440795 set Request.TLS when net.Conn implements ConnectionState
CL 441956 DetectContentType detects video/x-flv content type for .flv
CL 445777 prints offending linebreak in the chunked error
CL 446276 use Copy in ServeContent if CopyN not needed
CL 447916 convert URL credentials to Authorization header for js fetch
CL 450115 WIP refactoring to remove h2_bundle.go
CL 456435 use copyBufPool in transferWriter.doBodyCopy()
CL 458395 support streaming POST content in wasm
CL 458876 check for nil, nil return from DialContext as well as Dial
CL 463222 remove five second timeout from TestTransportClosesBodyOnError
CL 463750 utilize statusError's Error() string
CL 463978 improve js fetch errors
CL 465035 add ResponseController http2 request without body read deadline test
CL 465157 fix race in http2chunkWriter.Write


CL 454975 set SERVER_PORT to 443 when req.TLS != nil


CL 345989 optimize id and remove import fmt


CL 182917 make it possible to use a Server (TLS or not) to test cookies
CL 227924 add a regression test for #38370
CL 442215 add support for 1XX responses
CL 455775 add UDS http server


CL 186217 create internal copy of ClientTrace in WithClientTrace


CL 191937 empty outgoing request's Host once it is cloned by ReverseProxy.ServeHTTP
CL 215637 add support for X-Forwarded-Proto, X-Forwarded-Host and an option to not trust forwarded headers in ReverseProxy
CL 227773 test Dump functions with a real http.Client and http.RoundTripper
CL 263272 replace deprecated CloseNotifier method
CL 330589 add network optimize item when send small body
CL 374276 This change modifies Go to not add trailing slash on a direct reverse proxy Fixes #50337
CL 392514 reduce mem allocs for dummyBody client request dumps
CL 444375 set HOST header always


CL 248700 add examples


CL 105095 make concurrent socket system calls in test safe


CL 461605 proper ipv6 address parsing


CL 139077 add Address.NameAddr method
CL 139177 decode RFC 2047 encoded strings within quotes
CL 238118 declare that domain parsing is less strict than expected
CL 344269 fix EOF error while reading header-only message


CL 361116 add testable examples
CL 443295 Add function Network() for netip Addr to make it support the interface of net.Addr
CL 445275 Need to unmap the Addr in AddrFromSlice due to that there may be an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address


CL 104435 fix the bug which makes golang cannot handle smtp fail-auth
CL 242017 add Client.TLSConfig field and Client.SendMail method


CL 85195 Add an example for textproto.Conn
CL 170317 simplify commonHeader initialization


CL 166464 reduce allocation on building URL String func
CL 168559 make URL.String parse and escape query
CL 172157 Parse allow ASCII percent-encoded chars in host
CL 174998 rework shouldEscape func to bitmask flag
CL 318289 fix documentation quotes
CL 392334 use look up table
CL 417395 normalize hex values before comparision


CL 219229 nop-only, align functions and jumps for better performance


CL 51414 add example for os.Readlink
CL 84896 use jobs to wait for process completion on windows
CL 87658 add example for os.PathError
CL 125261 remove read-only directories on windows
CL 170077 clarify that IsNotExist, IsExist, IsPermission and IsTimeout work with nil errors
CL 191313 fix ambiguous documentation of type FileMode
CL 201157 support Stat("CON") on Windows
CL 211801 implement FindProcess on Darwin instead of noop
CL 219638 make Chtimes accept empty time values to skip file time modification
CL 227457 permit Rename to read-only file on Windows
CL 228892 restart interrupted syscall on Plan 9
CL 246158 clarify the purpose of Process.Release method on Unix systems
CL 265037 fallback to open symlinks
CL 307170 set the correct op while returning errors from WriteAt, ReadFrom, ReadAt
CL 337449 hold fewer directory-reading buffers in memory
CL 338069 fix file mode in unix domain socket on Windows
CL 340769 document Getwd-related failures
CL 373354 set file mode for pipes on windows
CL 373355 return value for Stat() for files with a reserved name on windows
CL 374394 return EISDIR when ReadFile is attempted on a directory on windows.
CL 395255 unify the two RemoveAll implementations
CL 409294 add handling of os.Interrupt for windows
CL 410434 don't check for IsExist in MkdirAll example
CL 415094 do not call CreateSymbolicLink again if err is not ERROR_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD nor ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER
CL 416775 implement fs.ReadFileFS for DirFS
CL 448315 remove read-only directories in Remove on Windows
CL 449796 document File.Fd blocking mode behavior
CL 451895 use testenv.Command instead of exec.Command in tests
CL 451997 don't try to put directory into non-blocking mode
CL 458136 handle trailing spaces case on MkdirAll
CL 462041 add test for UserCacheDir
CL 463840 remove unconditional wait sleep on Windows
CL 466015 support zero-copy from TCP socket to file


CL 213337 add examples for exec.Error and exec.ExitError
CL 401895 export the Context field


CL 369017 remove delay on Wait() for a process for windows


CL 264937 add examples for Current function
CL 452497 make Windows user lookup treat well-known groups as valid accounts
CL 459455 lookup Linux users and groups via systemd userdb


CL 227958 add security note to Clean and related examples
CL 340769 document Getwd-related failures
CL 437300 optimize Clean for clean paths


CL 106975 TestEvalSymlinks tests with "/" prefix fail in Windows
CL 111355 short-circuit VolumeName calls
CL 227958 add security note to Clean and related examples
CL 437300 optimize Clean for clean paths


CL 142000 replace bits = bits + "..." to bits += "..." where bits is a string.
CL 142001 Replace stk[:] to stk where stk is a slice.
CL 380454 support limit the max number for dumping goroutines.


CL 63651 arena allocation API experiment
CL 114002 arena allocation API experiment
CL 179338 replace type assertion with a call to Type.common()
CL 191199 treat nil Value ptr as zero value of type
CL 224577 Dan's arena
CL 262157 ValueError: acknowledge it applies to non-receiver arguments
CL 275673 add example to SliceHeader
CL 284222 add Value.CallWith and Value.CallSliceWith
CL 378634 use binary search in MethodByName
CL 402315 change reflect.Ptr to reflect.Pointer
CL 408826 allow Value be stack allocated
CL 413474 do not escape Value.Type
CL 429856 make NewAt inlineable
CL 441937 make Value.IsZero not escape
CL 452762 deprecate SliceHeader and StringHeader
CL 454895 document when a returned value is addressable


CL 312714 add case judgement before scanning T's and V's methods


CL 162828 use step in allMatches instead of manually processing runes


CL 87795 examples for Regexp.NumSubexp method
CL 118115 Clarify MatchString documentation.
CL 142197 add examples for regexp functions
CL 171417 Scan backwards for patterns ending in $
CL 171597 improve test coverage
CL 188800 optimize for provably too long inputs
CL 353711 allow patterns with no alternates to be one-pass
CL 354909 speed up onepass prefix check
CL 358756 handle prefix string with fold-case
CL 377294 allow prefix string anchored at beginning
CL 453876 add explicit test for bytes version of match function
CL 453877 add comment in example test describing tricky behavior


CL 404100 test for lowercase letters first in IsWordChar


CL 320529 never pass the -no-rebuild flag to dist test


CL 3027 (SUPER HACKY) refactor runtime with adonovan's sockdrawer
CL 5461 system topology discovery
CL 5760 faster timers
CL 8194 more tests of deadlock detection
CL 9499 factor out object start computation
CL 9540 split greyobject into greyobject and checkmarkObject
CL 9541 push heapBitsForObject into greyobject/checkmarkObject
CL 9542 grey objects in bulk
CL 9873 add a more extensive gdb test for backtracing
CL 10110 Make forEachP more robust
CL 10553 always set iscgo=true on windows
CL 14071 (EXTRA HACKY) pull atomics out into pkg runtime/internal/atomic
CL 15560 direct bitmap allocation
CL 16296 signal forwarding for darwin-386
CL 21287 Assist ratio schemes code
CL 23432 ring buffer for binary debug logging
CL 25060 fix thread spinning in needm
CL 30013 move memstats.gc_trigger to gcController.gcTrigger
CL 30132 map a huge page at a time
CL 30133 rewrite persistentalloc to eliminate internal fragmentation
CL 33809 use frame pointers for callers
CL 34031 user events
CL 34291 bound number of sweeps per allocation
CL 34930 consolidate minPhysPageSize and minLegalPointer
CL 37335 augment inuse heap profile with collected garbage
CL 37732 enable c-archive on all Unix and Windows systems
CL 38180 add SchedStats API
CL 40294 perform card marking in the write barrier
CL 40295 inline card mark on write barrier fast path
CL 42931 benchmark page fault performance
CL 44012 elapsed time tracking utilities
CL 44339 benchmark for lots of itabs
CL 45142 start goroutines with a 16K stack
CL 46411 augment inuse heap profile with collected garbage
CL 47270 heap characterization
CL 56591 low level card marking types and functions
CL 56592 heap characterization
CL 59390 strength reduce key pointer calculations in generic map functions
CL 60430 improve makemap overflow checks
CL 61191 specialize makeslice calls
CL 62971 reduce contention in gcDrain
CL 63651 arena allocation API experiment
CL 65010 generational scratch pad
CL 65210 fix unpaired atomic operations
CL 67610 heap characteristics cleanup
CL 67611 add Syslook logic
CL 67612 Remove flaky buildModePie test
CL 67613 improve comments and print statements
CL 72650 use a spin loop to wait before stealing runnext
CL 77651 internal access to Linux perf_events API
CL 80975 allowUnsafePointerMaps
CL 95676 mark itab go:notinheap
CL 98335 Expose MemStats for previous GC cycles.
CL 105357 Add card marking
CL 105358 Sanity checks on pointer maps
CL 105359 generational scratch changes
CL 105360 fixup commit
CL 105361 fixup for early return if card marking is not on.
CL 105362 scratch work DO NOT MAIL
CL 105363 Standardize wb buffer ordering
CL 105364 Allow unsafe pointer maps and add card counters
CL 105365 Schedule generational vs. full cycle
CL 105366 Generational WB performance cleanup.
CL 105367 Gen GC without Write Barriers
CL 105368 Generational GC optimization
CL 105369 No WB cards with span granularity
CL 105370 No WB with N cards/span
CL 105371 No WB cards with rehash at full GC
CL 105372 No WB cards that reseeds hash at full GC
CL 105373 Collect no WB card stats
CL 109417 improve performance of grow() in mheap.go
CL 111356 use CLOCK_BOOTTIME in nanotime on Linux
CL 112199 noWBCards buffering for aeshash
CL 114002 arena allocation API experiment
CL 122577 test g0 stack overflow handling on all OSes
CL 125216 add windows verion of TestPanicSystemstack
CL 136555 experimental GC-related changes to scheduling
CL 136715 adjust mark-assist boost, put info in trace
CL 137475 panic if tidExist returns unexpected error
CL 137476 constants and data structures for generational GC
CL 137477 card table initialization
CL 137478 process a shard of cards
CL 137479 is GC cycle full or generational
CL 137480 divide card scanning work
CL 137481 make mark bits sticky
CL 137482 trigger generational GC
CL 137483 debugging and trace aids
CL 138961 helper to compute span's "fullness"
CL 138962 use asynchronous sweeping for small allocations
CL 138963 simplify sweepone result
CL 139101 use wrappers for op= map operations
CL 139458 debug racy/re-entrant gcWork use
CL 144099 add support for -buildmode=c-shared for GOARCH=mips{,le}
CL 148823 wire g and p
CL 148901 preempt goroutines that make repeated syscalls/cgo calls
CL 148978 hack for span allocation tracing
CL 153359 enhance memmove() function using SVE instructions
CL 155539 add zerobase tests
CL 159377 calculate young object mortality rates
CL 160497 add pairing heap implementation
CL 162159 calculate pointer hashing times
CL 169837 support for getting snapshots from perf record
CL 171720 new timers
CL 172057 tweaks to permit high inlining levels
CL 176218 record locks held by M
CL 180077 add back elided stack footer on traces of over 100 depth
CL 183317 fix SetMaxHeap semantics
CL 184442 unscavenge span without heap lock
CL 184497 block on background scavenger only if necessary
CL 185617 avoid re-acquiring heap lock in scavengeLocked
CL 187137 keep track of netpoll usage
CL 187817 bound small object sweeping to 100 spans
CL 190617 change the page size to 64 KiB
CL 191000 avoid panicking on sigaction failure for SIGRTMAX-1
CL 192703 retain build tags in GOFLAGS
CL 193857 make the scavenger sleep for a computed time if its ahead
CL 193858 fix huge page breaking logic in scavengeSplit
CL 194657 add GODEBUG=stwtrace=1
CL 195577 enable go programs to crash on windows
CL 200397 add allocation latency histogram
CL 202082 make use of unsafe.Slice
CL 202449 simplify mtab.init
CL 202452 improve interface conversion panic text
CL 207442 experiment with less aggressive GC-ing based on triggerRatio
CL 208218 stress testing for non-cooperative preemption
CL 211307 use monontonic time consistently on Windows
CL 212301 use frame pointers to implement physicalCallers(), speed up trace
CL 212638 disable scavenge
CL 212639 disable the scavenger
CL 214139 add a not-empty field atomically checked to reduce timer lock overhead
CL 214585 remove page allocator fast path and spin
CL 214999 arrange to stop tickers when they are garbage collected
CL 221517 inject a VZEROUPPER on darwin/amd64 even if we don't preempt
CL 221981 save signal context before calling sigpanic on unix/windows
CL 223797 prefer to wake an idle P when enlisting bg mark workers
CL 224577 Dan's arena
CL 226284 remove TODO comment about NOFRAME, now done
CL 226517 avoid array clone during cgo call
CL 228577 expand BenchmarkWakeupParallel tests
CL 228817 add alloctrace
CL 228820 simplify and optimize memmove for amd64
CL 228893 implement async preemption on Plan 9
CL 233361 deflake TestSpuriousWakeupsNeverHangSemasleep
CL 241080 don't smash the frame pointer slot in asmcgocall on ARM64
CL 241158 adjust frame pointer on stack copy on ARM64
CL 242397 assume worst-case scan work in revise with max heap
CL 244633 fixes so fp is correct for open-coded defers called in same frame after a recovery
CL 246579 use atomic decIfPositive
CL 246657 increase/decrease npidle counter before operate pidle list
CL 250183 fix missing osStackAlloc/osStackFree for stackFromSystem
CL 251060 object lifetime prediction
CL 253398 deprecate SetCPUProfileRate
CL 266939 reduce cache line use of AES hash on 386/amd64
CL 267417 disable preemption in startm (systemstack)
CL 268517 use calculated limits instead of 1<<31-1 as max for printing tracebacks
CL 272132 simplify showframe arguments
CL 275895 save and restore R3 on mips64 load_g
CL 277373 simplify slicebytetostring
CL 277374 remove stale comment on bucket
CL 286972 add M id to traces
CL 288232 only recheck for wasSpinning
CL 290410 improve stack memory allocation speed
CL 293959 remove unnecessary bitwise XOR in noescape
CL 299649 use Haswell instructions in scanobject
CL 303349 set up TLS for runtime·clone
CL 306673 rename _m_ to mp
CL 308972 demonstrate use of internal/align
CL 312215 use unsafe.Add and unsafe.Slice
CL 315830 delay SetConsoleCtrlHandler until runtime.main
CL 317918 remove all testprog.Lock in signal_windows_test.go
CL 317932 add missing persistentalloc memstats
CL 321789 exit harder in badsignal2
CL 330109 optimize multiple EOR with EOR3 on ARM64
CL 330471 call poll with timeout==0 on AIX
CL 334878 fix types in openbsd/amd64 and openbsd/arm64 libc assembly
CL 334991 add check before using arguments with -buildmode=c-archive and -buildmode=c-shared on non glibc systems such as musl/uclinux
CL 343071 implement largeiface GOEXPERIMENT
CL 345089 add and use runtime/internal/sys.NotInHeap instead of //go:notinheap
CL 348735 support -buildmode=c-shared on linux/mips64{,le}
CL 351131 add an experiment to disable idle GC mark workers
CL 356109 add missing //go:nosplit for efaceOf
CL 356253 reduce unnecessary return in netpoll
CL 357389 remove AVX checks in memmove for GOAMD64>=v3
CL 362936 rewrite the entries in moduledata.itablinks when loading a plugin
CL 363095 add makebyteslice and growbyteslice
CL 363417 use epoll_pwait2 for netpoll if available
CL 367046 refine fuzzing instrumentation counters
CL 367076 add workaround for exynos CPU and enable LSE atomics in Android
CL 367295 clean tls_arm64.h up
CL 367296 implement Pinner API for object pinning
CL 368135 clean up atomicAllGs API
CL 369494 add missing //go:nosplit for Windows context methods
CL 370664 use runTestProg in more places
CL 370665 use testenv.RunWithTimeout liberally
CL 370874 debugging print for netbsd crash
CL 371615 take LLC size into account for memclr_amd64
CL 381196 fix badsignal2 to initialize r3 with a valid address
CL 385517 optimize concatstring*
CL 387254 add option to debug compiler/linker on panic
CL 387874 track on-cpu time per goroutine
CL 387975 prototype CL showing possible implementation of arenas
CL 390035 don't unmap arena chunk address regions, make them fault instead
CL 390036 recycle arena address space when no more pointers are found
CL 392314 let sysmon sleep in netpoll if possible
CL 395899 debug mappedReady
CL 397016 create async work queue to handle runtime triggers
CL 397517 resolve #52093
CL 401760 mention nosplitvis in HACKING
CL 402094 add check before using arguments with -buildmode=c-archive and -buildmode=c-shared on non glibc systems such as musl/uclinux
CL 404175 document debugCallV2 behavior around the RFLAGS register
CL 405549 avoid staticinit dependency with sigsetAllExiting
CL 405657 optimize memmove of overlapping regions based on cache size
CL 406574 reduce useless computation when memoryLimit is off
CL 407509 eliminate cache miss in findObject path
CL 407735 allow page marks to be set on any page of the span
CL 407736 remove heap lock acquisition in the page reclaimer
CL 408827 check heap to stack pointers
CL 410796 supports configurable CPU profiling method Start
CL 410797 add perfEventOpen, fcntl, and ioctl system calls
CL 410798 support PMU events based cpu profiling for linux
CL 410799 support more PMU events
CL 415817 switch openbsd/mips64 to pthreads
CL 416035 remove the fake mstart caller in systemstack on linux/loong64
CL 416455 use better line numbers and names for wrappers
CL 416814 document optional now int64 args/results more, update js/wasm beforeIdle
CL 417480 remove unused crashTest
CL 419314 update doc on ThreadCreateProfile, "threadcreate"
CL 419435 print a stack trace at "morestack on g0"
CL 420114 add plugin support for linux/riscv64
CL 420895 allow stale span pointers in the page reclaimer
CL 420977 refactor the linux/loong64 entrypoint
CL 421075 switch openbsd/mips64 locking to libc
CL 421076 switch runtime to libc for openbsd/mips64
CL 421077 convert syscall on openbsd/mips64 to libc
CL 421078 save and restore callee-save across signals on openbsd/mips64
CL 421615 cleanup timer codes
CL 421656 implement cputicks with the stable counter on loong64
CL 422978 fast clock_gettime on FreeBSD, add support for pvclock(kvmclock) and Hyper-V reference TSC
CL 423116 always collect M creation stack
CL 423134 fix "morestack on g0" check for wasm
CL 423135 halt after calling runtime.bad* from wasm
CL 423136 atomically load and update panicking
CL 423137 replace custom dying check with startpanic_m
CL 425175 check that a span is noscan before scanning memory
CL 425299 calculate nanoseconds in usleep on linux/loong64
CL 425300 add comment for sys_linux_loong64
CL 425474 add support for --buildmode=c-shared on loong64
CL 425483 move sysmon deep sleep to separate function
CL 425514 convert p.runqhead and p.runqtail to atomic types
CL 426214 fix misleading comments in amd64 assembly
CL 426355 save/fetch g register during VDSO on loong64
CL 426356 save/restore callee-saved registers in loong64's sigtramp
CL 426614 use SwissTable
CL 426834 always initialize heap bits for a span
CL 430375 ignore "unknown pc" error in TestSegv/Segv
CL 430435 add thread wakeup count metrics
CL 430436 add goroutine run time metric
CL 430437 add thread wakeup histogram metric
CL 430438 add sysmon sleep metrics
CL 434795 count total pointer updates
CL 435337 record parent goroutine ID, and print it in stack traces
CL 436395 manage huge pages more explicitly
CL 437955 WIP allocation headers experiment
CL 443276 only allow GOARM=7 for openbsd/arm
CL 444095 use freeMStack named constant in assembly
CL 444618 check for nil gp.m in gentraceback.go
CL 445375 increase CPU profile stack size limit
CL 446895 mark morestack_noctxt SPWRITE for linux/loong64
CL 447360 add sysNoHugePage
CL 447615 TESTING smooth cons/mark with a moving average and use actual trigger
CL 447778 reimplement GODEBUG=cgocheck=2 as a GOEXPERIMENT
CL 447779 remove the restriction that write barrier ptrs come in pairs
CL 449735 avoid finding own Gosched goroutine
CL 449815 use epoll_pwait2 where available
CL 450736 initialize the memory limit in mallocinit
CL 451216 replace mspan.limit with mspan.datasize
CL 451359 use smaller fields for mspan.freeindex and nelems
CL 451915 reconcile stack size
CL 452555 replace panic(nil) with panic(new(runtime.PanicNil))
CL 453622 flush each P's page cache at the end of each GC cycle
CL 453623 reduce retainExtraPercent
CL 454735 This change modifies Go to fix wrong name in proc.go comment
CL 454855 remove the je 8 branch from amd64's memclrNoHeapPointers
CL 455418 immediately handoff P before returning to C host program
CL 456240 swap-len-cap experiment
CL 456241 alleged changes for GOEXPERIMENT=swaplencap
CL 457875 allow SEH tramps handle non-Go exception
CL 458215 don't track stack separately in gentraceback
CL 458216 eliminate waspanic from gentraceback
CL 458217 resolve caller funcInfo after processing current frame
CL 458218 implement traceback iterator
CL 458256 expose auxv for use by x/sys/cpu
CL 458955 write minidump when crashing on windows
CL 460316 disable huge pages for GC metadata for small heaps
CL 460375 make the memory limit heap goal headroom proportional
CL 460376 check for overflow in sweep assist
CL 460541 reduce sysmon goroutine preemption
CL 461715 stress testing for non-cooperative preemption
CL 462437 don't inject a sigpanic if not on user G stack
CL 462515 increase map bucket size from 8 to 16.
CL 463227 fix sequential consistency of sync/atomic.Store* when in race mode
CL 463742 change _panic.argp from FP to SP
CL 463743 add wasm atomic operations
CL 463835 frame pointer unwinding for tracer
CL 465097 skip trailing wrappers in runtime_expandFinalInlineFrame
CL 465975 correct typos
CL 466055 use explicit NOFRAME on darwin/amd64


CL 120858 use pthread stack bounds on Linux
CL 133938 MSVC toolchain support in cgo native code
CL 392854 store M for C-created thread in pthread key


CL 443975 add legacy conversion apis for coverage data
CL 463695 restrict use of all counter-related APIs to atomic mode


CL 46751 add SetMaxHeap API
CL 227767 [release-branch.go1.14] add SetMaxHeap API


CL 465516 remove Bswap{32|64} assembly for 386


CL 387874 track on-cpu time per goroutine


CL 97495 change default cpu sample rate to 99 Hz.
CL 163137 removed code duplication and changed writer for tabwriter
CL 188499 add new LabelSet construction helper to reduce allocations
CL 241138 remove labelMap indirection
CL 404697 add counting profile and sampling
CL 419314 update doc on ThreadCreateProfile, "threadcreate"
CL 443835 make TestConvertCPUProfile more resilient


CL 322569 update forcePreemptNS magic number


CL 286033 add comment when schedule in the GC mark phase


CL 132676 document missing params for WithRegion
CL 387954 dump encoded trace to failure log
CL 401777 record HeapGoal when StartTrace
CL 446975 record goroutine labels in execution trace


CL 241679 new package with constants for Int, Uint, Uintptr, Int8, etc.
CL 242018 consolidate hardware size constants


CL 101415 implement asymptotically optimal Stable
CL 236778 use math/bits.Len32 for log2(length) instead of loop
CL 237437 improve speed of HeapSort


CL 367694 documentation expand


CL 290870 move comments about method types and literals
CL 332231 link "addressable" to its definition
CL 381954 fix links to some headers in the page
CL 385536 dummy CL to hold feedback
CL 397174 fix typo in go_spec.html
CL 400095 permit write defined type in type term
CL 413714 add section on reference types
CL 461611 clearer prose describing result of recover
CL 461614 clarify effects of calling recover (take 2)


CL 333832 skip recording returnedAt for fixed conn pool


CL 406076 apply gofmt -w -s .
CL 406395 apply gofmt -w -s -a .
CL 406397 apply gofmt -w -s .
CL 450057 replace with


CL 349790 perfect bytes.Title BUG comments


CL 425046 provide more meaningful panic message


CL 183677 partial prototype for open-coded defers.

step 1

CL 442295 rename maxPlaintext to defaultMaxPlaintext

step 2

CL 442296 add extension to marshal

step 3

CL 442297 serverhello marshal

step 4

CL 442298 add maxPlaintext to conn and halfconn

step 5

CL 442299 set client to default max

step 6

CL 442300 set processhello

step 7

CL 442301 server tls13

step 8

CL 442302 set default max plaintext in Client

step 9

CL 443378 set default max plaintext in Server


CL 172077 benchmark large string in AppendQuoteToASCII
CL 336749 add example for QuotedPrefix
CL 343876 document lack of up-front UTF-8 checks in Unquote
CL 412338 rely on utf8.AppendRune


CL 286112 add comment when format print float but Grisu3 algorithm failed


CL 66374 simplify (*byteReplacer).WriteString
CL 77092 switch Index to the Two-Way string matching algorithm
CL 266538 use SIMD for LastIndexByte on amd64
CL 303274 adjust and add tests for strings.Index and strings.LastIndex
CL 334884 add Clone
CL 336431 document properties of EqualFold
CL 408116 add CommonPrefixLen function
CL 425052 return early in ToUpper()/ToLower() when it's non-ASCII to reduce indents
CL 456336 avoid unnecessary zero initialization


CL 16469 make Mutex fair
CL 33272 deflake TestWaitGroupMisuse2
CL 60570 Deduplicate some code in sync/map.go
CL 127552 add an example for Mutex
CL 132935 add examples for Map and Map.Range
CL 136115 clarify proper Pool usage for dynamically sized buffers
CL 153598 added an example for sync.Cond
CL 174205 add examples for Mutex and RWMutex
CL 215359 add benchmark for issue 17973.
CL 215360 refactor RWMutex slightly to prepare for future changes.
CL 215361 Implement a version of RWMutex that can avoid cache contention.
CL 215362 Implement a procLocal abstraction.
CL 215364 implement the RWMutex's lockTable type.
CL 215365 write a benchmark for RLocks with a full table.
CL 234497 document the happens-before guarantees made by WaitGroup.
CL 314229 improve sync.Pool object stealing
CL 329769 faster RWMutex for writers
CL 337390 add an example for Map
CL 337393 replace the incorrect Pool usage example
CL 416476 optimize the memory padding in poolLocal struct
CL 417955 randomize Pool behavior in race mode
CL 450056 convert Map tests to fuzzing test
CL 451356 implement OnceFunc, OnceValue, and OnceValues
CL 462299 mark some internal runtime go:linkname'd functions noescape


CL 105041 split examples to a different file
CL 133656 add example for CompareAndSwapInt32
CL 395214 add typed atomic values
CL 462298 mark all but unsafe.Pointer functions noescape


CL 8683 implement FileConn, FileListener
CL 18253 extra error source info for StartProcess
CL 84896 use jobs to wait for process completion on windows
CL 160828 perform environment variable sort for createEnvBlock
CL 162037 add Sys field to Interface for system-dependent information
CL 180398 allow returning thread handle from StartProcess
CL 208537 add WSAENOBUFS and WSAEMFILE error codes to mark them as temporary.
CL 237737 add Get/Set methods to Stat_t.Size, Flock_t.{Start,Len}
CL 242999 document Sysinfo_t
CL 288272 introduce SysProcAttr.ProcThreadAttributeList
CL 391835 Add double quotes if parameter contain special symbols
CL 415995 make use of StartupInfo.Reserved2 on Windows
CL 421077 convert syscall on openbsd/mips64 to libc
CL 421441 avoid serializing forks on ForkLock
CL 430875 Makes copies from JS to Go more efficient
CL 458335 add jail support to ForkExec on FreeBSD


CL 367045 allocate makeArgs slices on stack
CL 402455 enable a JS Promise pattern for Funcs
CL 452356 add Scope function


CL 321450 use internal linking with deadlock detector test
CL 351464 Remove iota's unused variable
CL 385516 add a testcase for #50823
CL 405481 make run.go / runindir use go.mod if one is supplied
CL 423074 add non-generic version of issue54343.go for trybots
CL 441938 add escape test for reflect.Value operations
CL 450535 add a testcase for CL 334789
CL 463276 convert test/run.go runner to a cmd/go test
CL 465455 add test for issue 58345


CL 422215 delete unreachable println code


CL 370705 improve RunWithTimeout


CL 47411 add support for benchsplit flag
CL 92617 add option for running benchmarks a fixed number of iterations.
CL 145279 mention the "_test" package idiom
CL 146897 add SetBenchmarkLabel
CL 227499 use QueryPerformanceCounter for benchmarks
CL 230978 fail benchmarks that don't loop over b.N
CL 250950 fix failure using TempDir in Benchmark
CL 266917 document -benchmem flag output format
CL 289972 add cpu-ns/op to all benchmarks
CL 301589 add diffing to clearly discern Example test failure output
CL 317916 Improve ambiguous error message about wrong value for `-benchtime` flag.
CL 348309 more informative comment on test race code
CL 357590 document custom units
CL 357914 allow structured metadata in test2json
CL 372395 fix benchmark overflow
CL 395374 report line number for F.Add call with mismatched type
CL 444195 add TB.Source to support user-specified source files
CL 454335 document how to export unexported identifiers in *_test.go
CL 463837 add -fullpath to go test


CL 332869 test that ReadDirFile on a non-dir fails


CL 133942 update various tests to prepare for MSVC compiler toolchain


CL 144657 clarify truthiness of structs
CL 318769 unify arg handling for slice, index
CL 423554 add ExecuteFuncMap and ExecuteTemplateFuncMap
CL 425875 add "return" action


CL 104215 Improve example for Sleep
CL 144104 add an example on how to create a timestamp using a time object
CL 163260 fix parse month error message
CL 214999 arrange to stop tickers when they are garbage collected
CL 323271 make Duration implement encoding.Text{Marshaler,Unmarshaler}
CL 352710 fix timer significantly delayed in some cases
CL 453475 fix years overflow when using time.Date
CL 462285 add support for GODEBUG=strictrfc3339


CL 349229 add 24 hour Kitchen format for non AM/PM


CL 361268 test


CL 398854 experiment with merging error_ and Error


CL 334989 rename 'imported and not used' error to 'imported but not used'
CL 383074 put error causes on new line after a ':'
CL 397514 separate implementation of term from Term
CL 398316 don't report an error for certain valid shifts
CL 404880 eliminate Named.fromRHS
CL 410363 ensure that named types do not expand infinitely
CL 415334 exported predicates to return true for invalid types
CL 442676 factor out Pointer type to internal/types
CL 442677 factor out Chan type to internal/types
CL 451220 do not infer external unexported types
CL 461601 introduce srcPos alias and simplify rewriting


CL 154419 update Unicode tables using new generator
CL 419756 split base functionality into internal package
CL 454958 optimize SimpleFold for non-foldable code points


CL 395114 add RuneLen


CL 33637 use range statement for RuneCountInString
CL 432755 factor string and []byte routines using generics


CL 48965 document conversion of bytes to struct


CL 60950 add test case for build constraint(tag)


CL 283012 include DWARF information in Wasm builds
CL 442995 remove redundant calls to setTimeout and clearTimeout


CL 415034 crypto/tls: add cipher suites TLS_ECDHE_PSK


CL 184818 built-in wrapper interface


CL 466000 fix some comments


CL 388714 export disassembler Args fields


CL 358854 Implement loong64 GNU format disassembler


CL 384496 debugging

x/benchmarks/DO NOT SUBMIT

CL 444075 cmd/bench: print contents of /tmp
CL 445915 include output
CL 447997 tool for parallel PGO testing on gomotes


CL 444556 PGO tile38


CL 465998 fix some comments


CL 372256 add new microbenchmark for tricky mutator latency issues


CL 321963 improve (?) walk function


CL 373504 add support for automated fuzzing
CL 432359 add gopls benchmarks
CL 432361 adjust naming in cronjob configuration toml
CL 452595 don't clean cache, use -a always instead.
CL 462717 fix overlapping output lines that broke "shortname:"


CL 432258 replace deprecated egrep with grep -E


CL 382675 validate that assets are unmodified instead defensively copying
CL 425696 add runtime/metrics dump option
CL 444555 add support for page traces
CL 444758 update and re-enable gvisor benchmark
CL 458595 benchmark tracing
CL 459095 add support for execution traces and measuring trace overhead


CL 235525 content - amend reference to dated bug
CL 235897 Fix link and improve wording
CL 245161 added a trivial case that can save developers time in quick onboarding

x/blog/Article page

CL 318269 make title not clickable


CL 226207 fix typo in concurrency-timeouts.article


CL 234660 Expose more ReviewInfo fields in the Go Gerrit client
CL 288252 Remember INSTALLDIR on upgrade


CL 354309 cmd/coordinator: run dev mode from workstations
CL 354310 make reverse buildlets work locally
CL 354314 cmd/coordinator: show specific benchmark
CL 361419 make dashboard work locally
CL 361420 add local perf builder
CL 398134 debug


CL 398135 Update benchseries
CL 398136 annotate time
CL 398137 perf: push to influx
CL 398138 debug


CL 406314 make deleteTimeout a required parameter in Start{NewVM,Pod} methods
CL 442735 fix resource leaks reported by staticmajor


CL 229017 Handle comment sync on deleted GitHub issue


CL 103871 include the Change-ID in the farmer URL
CL 354312 MVP of running benchmarks on -perf builders
CL 354313 publish results on farmer
CL 393639 plumb down main revision commit date to bench upload
CL 410016 only expose /metrics in dev mode
CL 460355 deploy the coordinator with Cloud Build


CL 129495 new command to trail audit logs for in-use permissions


CL 340916 be more direct about pointing at Gerrit in GitHub comments


CL 418780 surface the command that failed for v2 commands
CL 418938 clean up doPush interface with the options pattern
CL 418939 factor out create functionality into doCreate
CL 419085 factor out instance destruction into doDestroy
CL 419086 factor out putting bootstrap toolchain into doPutBootstrap


CL 38285 add -review flag for checking Gerrit CL for invalid
CL 127930 change issue notification comment to include author name
CL 145658 freeze issues after 30 days, link to Questions wiki page
CL 170863 CC triaged issues to owners
CL 171238 assign reviewers based on commit message prefixes
CL 181977 add the author of the change to the notification on github
CL 182419 relaxed matching rule for the documentation label
CL 396894 don't autosubmit CLs with wait-release topic


CL 408936 use a built-in list of broken builders instead of rebuilding it


CL 397475 work around old Linux distribution on builders
CL 419423 add -keepmote debugging flag
CL 419424 add -llvmrepo option
CL 419425 development hacks


CL 450996 create internal release branches as part of pre-announce workflow
CL 462291 add NSS bundle update workflow


CL 465935 make rollouts slightly more graceful


CL 432403 initial prototype of new automated flake triage
CL 453655 various fixes


CL 284713 politely respond to commit comments on golang/go


CL 463579 limit windows-{386,amd64}-2012 to build at most Go 1.20
CL 465475 enable linux/loong64 builder on x/arch


CL 460117 link paths to gerrit


CL 163005 add Dockerfile for generating a Fuchsia buildlet


CL 235098 upgrade NDK to version 21.1.6352462


CL 433015 update container baseline to ubuntu 20.04


CL 221614 add ListChangeComments method


CL 419087 add the gomote package, which provides a high-level client


CL 461961 add IAP context to HTTP requests


CL 410015 measure GetBuildlet latency


CL 386055 remove DefinitionHolder, replace with simple map
CL 451296 add nightly release workflow


CL 462291 add NSS bundle update workflow
CL 462517 get the next version that would be tagged


CL 151658 add ability to define custom checks on sync errors
CL 152017 corpus can now add GitHub and Gerrit repos while in SyncLoop
CL 160699 tombstone issues that are moved to a differnt repository
CL 161521 correctly tombstone "transferred" issues
CL 170338 support gcslog updates from master mutation source
CL 176638 correctly tombstone "transferred" issues
CL 205598 add function to mark an Issue as Tombstoned
CL 310012 pick the lowermost Change-Id line
CL 312409 fix bug in lineValueOK in gerrit.go


CL 245277 support beta and RC release tags


CL 396854 add cron endpoint for pushing perfdata to InfluxDB
CL 413425 add spinning gopher gif to loading page
CL 417579 add -save-json output for generating test inputs
CL 417584 add option to reply using canned JSON data


CL 39536 added age-based retry refusal.


CL 185897 do not consider nested backport requests


CL 115336 adding new key wrap support as per rfc 3394 and 5649
CL 209963 Test more OCSP ResponseStatus cases
CL 212359 Generates a public key from existing private key.
CL 226982 Add support for ""
CL 233166 Unmarshal subproblems from problem details
CL 253820 Update bcrypt.go
CL 374376 DSA - FIPS 186-3 key sizes
CL 424921 Update client.go
CL 443775 use net.LookupPort to resolve port numbers
CL 460766 add hmac-sha2-512.


CL 154458 proposal for interface which exposes either callback or db.


CL 272406 fix return value of handshakeTransport.writePacket()


CL 209678 add support for external account bindings
CL 244617 Allow to customize isRetriable fn on the ACME client
CL 384698 cleanup more pre-RFC code and comments
CL 456438 remove unnecessary []byte conversion


CL 155744 Enable custom ports
CL 323312 increase failure retry interval
CL 381294 add mechanism to force async reissue on looming CA revocation
CL 384698 cleanup more pre-RFC code and comments
CL 440195 use standard functions to pick the cache directory


CL 80300 fix more issues reported by golint
CL 448238 use crypto/ed25519 instead of


CL 102422 add AVX2 implementation
CL 189878 fix panic when calling IDKey or Key with keyLen == 0
CL 275393 improve docs for threads parameter
CL 332289 avoid clobbering BP
CL 429775 amend parameter documentation
CL 431595 add high-level API


CL 177818 document 72-byte password length limit
CL 193079 add easy bcrypt example
CL 309392 simplify bcrypt's base64 by using base64.Nopadding
CL 356469 use base64.NoPadding
CL 444957 add cooperative scheduling and cancellation to bcrypt


CL 339509 export Digest and (*Digest).Init
CL 448240 drop Go 1.6, Go 1.8 compatibility


CL 241437 Allow computing variable-length digests.


CL 294649 Allow reinitialisation of existing chacha20 structure
CL 448241 drop Go 1.10 compatibility for arm64


CL 354143 MD5 APR1 implementation of crypt(3).


CL 361374 fix wrong formulas in comments
CL 404398 add AES-GCM-SIV
CL 404534 implement POLYVAL


CL 454175 Add support for custom validity certs


CL 423414 remove useless call to Reset


CL 216423 Add Raw field to ocsp.Response
CL 341189 Fix typo in comment


CL 105896 add arm64 implementation using multiword arithmetic


CL 73032 New package


CL 235057 use stdlib rather than rotating/encoding by hand
CL 283792 implement XORKeyStream12 and XORKeyStream8


CL 98135 add support for UTCTIME values
CL 274242 fix ReadOptionalASN1Boolean
CL 428475 AddUint*LengthPrefixed API perfomance optimization
CL 433503 AddUint*LengthPrefixed API perfomance optimization with sync.Pool


CL 112315 new package


CL 39770 improve amd64 ladderstep assembly
CL 165877 add faster X25519 for amd64 arch
CL 205158 implement new X25519 API
CL 242177 import fiat-crypto code
CL 314889 use fiat-go
CL 451115 use crypto/ecdh on Go 1.20


CL 448237 make consts an alias for crypto/ed25519


CL 374278 update imports to latest versions


CL 448239 drop Go 1.12 compatibility


CL 104576 implement BinaryMarshaler, BinaryUnmarshaler


CL 34664 check OCSP EKU and valdity time on embedded responder certificates.
CL 37878 replace encoding/asn1 with cryptobyte
CL 406995 use produced at timestamp of template when creating a response


CL 149677 fix infinite loop on unknown cipher type / key


CL 413835 properly invoke .Close on errors


CL 418855 fix minor unreachable code caused by t.Fatalf


CL 85535 use larger int64 iteration counts and key lengths


CL 104576 implement BinaryMarshaler, BinaryUnmarshaler


CL 191760 explain how to generate a salt
CL 320390 recommending larger values in 2021
CL 440236 add compareHashAndPassword


CL 288969 add package


CL 104576 implement BinaryMarshaler, BinaryUnmarshaler
CL 119255 implement assembly implementation on ARM
CL 313169 fix state.Write doc
CL 318869 add SIMD implementation with ARMv8.2 features
CL 416714 add binary marshal


CL 35958 print faulty direction in the panic message.
CL 38531 exit auth loop on ForceDisconnectError
CL 75050 fix invalidation of the timeout when target is not a ssh server
CL 85155 remove arcfour{128,256} from default cipher list
CL 98056 add hmac-sha2-512.
CL 175978 add ssh partial success for ssh server 2FA
CL 190777 disable wantReply in some requests to comply with OpenSSH
CL 193117 export a transport interface
CL 218620 support for marshaling keys using the OpenSSH format
CL 222077 fix ssh tests pass on non standard login shells
CL 223518 add support for
CL 234018 known_host comments with spaces break on marker lines
CL 234267 knownhost to support io.reader
CL 236517 Fixes golang/go#39397 nil pointer dereference on unsupported MAC
CL 241282 document that ParseRawPrivateKey supports Ed25519 keys
CL 248457 add aes192-cbc and aes256-cbc cipher support
CL 274575 remove DSA support
CL 286252 Use the correct token from the client
CL 343749 add missing subsystem handling
CL 344129 return error if other side version not 2.0 or 1.99
CL 360195 add support for extension negotiation (rfc 8308)
CL 383374 add openssh controlmaster socket support
CL 399075 implement partial success in server
CL 409215 add MultiAlgorithmSigner
CL 412854 relax RSA signature check in SSH_MSG_USERAUTH_REQUEST
CL 431636 use constant to avoid repeated definitions
CL 447515 reference to https link
CL 448595 wrap errors
CL 453976 expose connection algorithms
CL 459915 defer channel window adjustment
CL 460675 improve performance of FingerprintLegacyMD5


CL 211997 fix client test goroutine
CL 354611 sign data without a locked mutex
CL 424354 use the underlying key of a certificate, if available


CL 40911 fix line matching, when multiple lines
CL 40984 add support for hashed entries in the known_hosts file


CL 170861 add Terminal.SetEnterClear(bool)


CL 360095 add ReadUint32LengthPrefixed
CL 371315 implement kbkdf


CL 378974 implement ARMv8 assembly core


CL 247526 implement ECDH tests


CL 360074 add support for PKCS#8 encrypted keys in ParseRawPrivateKeyWithPassphrase


CL 462036 add new module

x/debug/Workaround for `panic

CL 240898 weird mapping Exec`


CL 232460 ignore mapped files without executable regions


CL 413954 properly close core file on an error in Core


CL 444158 add page trace parser, simulator, and tool


CL 122275 contribute x/debug/dwarf/frame


CL 243498 polymorphism.go
CL 244717 Create method.go for exmaples of go
CL 287512 example/cipher:aes-cbc-with-pkcs7


CL 313369 use go:embed


CL 72379 Add write, a package to atomically create or replace a file.
CL 280752 Fix wrong condition in x11key Lookup for ASCII code
CL 281253 Mz unicode
CL 281257 Add missing dead characters into x11key table generation
CL 298249 Added a needed feature to winfsnotify
CL 389257 The ability to enter Cyrillic in the form
CL 446536 add slices.Max/Min functions
CL 449435 Add a soreted function to return a cloned array instead of sorting inplace.
CL 462037 Add Count function to slices
CL 464395 x/exp/apidiff:the NewSignature function was deprecated


CL 281256 Mz mods


CL 458397 add Intersection function


CL 321030 add a tool to download all Go code locally


CL 333371 support -json and -f flags


CL 371275 add flag for environment variables


CL 436886 support generics


CL 323769 make Clone unnecessary
CL 326389 examples with metrics


CL 312330 zero-alloc general value


CL 317271 tracing POC


CL 435176 Add generic hashset package


CL 390555 avoid unnecessary copying


CL 415615 wireError becomes Error


CL 455795 add Merge function


CL 401622 a convenience logging package


CL 398354 add methods to allow greater control over `PCGSource`


CL 37621 add Plan 9 driver


CL 37110 mark operating system paint messages as external
CL 162900 hide window decoration entirely for empty title
CL 332449 allow ES2 on Linux and ES3 on Windows


CL 94138 use a channel in Deque instead of a sync.Cond


CL 21660 add double-buffering.


CL 332809 add Window.SetTitle


CL 29448 a tabbed container
CL 31136 scrolling sheets


CL 406834 use dual-pivot quicksort
CL 459375 add ChunkBy
CL 461016 implement counting sort for 8 and 16 bits integer types


CL 430100 EXPERIMENT: replace Any(any) with A[T](T)
CL 462038 allow package docs to appear
CL 464855 define a removeTime function for examples
CL 465356 add NewLogLogger
CL 465375 Handlers drop empty groups.
CL 465376 WithGroup("") is a no-op
CL 465377 inline a group with an empty key


CL 418856 fix minor unreachable code caused by t.Fatalf


CL 440375 add OnceFunc function


CL 362537 add a new command line parsing library


CL 450995 experimental checker for inconsistent atomics usage


CL 256937 specify scaler filtering algorithm


CL 405394 fix when "x[i] op= y" evaluates x[i] more than once


CL 185337 intrinsify runtime.getg
CL 415694 enable linkname for objects from runtime


CL 350069 install .gox files in version-specific directory if asked for


CL 63170 use __builtin_memcmp_eq() instead of go runtime for identity comparisons larger than 16 bytes.
CL 125375 support zsh
CL 228917 update HACKING checkout instructions
CL 431736 fix struct comparison with blank field


CL 50010 Add __sync_add_and_fetch_4 if the compiler doesn't provide it
CL 276432 fix compilation of runtime package on FreeBSD


CL 44952 don't inline callers on AIX
CL 140917 hack to make LLVM's lli work
CL 155764 debug stack maps
CL 159099 debug stack scan
CL 169737 port SetMaxHeap
CL 251178 use futex_time64(2) on Linux where appropriate
CL 274912 add metrics patch
CL 421314 skip TestPanicOnFault for gollvm


CL 251178 use futex_time64(2) on Linux where appropriate


CL 167139 make an extra copy when passing an alloca as a byval arg


CL 366097 ask user to use bash in README


CL 191138 additional debugging routines
CL 214599 add /usr/{lib,lib32} to toolchain paths
CL 270219 an update to cmake/modules/..., for bootstrapping i686 arch. support
CL 271457 updating driver/ArchCpusAttrs.h, for i686 arch. support
CL 274574 Updating tools/capture-fcn-attributes.go , to support yonah
CL 399316 updating bridge/go-sha1.cpp to work with new version of LLVM
CL 414675 fix setting the calling convention in Bfunction
CL 425556 better cross-compilation
CL 428194 support building on RISC-V linux
CL 428295 add linux RISC-V support
CL 431815 Fix complex type layout
CL 445795 fix of build on gentoo system


CL 407274 don't generate dummy landing pad for no exception handling go func


CL 150046 don't attempt to generate epoll.go on Darwin


CL 464876 Fix opentype.Face compliace with font.Face


CL 433337 replace io/ioutil with io and os package


CL 183224 implement NewWriter and Encode
CL 198547 relax decoding for missing eol trailer
CL 201938 optionally auto-detect height; handle missing EOL
CL 252037 relax decoding for incomplete eol trailer


CL 145798 parse and expose font selection flags
CL 146077 define an initial cmap interface
CL 146081 add parsing tests
CL 166478 fix CFF2 chardata handling with 16.16 fixed point
CL 166479 use kernFunc for KERN and GPOS kerning


CL 211237 fix for decoding grayscale tiled images


CL 235122 issue 20742, read XReslution, YResolution and page count tags
CL 333249 Add support for JPEG-based compression (TIFF compression scheme 7)


CL 186978 Fix setter generation for ObjC and update golden files
CL 192957 add two args for gomobile tool
CL 227542 Correctly find packages in module mode
CL 234239 Preserve CGO_CFLAGS, CGO_CXXFLAGS, and CGO_LDFLAGS on iOS Builds
CL 259757 updated
CL 410834 onLowMemory funktionality
CL 416794 Add example using Kotlin + Compose + Material 3


CL 281255 Mz mods

x/mobile/Look up the new name for certs

CL 231681 Apple Development


CL 45103 Support X11 mouse events
CL 254544 implement key.Event for Linux desktops
CL 350211 use system render loop on iOS


CL 240009 fix Objective-C code for struct field name with uppercase prefix
CL 408034 added pkglink flag to use gopath pkg


CL 247077 add type specific BufferData methods to context


CL 244057 fix ndkRoot for updated NDK location
CL 273406 add a flag to manually specify a work dir
CL 375134 Use parallel build for frameworks on Apple platforms
CL 432657 filter out xcrun warnings to get path


CL 230359 Add center auto layout constraints to ios bind example


CL 388374 use 'tools' instead of 'ignore' tag and add missing gradle files


CL 265099 fix signature of UnqueueBuffers


CL 426595 Add attribute nonnull_error if returning pointer and error from Objective-C
CL 438144 In runInit, install gobind without @latest


CL 189857 apply patch provided in #32963


CL 332429 use EGL to determine the version of OpenGL ES


CL 67052 add support for CGO libraries


CL 212839 redirect std{out,err} without using Go


CL 214037 provide example code for mobile/exp/audio/al pkg


CL 261598 output diagnostic messages when skipping variables and methods


CL 394894 Make comment more precisely describe how to emulate logic from shell


CL 303234 fix Cleanup clobbering Line reference


CL 207638 add unit test for Sort function
CL 299132 Remove unnecessarily repetitive error


CL 147697 fix the error that the final Read of the frame payload bytes discarded
CL 187478 Preventing panic when invalid network information is given
CL 244478 http2:Enable HTTP/2 server to receive and send unknown frames.
CL 244800 http2:Enable HTTP/2 CLIENTs to receive and send unknown frames
CL 245162 optimize ReadBatch by moving memory allocation outside the loop rang…
CL 298149 Add Scheme Locking to prevent race condition
CL 321729 fix hpack typo
CL 363003 fix comment
CL 463097 Add support for dialing with context to websockets
CL 465535 Generic Codec


CL 465715 correct typos in comments
CL 465996 fix some comments


CL 219839 add TypeDNAME.


CL 99623 fix handling of non-LDH domain names
CL 284852 add support for draft-ietf-dnsop-svcb-https-01 RR type
CL 443215 reject names with dots inside label
CL 448156 reject packing of 255B (dot encoded) names, reject unpacking of 256B (dns encoded) names


CL 102875 new package


CL 262237 add fuzzer for Message packing/unpacking


CL 350161 Tmp files used by form are not destroyed


CL 442795 update to v0.3.8


CL 459676 add security section to package comment


CL 132536 document Parse behaviour for invalid/unexpected nodes
CL 145337 enable copy-free usage of Tokenizer
CL 161637 fix a segmentation fault or crash when trying to render an invalid node tree
CL 329734 add PrependChild and InsertAfter


CL 91955 fix a mistake in doc
CL 122619 update documentation for httpproxy
CL 156518 support socks5h scheme in proxy URL
CL 239164 allow localhost to be proxied


CL 32326 expose CloseIfIdle method on ClientConn
CL 47870 add way to unblock responseWriter.Write
CL 77091 add MarkComplete, a complementary method to GetClientConn
CL 85855 use callback to expose SETTINGS updates from the server
CL 91735 add I/O timeouts
CL 111680 reject connection-level headers with a protocol error
CL 154917 add hpack header options control on Transport
CL 173952 allow a means to obtain the client connection
CL 179938 Prevent pool blocking when testing a conn for a new request
CL 181497 support consuming PUSH_PROMISE streams in the client
CL 185059 add Close and Shutdown functions to the Server.
CL 188360 discard DATA frames with higher stream IDs during graceful shutdown
CL 207851 return PROTOCOL_ERROR when http2 reads an http1.1 response
CL 216398 make GoAway and INTERNAL_ERROR to implement Temporary interface
CL 220557 add a MinConcurrentConns field to Transport for improving throughput
CL 227237 Fix SETTINGS_HEADER_TABLE_SIZE handling in client
CL 233938 export CloseIdleConnections in client connection pool
CL 236237 export CloseIfIdle in ClientConn
CL 238721 [release-branch.go1.13] perform connection health check
CL 249937 add test for erringRoundTripper
CL 307369 expose method for checking blacklisted ciphers
CL 330415 prevent processing DATA before HEADERS
CL 347299 handle request cancelation when writing headers
CL 360374 slow close fix test + logging
CL 408835 expose stream oriented API
CL 415454 don't wait for streams to close in RoundTrip
CL 421975 send client conn flow control bytes back immediately
CL 461641 add IdleConnTimeout to http2.Transport
CL 463095 reject 101 status code
CL 463104 Allow setting the maximum # of requests through a single connection
CL 463497 reject DATA frames read before headers are finished
CL 464936 check stream body is present on read timeout
CL 385874 support http2requestBody.Close() being called multiple times concurrently


CL 450095 copy http2 to http2/h2
CL 450096 WIP refactoring to remove http2->http dependency


CL 288572 Read body during upgrade
CL 383114 handle request bodies during h2c connection upgrading


CL 134675 add package to dial via an HTTP CONNECT request


CL 457355 permit authenticating with an empty password
CL 465395 add the ability to control socks5 resolution


CL 260680 Correctly MulticastInterface on Linux


CL 29291 common {get,set}sockopt to internal/netsyscall


CL 188177 avoid allocation for trace context
CL 244479 support JoinSourceSpecificGroup and LeaveSourceSpecificGroup for…
CL 253619 propagate server con